The only thing that lit up the room was the light pouring in from the corridor.
Warm sunlight fell on Yang Chen’s face. He looked as if he was at peace. “Why shouldn’t I spank you? You told me you were useless. You’re bad at cultivation, bad at house chores and can only make me money, something of which I don’t need. I will forever have to save you from my enemies and you will forever be dead weight,” Yang Chen said. “And yet you still ask why you shouldn’t be spanked?”
Lin Ruoxi tightened her fist. Her eyes started to tear up but she held it in
She smiled grimly as she sat on the bed. “That’s the honest truth, isn’t it? I knew you were getting tired of me.”
“You were the one who said it, not me,” Yang Chen said lightly.
Lin Ruoxi snorted. “I can tell. You didn’t have to say a word. You told me I saved you from a pit of darkness! You lied to me!”
“How did you know I lied?” It piqued his interest.
Lin Ruoxi looked down and fumbled around with the blanket. “How could someone with no use save you from a pit of darkness? I bet you want to marry Sister Cai Ning instead. She would make a much better partner than I would.”
“Why do you think I brought you here? I’ve been preparing for our wedding for half a year. During that time, I could have chosen someone else to marry instead of you. But yet, here you are.” Yang Chen questioned.
Lin Ruoxi thought about it for a little before coming up blank.
“I…how would I know. You’ve always kept things to yourself. I wouldn’t know unless you told me.” Lin Ruoxi huffed.
Yang Chen sighed and pushed her forehead with his finger.
Lin Ruoxi avoided him and pouted.
“It’s because I’m happy.”
Lin Ruoxi froze when he said that.
Yang Chen said honestly, “if you can’t figure it out, let me enlighten you. It’s because I’m happy. I feel happy even when I’m just looking at you or hugging you. My feelings for you are greater than anyone else.”
Lin Ruoxi swore to herself. She wanted nothing more than to pry open his chest and look into his heart.
She stayed frozen for a while and looked down awkwardly. “I don’t believe you.”
“It’s that simple. Plus, if it wasn’t genuine, why should I bother explaining it to you.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.
Lin Ruoxi pouted while pulling on her pajamas.
Yang Chen held her shoulders and said sternly, “Raise your head, look at me.”
Lin Ruoxi puffed her cheeks and ignored him.
“If you’re not going to listen to me, I’ll have to carry you and spank you one hundred times.” Yang Chen ‘threatened’ her.
Lin Ruoxi looked up in resentment and glared at him out of embarrassment.
Yang Chen almost laughed but he held it in so that he could look serious.
“Miss Lin Ruoxi, I’m going to say this only once. I want to be your husband. We’ll be together forever. It’s not because I want to make you happy by treating you well…”
Lin Ruoxi almost stopped her breathing. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
Not because he wanted to make her happy? What did he mean by that?
Yang Chen paused and took a deep breath before saying, “It’s because being with you makes me happy. I am a very selfish person and I want to keep you by my side forever. I’ll do my best to make you happy so that you will be willing to be with me forever.”
The air around them seemed to have froze.
Lin Ruoxi stared at him and contemplated his words.
Her heart wrenched and she pursed her lips. “You bastard, you’re a complete bastard.”
Yang Chen chuckled. “I never claimed not to be one.”
“I’ll remember it forever.” Lin Ruoxi glanced at him. “I’ll always remember that you’re my selfish...husband.”
The weight in her heart was lifted in an instant. She immediately brightened up after his words.
And soon, a certain sense of tranquility and relaxation took over her body making her drowsy.
Yang Chen wrapped his arms around her as they rested their heads on the pillows. He pulled the blanket over them and said, “Can you sleep peacefully now?”
She hummed and seconds later, she had already fallen fast asleep.
Yang Chen waited for her to fall asleep and he kissed her forehead before closing his eyes.
A new day was brought forth with the sound of birds chirping and the scent of morning dew.
Guo Xuehua came to their room and knocked on the door until Yang Chen rose to get it.
She couldn’t help but glanced towards Lin Ruoxi who was still asleep when she saw his attire.
“She’s still sleeping? Isn’t she usually up early?”
Yang Chen chuckled. “Mom, have you forgotten? She has her alarm to wake herself up at home. There’s no need for her to go to work so of course, she doesn’t need to be up early.”

She smiled suggestively at him when she thought of something. “So tell me, did anything happen last night?”
Yang Chen contemplated for a while and nodded his head. “Something did happen.”
“What is it? Tell me.” Guo Xuehua’s smile widened.
Yang Chen said sternly, “Mom, your daughter-in-law has a bad sleeping habit. She hogs the blanket and I had to pull it from her shrimp-like posture more than ten times that night. Lucky I am strong, else I would have fallen ill.”
Guo Xuehua stopped smiling and glared at him. “You deserved it!”
At this time, Lin Ruoxi who was lying in bed rolled over and faced the door.
Guo Xuehua thought it would be interesting to watch her until Lin Ruoxi used the blanket to wipe something by her mouth.
She even smacked her lips together, as if she was dreaming about eating glutinous rice balls.
Guo Xuehua froze by the door whereas Yang Chen stifled a laugh.
Half an hour later, Yang Chen woke Lin Ruoxi up and they walked to the dining hall for breakfast.
Yang Gongming was already seated with Guo Xuehua at the table. Once they arrived, the servants commenced serving breakfast
Throughout the meal, Guo Xuehua kept sneaking glances at Lin Ruoxi who looked especially refreshing in a white dress.
Lin Ruoxi thought it was weird but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Yang Gongming spoke up when they were almost done with breakfast. “Yang Chen, you haven’t told me about your wedding arrangements. How long will you be staying in Beijing and who are you inviting to the wedding?”
Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen curiously.

“I’m planning to bring Ruoxi around for two days so that we can familiarise ourselves with our surroundings. For the guests, I don’t really know a lot of people but in Zhonghai, I only invited Wang Ma. I’ll send someone to pick her up. You are welcome to join us. Mom will definitely go. As for the others, I don’t think we need to invite them. It’s not suitable to have a lot of people over at the place where we’re holding the wedding.”
“ won’t even tell us where we’re going. You’re being so secretive.” Guo Xuehua chided.
Yang Gongming chuckled. “It’s fine. If you’re holding the wedding overseas, then I won’t go. I don’t like to travel now that I’m old. Just remember to take more photos and videos for me.”
Yang Chen nodded. He had someone else to take care of that.
“Oh yea,” Yang Gongming said. “Ruoxi, do join me in my vegetable garden later.”