After the ministers had gotten their pledges recorded, they immediately took their leave citing reasons such as being busy or having other things to attend to.
As for the two dead men, their bodies were carried away by their assistants.
They might be prominent figures but they did not appear in the media nearly as much as some of the others. Therefore it would not raise that much of a suspicion. As for their co-workers, a story could be fabricated to cover up the truth.
Their family members were welcomed to find Yang Chen, that is if they weren’t afraid of death.
On the other hand, Yang Chen commanded the servants to backup the recordings in case they were lost.
Yang Chen was convinced that no one would try to provoke him again after today, especially the Zeng and Lu clan. Before today, they probably still harboured the thought of revenge. But now, they would have lost all hope.
Liu Bingxun and the others walked forward and surrounded Yang Chen.
“Young Master, you’re really daring. I admire you for that.” Liu Bingxun grinned.
Yang Chen’s methods might be brutal but it was effective. They were happy with the result either way.
After today, they would be able to walk with their chins up when they meet their opponents and those of neutral standing.
Yang Chen accepted his compliment and chuckled. “If you really admire me, there is something you could do for me. Lately, I’ve incurred a large number of expenses due to my wedding. There are certain monetary ways you could show your support.”
His intentions were as plain as day. Rubbing his hands together only solidified his intentions.
Everyone shuffled a little where they stood. They had never met someone as blunt as him before.
Liu Bingxun chuckled awkwardly. “Of course… But Young Master I have to first ask were you really going to kill the family members of the ones who died today?”
Yang Chen questioned back. “Why not?”
Everyone sucked in a breath. They thought they were out of the fire but now realized that they had entered the frying pan.

“Young Master, I…don’t think that’s a wise choice. Killing off one person might not matter but wiping out a whole family could shake the foundations of society.” One of them tried to reason with him.
Yang Chen was conflicted. “But I promised them that I would kill their families. Not following through with it would make me a liar.”
Liar!? Liar my ass!
They thought to themselves.

Only the devil talks like that!
“Young Master, I have to disagree with that,” Liu Bingxun said. “You can show your generosity if you spared them. Proving that you have honour would be much more beneficial would it not?”
Everyone nodded in agreement. If he really did kill off their families, who would stop him?
Yang Chen hesitated for a while and pretended to have made up his mind. “Alright, I'll take your words into consideration.”
They all smiled bitterly when they realized they had been manipulated.
Of course, Yang Chen wouldn't kill the family members. But he had to manipulate them into respecting him.
Even so, they all kept quiet and decided to let things slide.
Now that everything was already taken care of, the remaining members left back to their respective jobs.
Once they all left, Yang Chen sighed in relief. Socializing was one thing that he struggled with.
When he looked at the clock, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.
Yang Pojun hadn’t come out ever since he entered the backyard and it made Yang Chen feel uncomfortable. His gaze darkened as he walked towards the backyard.
Meanwhile in Beijing University, there weren’t a lot of students on campus since it was summer break.
A bunch of female students walked under the shades as they chatted along with books in their arms.
Amongst them was a lady in a red lace dress, flaunting her cleavage and curves.
She wore a pair of sunglasses and a flower hat to block out the sun. At the end of her slender legs were a pair of black heels that accentuated her fair skin even more.
It was difficult to guess her age as she seemed both young and mature at the same time.
She walked past the library and into an office building.
This was where high achieving students study but no one was here since it was summer break.
At the innermost office room, there was a young man with his head buried into books.
Knock Knock Knock.

She rapped on the door from outside.
The young man in a white shirt frowned. He was annoyed that someone was here to disturb him at this late hour. 
There were so many empty rooms, why would anyone come to his place?
He grumbled but he still went in front to open the door.
His eyes widened in shock when he saw the red silhouette in front of him the moment he opened the door!
“Why, little cripple, it’s me. Am I that scary?”
The lady in red took off her hat and combed her long black hair. Judging from her smooth skin, it was hard to tell if she ever aged. It was none other than Luo Cuishan!
The Luo Cuishan who was supposedly ‘dead’!
The little cripple was Wen Tao. He was beyond shocked to see her standing in front of him!
The woman whom he had watched her die with his own eyes was now standing in front of him. 
If Wen Tao hadn’t had his fair share of experience, he would most likely have fainted right there!
Luo Cuishan looked younger than ever. Especially now that she had a young body with a mature mind. His heart started to race.
But Wen Tao knew that there was definitely something wrong with this woman!!
Luo Cuishan walked into the room casually and tossed her handbag aside to stretch her body.
She turned around and giggled. “Little beggar, why are you still in a daze? Are you so excited to see me that you can’t talk?”
Wen Tao gulped and took a deep breath. His eyes flickered but when he turned around, his expression had changed into a simple and honest one.
“Why…I…I always thought you were dead.”
Wen Tao sobbed and choked out.
Luo Cuishan’s eyes softened and walked forward with her arms open.
Wen Tao leaned forward subconsciously and laid his face on her busty chest.
“I’m sorry, I made you worry about me.” Luo Cuishan stroke his hair lightly. “It was true that I almost died but God took pity on me.”
Wen Tao asked while trembling, “W...where exactly did you go? I missed you a lot.”
Luo Cuishan blushed. “I missed you too...”
She no longer resisted his touch and even took the initiative to initiate contact.
Luo Cuishan wrapped her legs around Wen Tao’s waist and whispered into his ears, “I’m so glad you're still alive. I was worried that you were killed by that bastard. Thank God you are fine. I knew you would get away safely. I’ve found someone to avenge me…”

“Avenge? Who?” Wen Tao asked carefully.
Luo Cuishan didn’t answer his question and pouted. “You haven’t seen me in so long, don't you think I’m prettier?”
Wen Tao looked at her young face and curvy body. He gulped knowing full well that she was in her forties!
The only thing he didn’t know was how she regained her youth!
Wen Tao suppressed his disgust. He knew that his safety would rely on pleasing her saviour and herself!
Acting natural, he threw lustful glances at her as his hands moved into her dress.
“I want you…” Wen Tao said hoarsely.
Luo Cuishan’s gaze turned seductive. “You’re too hasty. But then again, you were rough with me the last time as well.”
“I can do more!” Wen Tao said and smacked his lips onto hers!
She responded passionately as they french kissed each other.
Luo Cuishan panted from the lack of air. “I now know that you’re the only one who cares about me and loves me truly. I survived only to find you. Now that I have, I want to be yours forever…”
Wen Tao buried his face into her chest. His eyes shone with malice but it was visible to no one
He pushed her onto the table and pressed against her!
Minutes later, the faint sounds of moaning rang out throughout the empty halls…