“What? Are you going to attack me?” Minister Chen puffed his chest and snorted in disdain. “Young Master, we might be in the Yang clan’s mansion but we are still in Beijing.”
“Oh? Is that so?” Yang Chen was unfazed by it.
Minister Chen lifted his head cockily. “In Beijing, we have our own set of rules you have to follow. Even if you belong to the four clans, you still have to mind your actions. I know of your abilities. But if you dare hit me, you’re breaking the law! You may be strong, can you challenge a whole nation head-on?! Would Master Yang allow this?!”
Yang Chen seemed to have understood him. “When you put it like that, it makes sense.”
“Hmph, how about that? Are you scared now?” Minister Chen snickered. “You’re just a disrespectful child. We’re here to meet Master Yang, so why don’t you step aside? Your return to the Yang clan is not final yet. We won’t allow someone like you to inherit the clan.”
The opposing side nodded along and looked at Yang Chen with a teasing smile.
Yang Chen beamed.
“Are you married? Do you have children?”
Yang Chen suddenly asked.
Minister Chen was curious to know where his line of questioning was headed. “Why are you asking me this?”
“Oh, if you do, I’ll capture them and bring them over here. Then I’ll kill them in front of you.” Yang Chen grinned.
The crowd went dead silence and they stared at Yang Chen.
Yan Sanniang smiled through her eyes and watched from the back.
“What kind of a joke is this! Are you threatening me?!”
“I’m not.” Yang Chen spread his hands and feigned innocence. “I plan to kill your family members in front of you and then kill you when it is all over. Sound good to you?”
Minister Chen was furious at his claims. “I don’t have the time to play games with you. I’m not some three-year-old kid who...ARGHH!”
He screamed in agony before he could finish his sentence!
To everyone’s horror, Yang Chen had kicked one of his calves!
He fell to the ground clutching his leg!
Minister Chen almost fainted from the pain but his adrenaline was keeping him awake.
Yang Chen stepped on his head. He was sweating profusely and his face started glistening with oil, causing dust to stick into it.
“I don’t joke around. Especially with my enemies,” Yang Chen looked down on him and said coldly.
His guards exclaimed and rushed forward to attack him!
Yang Chen didn’t even glance at them and just threw Minister Chen’s body towards them!

His body hit them and tumbled over a couple of wooden chairs.
Everything was a mess!
Mr Zhao, who was standing at the front, had already hid himself behind everyone and looked at Yang Chen while trembling.
Everyone was shocked at this. No one expected Yang Chen to outright attack him without warning!
“You…do you know what you’re doing?! You dare hit a committee member?!” The General stood up and reprimanded him.
Yang Chen grinned. “I remember you, your surname is Lu right…”
“So what?!”
“Could you be related to Lu Min?” Yang Chen walked up to him slowly.

Previously because of Li Moshen, the Lu clan didn’t dare fight back. They also knew Yang Chen was not the one who killed Lu Min so they were less reluctant to back off.
However, this didn’t mean that they were willing to let it go.
General Lu’s face was flushed with anger. “So what if I am? Do whatever you want. You’ll only end up with more powerful enemies than you can handle!”
Liu Bingxun couldn’t bear to watch anymore. He stood up and tried to console Yang Chen. “Young Master, let’s try and talk things through. Fighting isn’t a good way to solve problems.”
The clan leaders chimed in too.
Yang Chen turned around and gave them a gentle smile. “There’s no need for this. How can I solve a problem which didn’t exist in the first place?”
“This…” Liu Bingxun was getting anxious.
Yang Chen said nonchalantly, “I don’t care about the laws of the country. Morals and ethics do not guide me. If you support me, I will graciously invite you for dinner. And for those who do not, they will not walk out of this hall ever again. They will not grace the sunlight ever again. Their families would be erased from existence to prevent any future disputes. You claim that I would face more trouble than I can handle by killing you here. Let’s put it to the test, shall we? Die so we can conduct my experiment.”
While saying that, he strolled towards General Lu and stared at him with a wicked smile. “I’ll start with you. Say, do you support me? Or do you want your whole family dead?”
Yang Chen was emitting murderous intent throughout the room. Some of the weaker men were starting to lose strength in their legs.
General Lu’s face was twisted with anger. His eyes widened as he yelled at Yang Chen. “Don’t bother threatening me. I’m not afraid of you! You’re just a dog that they picked up off the streets! Keep dreaming if you think you are inheriting the Yang clan…”
He couldn’t finish his sentence because Yang Chen was already gripping his throat!
General Lu’s eyes widened in fear. He didn’t think Yang Chen was going to carry out his promises for real!
“I’m only asking if you support me or if you want your family dead. Stop spewing your nonsense.”
With a crack, his neck broke and he was gone forever!
Yang Chen threw his body toward the guards who seemed to have lost their souls. 

