After teasing Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen laid down on the bed and stared at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
So many events had taken place and it was only his first day home.
One could only imagine the things that would take place within his entire trip back.
An hour had passed as he contemplated his thoughts and reflected on the day
Yang Chen looked over saw Lin Ruoxi walk out of the door. She was already wearing her cotton pyjamas with colorful dots on it. 
If he wasn’t mistaken, it was a gift from the ex-president.
The pajamas covered her curves quite well. She had already blown dry her hair which seemed silky under the light.
Her skin was originally fair but after the shower, it seemed fairer than ever. 
She blinked and walked to the other side of the bed while trying to stay calm.

The moment she sat on the bed, she realized that Yang Chen was still staring at her. She cocked her head to the side and asked, “What are you staring at? Go to sleep.”
“I thought you’d be wearing sexy lingerie. Why are you wearing that?” Yang Chen chuckled.
“Why would I wear…” Lin Ruoxi grumbled.
Yang Chen said jokingly, “Ning Er came by today. Shouldn’t you do something to seduce me? If this was your idea of seduction, trust me, it’s not working.”
“You…you’re bullying me again! I’m going to ignore you!”
Lin Ruoxi pulled the blanket over herself in annoyance. She turned around with her back facing Yang Chen and tried to fall asleep.
But to no avail, Yang Chen could hear her inconsistent breathing pattern which indicated to him that she was not at peace.
He sighed softly. After contemplating for a while, he pulled up the other side of the blanket and went inside.

Lin Ruoxi could feel him shuffling closer. But without a word of warning, he pressed his body against her back!
She curled her body instinctively and she started to breathe quicker with a flushed face.
Before she could react, Yang Chen had already placed his hand on her tummy and spooned her tightly.
Yang Chen’s started to erect when he smelled the scent of Jasmine from her hair and her body, combined with the tender feeling in his arms.
Initially, Lin Ruoxi was able to endure it. But that all changed when she felt something hard poking her between her legs.
Lin Ruoxi moaned under his touch. She couldn’t stay calm anymore when she realized what was pressing against her.
Yang Chen apologized immediately. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. My organs just work a little too well.”
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip, not knowing what to say. She closed her eyes and her eyelashes trembled. Yang Chen was making her nervous and embarrassed.
It was much bigger and scarier than she thought.
It was enough for him to squeeze it between her thighs and it was still growing!
Slowly, she could feel her butt being spread open by it…
Her cotton pajamas was the only barrier between her and his body!
The cloth pressed tightly against her skin. She could feel her body soften under his heat.
She wanted to move away from him but she couldn't do so, realizing she had lost all her strength!
Yang Chen was making it hard for her for pressing his hand against her tummy.
Lin Ruoxi was on cloud nine, unwilling to extract herself from his body.
Both of them stayed still at this awkward moment for a while.
Yang Chen’s little brother had finally retracted itself when it realized the owner wasn’t planning to make a move.
Lin Ruoxi let out a breath in relief. She was nearly drenched in sweat from the constant stimulation.
“Dear, you don’t have to be nervous. I just want to hug you. I promised you after the wedding.” Yang Chen whispered into her ears.
Lin Ruoxi felt comforted and disappointed at the same time. She asked gently, “Are you going to keep hugging me?”
“I want to hug you to sleep,” Yang Chen said.
“I don’t know, it just feels good. I’ve never got the chance and I never wanted to force it because I thought true happiness came when it happens naturally.” Yang Chen chuckled.
Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes and her gaze was filled with tenderness.
“I can’t sleep.”
Yang Chen hummed. “I know, that's why I have to hug you.”
“Grandfather…he seems to like Sister Cai Ning a lot.” Lin Ruoxi spoke in a soft but resolute voice.
“Because Ning Er is a soldier, a loyal one at that. She’s selfless, obedient and pretty. It’s a no brainer that elders would like her,” Yang Chen said.
“But Grandfather doesn’t seem to like me.” Lin Ruoxi sounded a bit down.
Yang Chen frowned. “What makes you think so?”
“I don’t know why I feel that way. Like in the afternoon when I pulled the carrots out of curiosity, he was really mad at me. I don’t think he would’ve been that upset with Sister Cai Ning,” Lin Ruoxi mumbled.
Yang Chen smacked his lips. “That old man. Forgive his old and useless brain.”
“You can’t say about your elders.” Lin Ruoxi nagged him.
Yang Chen laughed. “Maybe he just cares about the vegetables he grew. He did say it was fine.”
Lin Ruoxi hummed in agreement but she changed her mind seconds later. “But he didn’t even make an effort to talk to me during dinner. He was only interested in talking to Sister Cai Ning…”
Yang Chen sucked in a breath. “Dear, how about I go over there and bring him over ever? Let’s question him.”
“You…stop joking around. I’m just saying, maybe he didn’t want Sister Cai Ning to feel bad since you’re holding a wedding with me and she can’t have it,” Lin Ruoxi said hurriedly.
Yang Chen was delighted, “So that’s what you think? You sound pretty proud to me.”
“No…I’m not.” Lin Ruoxi denied, but she didn’t sound convincing.
Yang Chen stopped teasing her.
But it was hard for her to forget about it despite Yang Chen’s reassurance. She closed her eyes and tried to rest but she couldn’t help but ask this. “Honey… about Sister Cai Ning, is her cultivation really high?”
Yang Chen didn’t expect her to ask him that but answered regardless. “I guess so, she’s already at the initial phase of Xiantian stage for her age. She has a good foundation so in a few years she should be in the Full cycle of Xiantian stage under my guidance. As for the Soul Forming stage… I believe she would be there before thirty-five.”
Lin Ruoxi’s body stiffened and she said softly, “I feel so useless. I can’t help you and I have to train my body before I can cultivate. I’m bad at house chores. I’m good at business but you don’t need money…I can only be a burden when you face your enemies.”
By the end of it, her voice had become barely audible.
Suddenly, Yang Chen pulled the blanket up!
Lin Ruoxi could feel herself rising as Yang Chen sat up behind her.
He raised his hand and spanked her tender buttocks!
A loud slap rang throughout the room and her butt cheeks shook under the impact!

Lin Ruoxi was shocked as she pulled herself up to get away from him. 

She was both upset and embarrassed that he spanked her. “What was that for?!”