“Commander Yang, save me! He’s gone insane!”
Someone from the crowd yelled out to Yang Pojun hoping that he would be able to escape his untimely death!
Yang Pojun looked at General Lu’s lifeless body and Minister Chen’s broken legs and frowned. If he wasn’t already angry, he definitely was now.
“What do you think you are doing?! This is the Yang clan. Who gave you the right to act like this?!”
The crowd fell silent immediately.
Liu Bingxun’s expression changed and he walked up with a smile. “Commander, why are you back so suddenly?”
Yang Pojun smiled when he saw Liu Bingxun. “Long time no see, Minister Liu. Things have quieted down temporarily so I have returned home for the time being. I heard that there was something big going on back home so I decided to return immediately. I guess I was right to do so.”
He shot cold glares at Yang Chen after finishing his sentence.
“Commander, please don’t be hasty. Everything here happened for a reason.” Liu Bingxun stood by Yang Chen’s side.
To him, both the neutral and opposing parties were scum. They had more in common with trash than they did with peasants. For Yang Chen to kill them right here was an unexpected event but appreciated all the same. After all, it was one less person for him to deal with.
So, of course, he had back Yang Chen up.
“Reason?” Yang Pojun snickered. “This young bastard here thinks he is the greatest. What gives him the confidence to believe that he would inherit the Yang Clan the moment he set foot in this room?”
Yang Chen ignored Yang Pojun as if falling temporarily deaf.
He continued to stand in front of the camera and shake the hands of the men before him. He grinned and said, “Sir, I believe you have not yet made your decision.”
The public servant opened his mouth and looked at Yang Chen with eyes filled with fear. He averted his gaze towards Yang Pojun and said timidly, “Commander Yang, you see…”
Yang Pojun was beyond livid with the situation. “Let go of Minister Jin! How dare you carry out these disgusting practices within these walls. I shan’t be held liable for my actions if you continue to act like this!”
The atmosphere became so thick you could slice it with a knife.
Yan Sanniang stood at the corner as she looked at them expectantly.
Suddenly, murderous intent flooded the room and began to saturate the air even more!
It was as though Yang Chen was being engulfed in darkness. 
He grinned. “You mean like this?”
The shriek came from Minister Jin who was now in Yang Chen’s hands!
They could see how Yang Chen’s hands tightened causing Minister Jin’s palm to twist under the force! It became nothing more than a pile of useless flesh!
“How dare you! Minister Jin!”
Yang Pojun’s eyes turned bloodshot. “What are you doing?!”
Yang Chen snickered and looked at Minister Jin with an icy stare. “I won’t kill you if you submit yourself to me. If you try to seek help from that man, I’ll break your neck. If he pleads for your sake… I’ll still break your neck.”
He then dropped Minister Jin and said to the rest of the room, “The same goes for the rest of you. Join me or face the consequences.”
The overwhelming pressure was making it hard for them to breathe.
Even Yang Pojun’s troops trembled inside.
As for the retired soldiers of the Yang clan, they were full of admiration with slight hints of fear and shock.
They had only felt this kind of pressure from Yang Gongming before. Never had they seen Yang Pojun or Yang Lie exert this kind of dominance.
No wonder Marshal allowed him to come back. They realized that all this was to ensure that Yang Chen would be the next Master of the Yang Clan. 
Although things seemed to be at peace, for now, war was raging at the borders of China every day. The media was oblivious so the people were too.
They were indifferent to the lives of these ministers who only knew how to fend for themselves. In fact, their deaths mean fewer corrupt people stealing from the country.
Therefore, they really admired how bold Yang Chen was and the way he finished them off.
Yang Pojun breathed in and took a gun from his soldier. He pointed it right at Yang Chen. “Don’t panic everyone. Let me handle the situation. You bastard! Get out of here!” 
Yang Chen snorted. “A gun? Bullets? And what makes you think it would work this time, hm?”
After saying that, he lifted his knee and it collided with a body!
The sound of bones cracking rang throughout the hall. Minister Jin’s body caved in and curled up into a fetal-like position!
He coughed out some blood and died not knowing what hit him!
His organs were beyond damaged that not even a god could save him now.
Yang Chen kicked the body to Minister Jin’s assistant. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like hearing opposition. He was the first to suffer the consequences. Will he be the last?”
Everyone felt a chill run down their spines!
Those who were opposing Yang Chen felt as though they were lambs for the slaughter. Every breath they took could be their last!
Yang Pojun stood frozen at the same spot with the gun in his hands. There was nothing he could do to diffuse the situation.
He knew full well that bullets were useless against the monster before him.
He had tried and failed with it before.
Yang Chen ignored the gun and asked with a wicked smile, “Who’s next to walk through the gates of hell? Step forward now. If not, line up and shake hands with me…”
The moment he ended his sentence, all of them dashed forward and smiled eagerly at him.
EvenMinister Chen had his assistant hold him so that he could move next to Yang Chen.
“Young Master, we fully support you as the heir of the Yang Clan!”
“That’s right. The Zhao Clan will support you one hundred percent !” Mr Zhao pleaded.
“China needs someone as brave and mighty like you. Master Yang chose a good heir indeed!”
“Young Master, my daughter is really pretty. Would you like an introduction?”

The dramatic shift of events made Liu Bingxun and the other supporters laugh their hearts out. 
Other than the feelings of crushing the enemies, they had also truly accepted Yang Gongming’s decision.
Yang Pojun stood by the door with a heavy expression. It was one of confusion and uneasiness.
He didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing.     

His presence was such a joke! He rushed home in hopes of stopping anything crazy from happening, but no one took him seriously!
Even those who opposed the Yang Clan had now become Yang Chen’s supporters!
And everything happened on his first day back in Beijing!
Some of those who used to oppose him were from the Zeng clan, students of Zeng Mao, relatives of Lu clan and those from Ning clan. 
They were here to cause trouble for Yang Chen due to past events. 
But now, they were all begging for his mercy, wagging their tails like dogs to please him.
Yang Pojun couldn’t bear to watch them act in front of the camera like a bunch of clowns.
He moved across the room and stood in front of Yan Sanniang who was standing at the corner.
“Aunty Yan, I wish to meet Father.” Yang Pojun felt that he had to make Yang Gongming change his mind.
Although Yan Sanniang knew this was coming, she still led the way. “Come with me, Commander.”
Yang Chen was busy shaking hands with the spineless folks when Yang Pojun left with Yan Sanniang. He took a quick glance before continuing his ‘film’.