Soon it was dinner time and the servants began bringing out dinner. Everyone gathered to begin their meal.
Yang Gongming seemed to enjoy Cai Ning’s presence, clinking his glass of wine with her.
“Ning Er, I heard about you being court-martialed for protecting Yang Chen but I won’t pry any further tonight. But, let me give you a toast to your hard work,” Yang Gongming said earnestly.
Lin Ruoxi wasn’t surprised since she had heard it from Yang Chen. Still, it didn’t mean hearing it a second time was any better.
However, it was Guo Xuehua’s first time hearing this. She asked out of concern, “When did this happen? Yang Chen, why didn’t you tell me?”
Jiang Shan finally found an opportunity to interject. Her eyes reddened and teared up a little.
“Xuehua, you didn’t know this. When Son-in-law got into a feud with the Zeng clan, Ning Er killed Zeng Mao for him. I almost fainted when I got the news!”
Guo Xuehua was touched and she smiled at Cai Ning. “Let me toast to your sacrifice as his mother.”
Cai Ning felt slightly awkward about it but she still clinked glasses with her.
“Ning Er, don’t do silly things like this anymore. It’s impossible for anyone to hurt him anyways.” Guo Xuehua consoled her.
Yang Chen and Cai Ning glanced at each other. Time passed too quickly. It felt like everything had happened yesterday.
Lin Ruoxi listened quietly at the side. It was hard to hear it for the second time but she wasn’t jealous. It was the truth.
Yang Gongming chuckled and asked, “Ning Er, I’m aware that you have a younger sister?”
“Yeah, her name is Cai Yan. She’s in Zhonghai working as a police chief.” Cai Ning smiled, she felt more relaxed, talking about her sister.
Yang Gongming nodded in understanding. “I welcome you and Yanyan to come and visit next time. I’m quite lonely here and I’m glad to see you guys more often since you two are…close with Yang Chen.”
His intent was quite obvious to the people in the pavilion. He basically stated that he had accepted both the Cai sisters into his house.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Shan was more excited than ever
Guo Xuehua touched Lin Ruoxi’s hand as an attempt to comfort her when she saw that Lin Ruoxi was already biting her own lips.
Lin Ruoxi looked at her and saw her comforting gaze.
She sighed and realized that this was inevitable. She was not married to a normal family.
Yang Gongming might like her as a granddaughter-in-law but never stated that she would be the only one.
The Yang clan hadn’t had much progeny so naturally, Yang Gongming was more than willing to rectify that. After all, Yang Chen was married to Lin Ruoxi for almost two years and they still didn’t have any kids.
Throughout dinner, Yang Gongming seemed to be very interested in her past, asking her multiple questions like her experience in studying martial arts and her past missions.
Cai Ning answered his questions calmly and respectfully. After she found out that Yang Gongming really liked her, the initial nervousness faded into more subdued respect.
Lin Ruoxi sat at the corner, feeling more frustrated than ever.
After dinner ended, Yang Gongming asked Yan Sanniang to pack some of the vegetables he had grown for them. It was nothing expensive but the significance behind it was heavy. He had given something precious to signify his whole-hearted acceptance.
Yang Chen chose to remain silent on the account of Lin Ruoxi. He promised to visit Cai Ning when they were about to leave.
Cai Ning knew they were going to hold a wedding soon but she wasn’t jealous of them either. 
She knew that the road for them had been tough since she used to keep watch over Yang Chen.
The atmosphere had gotten quiet after they left and the lights were turned on in the mansion.
Under the chilly night breeze, the servants moved in and out carrying out their duties.
Yang Gongming had returned to his room to rest. No matter how strong and prominent he was, in the end, he was still an old man.
On the other hand, Guo Xuehua brought Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi to a newly renovated room.
“This room is for both of you. I know you two slept in different rooms in Zhonghai, but I won’t allow it here in Beijing. Your grandfather agrees with me as well.” Guo Xuehua pulled Lin Ruoxi’s hand. “If you need anything, just ask the servants. You are the next female head of the house. The servants have been working for us for generations, they are family too.”
Guo Xuehua learnt about this through her past experiences and now she was sharing it with her daughter-in-law.
Lin Ruoxi listened to her obediently and tried to remember everything she said.
After Guo Xuehua left, Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were the only ones left in the corridor.
Yang Chen realized that Lin Ruoxi was blushing which made her look more attractive than normal.
“Dear, let's go in.” Yang Chen stepped up to the door and opened it for her.
Lin Ruoxi looked up and nodded shyly.
When they got into the room, they saw that it was decorated differently when compared to the rest of the mansion. It was done in a tasteful modern design with state of the art decoration.
Other than the bedroom, there was a huge bathroom, a walk-in closet and a small bar with different types of alcohol from all over the world. Guo Xuehua must have really thought hard about how their room would be decorated.
Lin Ruoxi was more fixated on the only bed in the room. Although it was huge, it meant that they had to share it.
“I can sleep on the floor if you are uncomfortable,” Yang Chen said from the back.
Lin Ruoxi turned around and hesitated for a while before shaking her head.
“I’ll have to get used to it eventually. It’s not that big a deal. Why don’t you take your shower first? It’s been a long day,” Lin Ruoxi said gently.
Yang Chen nodded, not surprised by her answer. She was already open to consummating their marriage so sharing a bed was just a stepping stone.
“I can control my sweat so I’m not really dirty. Why not you go first instead?” Yang Chen said.
“I’ve got to call Qianni and Mingyu, and Hongyan. Life still goes on outside of here.” Lin Ruoxi said, feeling slightly embarrassed.
Yang Chen couldn’t help but chuckle. Seems like the life of a housewife did not suit her. She was about to get married and work was still on her mind.
About ten minutes later, Yang Chen came out of the shower wearing a pair of loose boxers. 
He pointed at the bathroom and smiled when he saw that Lin Ruoxi had just ended the call. “There's a huge bathtub inside. Why don’t we shower together? I think Mom would really like that.” 
Lin Ruoxi turned crimson when she saw his naked body. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Stop being silly. You can ask Sister Cai Ning to take a bath with you. She’s so gentle, I bet she will say yes.”

Yang Chen was surprised at first but he grinned afterwards. “I knew it, you were jealous.”
“I…I’m not!”
Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth. She had accidentally let her mouth run loose. She picked up her clothes and ran into the bathroom.
Yang Chen teased her. “Remember to wash yourself clean, I don’t want to smell anything sour in bed!”
Lin Ruoxi slammed the door on him and started to grumble.
A couple of seconds later, Yang Chen could hear the water running in the bathroom.