“Xuehua, you should leave now. Yang Chen did nothing wrong.” Yang Gongming placed himself between the three of them.
He looked down at Yang Pojun with pity. “Pojun, I said I was glad you’ve always been obedient. But now, I am thoroughly disappointed with you. I didn’t think you’d try to pull something like this after I explained everything to you.”
Yang Pojun’s eyes were filled with resentment but that was all he could convey with his swollen face.
Yang Gongming squinted his eyes. “Listen to me carefully. Our clan does not need a stubborn, egotistical, self-centered leader like yourself! I never would’ve imagined that my own son would try to kidnap his wife from his own home! Don’t you feel any shame?! I’m actually glad that I didn’t hand the clan over to you. I am to blame for your behavior but this is beyond me.”
Yan Sanniang tried to calm him down when she saw how agitated he was. “Master, be careful of your body.”
Guo Xuehua wiped her tears and walked up to support him.
Yang Gongming waved both of them off. He looked at Yang Chen and said, “I was going to pass the clan over to Yang Chen when I was no longer well enough. But now, as a punishment to myself, I’ve decided to give up my position and live the rest of my life as a gardener.”
The servants were shocked and Guo Xuehua looked at him in disbelief.
Yan Sanniang was flickering between anxious and relieved.
Whereas for Yang Pojun, his emotions were a mess. His actions were the direct cause of these events.
Yang Chen frowned when he heard this. “Old man, I never said I would take over your position.”
Yang Gongming was dumbfounded, he had always been sure but now he was at a lost too. 
“What did you say?”
“I said, I don’t plan on taking over your position yet. It is not my time. Plus, you look fine to me. I’m sure that you can last for another ten years. Isn’t it a waste for you to retire now? If you really want to punish yourself, stay. All I want is for you not to be stingy when I ask for something.” Yang Chen winked at him.
Yang Gongming was taken aback at first but he laughed bitterly afterwards. “You… do you even know what kind of power you wield as the leader of the Yang clan? Once you take over, every action you make and every word that you say will change millions of lives. You can control more than two million soldiers with just a flick of your wrist!”
“Tsk tsk.” Yang Chen was slightly amazed. “You’re right, it does sound amazing.”
Yang Gongming stood up straight in pride. “Of course, what do you think the four clans do? Gather around and chat?”
Yang Chen chuckled. “No can do. I have to get married and go for my honeymoon with Ruoxi. Oh, yea, I have my ladies’ cultivations to take care of. I don’t have time for this. Even my company in Zhonghai is being run by my secretary.”
“You…why do you have so many things to do?” Yang Gongming sighed. “Are you serious?”
Yang Chen nodded his head but his gaze was firm.
Yan Sanniang walked up to them and said, “Master, you shouldn’t force him to do it if he doesn’t want to. Young Master Chen is still young and inexperienced. There will be problems if you suddenly handed over your leadership without rhyme or reason.”
Yang Gongming nodded and smiled bitterly. “Then allow this old man to work in your stead for a couple more years.”
Guo Xuehua forced a smile. “Father, don’t be angry. Yang Chen’s right, you’re still healthy so you don’t have to make a decision yet.”
Yang Gongming patted her hand. “Xuehua, I’m sorry about what had happened. I could not have predicted this.”
Yang Pojun glared at Yang Gongming, his eyes filled with anger and resentment but he couldn’t talk since Yang Chen had effectively sealed his mouth shut.
Guo Xuehua struggled to smile. “I’m glad you understand.”
Yang Gongming’s wrinkles seemed to have deepened as he waved his hands to beckoned the soldiers over.
“Bring the Commander to the military hospital. Have the Vice Commander take over for the time being. Inform Vice Minister Liu about this.”
Their faces changed when they heard his orders.
He was ordering them to send Yang Pojun to the hospital, instead of letting him stay at home. It was clear where his loyalties lied.
Yang Pojun closed his hands. He was tired of being angry and was only lost in his thought.
Yang Chen didn’t really care where Yang Pojun was going. He asked Guo Xuehua instead, “Mom, where's Ruoxi? ”
Guo Xuehua wiped her tears and chided. “After everything that has happened, your thoughts are only on your wife?”
“Well, my heart isn’t big enough to care for these many things,” Yang Chen said boldly.
“Seriously.” Guo Xuehua sighed. “She’s at the vegetable plot. She wanted to take a look so I just let her be.”
“Vegetable plot?” Yang Chen was surprised. “We have that here?”
Yan Sanniang answered instead, “Young Master Chen, that’s where Master grows his vegetables that we harvest and eat.”
Yang Chen looked at Yang Gongming. “Old man, are you so poor that you can’t afford to buy vegetables? Are you handing off the clan for me in order to repay your debts?”
Yang Gongming couldn’t help but curse. Even though he was trained to hold in his temper, Yang Chen had a way of bringing out the worst in him.
“Can’t I grow vegetables as a hobby during my retired life?” 
Yang Chen was just joking around. He waved his hands and ran off to the back

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi was excited to be at the vegetable plot.
It was like a ‘playground’ and a ‘museum’ to her since she grew up in a city and hardly cooked much less grown anything.
It was already August and there were all kinds of vegetables being grown in the North.
There were red tomatoes, white cabbage, white carrots and mustard leaves which looked extremely intriguing to her.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t care if her heels got dirty as she looked around to touch the vegetables. Everything fascinated her.
When she saw the cucumbers hanging off the wooden frame, she plucked one instinctively.
But she frowned when she took a closer look at it.
“Dear, why are you so focused on the cucumber?” Yang Chen asked curiously when he saw what she was doing.
Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it and bit her lip in embarrassment. “I…I was just wondering why it looked so different from the ones we usually eat.”
Yang Chen stared at the cucumber for a while then asked in confusion, “How is it any different?”
“Can’t you see? There are prickly with tiny thorns on the side. The ones we usually eat don’t have them!” Lin Ruoxi said with a straight face.
Yang Chen almost tripped over when he heard her answer!