“Keep that, I only kill people. You can’t expect me to be in charge of clean up as well.”
Few members of the opposing side were already screaming with a ghastly pale face.
Even the supporters had lost the ability to talk for a moment as they stared with their mouths agape.
Minister Chen’s face was deadly pale as he lay still on the floor.
None of the guards wanted to make a move. They were balancing on a thread as it was!
Yang Chen moved in front of Mr Zhao. He chuckled when he saw how hard his beard was trembling. “How about you? Do you support me?”
Mr. Zhao said shakily with a croaky voice, “I…of course…of course I support…I support the Young Master!”
Yang Chen patted his shoulders in ‘relief’. “Say it once more for the camera.”
Mr Zhao didn’t understand what he meant by that.
Yang Chen pointed at the camera and said, “I must capture you shaking hands with me and pledging your support. I have to keep that as a memory so that I can remember you clearly. Unless you weren’t being sincere?”
Mr Zhao was filled with regret. He wasn’t expecting a camera to be in play.
It wasn’t an ordinary threat!
If he held hands with Yang Chen and said that he supported Yang Chen, everyone would believe that he really supported Yang Chen!
Besides, in a world where technology was so advanced, the video would be in the hands of every influential leader by tomorrow!
Mr. Zhao had no choice but to strain a smile and comply. He walked to the camera and shook Yang Chen’s hands while complimenting him. “I’ll do my best to make Young Master Yang Chen as the next heir to Yang clan!”
Yang Chen expresses his gratitude towards him too.
After Mr Zhao was done talking, Yang Chen tossed him aside and walked from the next person. He asked the same question, “Do you support me? Or do you want your family dead?”
No one dared to defy him. Because even if their intentions were not real, they would not risk losing their lives right here!
They were to make sure that even if Yang Chen wanted to return to Yang clan, he still had to abide to the rules.
They didn’t expect him to be like this. His brain was completely messed up!
Compared to their suffering, Liu Bingxun and others thought Yang Chen only knew how to act rashly. They didn’t expect him to be able to control the situation even after being so violent!
Yan Sanniang nodded her head in approval. Her eyes soften in relief and she decided to leave the hall quietly.
But just before she could walk to the backyard, she frowned and turned around to face the main door abruptly, her eyes filled with worry.
Yang Chen who was acting with a public servant also sensed something. He took a quick glance at the door before continuing his act.
Soon, footsteps could be heard from outside the door. They could tell that a huge group of people were walking toward the hall.
As the got nearer, everyone else looked over instinctively and were shocked to see the view in front of them.
Yang Chen’s supporters became worried whereas the opponents became hopeful.
It wasn’t autumn yet and the air was still hot, so the troop of soldiers was dressed in light military outfits.
At the front of the group, was Yang Pojun!
He brought his troops and walked towards the hall.
When he saw Yang Chen and the messy environment, he frowned and his eyes were immediately filled with anger and dissatisfaction.
He was glaring beams of anger into the side of Yang Chen’s head!
“Commander Yang Pojun?!”
One of the opponents yelped in surprise. Never had they been so glad to see their opponent show up in front of them.