Ning clan?
Lin Ruoxi paled when she heard the words. Her eyes darkened and she stiffened up considerably.
Yang Chen frowned and asked before Yang Gongming could say anything, “What invitation?”
The servant turned around quickly to face him. “Young Master, it’s from Mr Ning Guodong. He’s having a Qixi party at Qiushui villa and he has invited representatives from the major clans in China. It says on the invitation that he wishes to invite Young Master and Young Madam to the party.”
Yang Chen received the invitation and looked at it. It was a genuine invitation.
“That’s thoughtful of him. He doesn’t seem to know when to stop.” Yang Chen sneered.
The last time he saw Ning Guodong was when he accompanied the Cai sisters to the night club.
That night he humiliated Ning Guodong and made him kneel on the floor. And after all that, he still had the guts to invite them to a party? Where was his confidence coming from?
Yang Gongming took a sip of his bird nest and asked, “What’s your plan?”
Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi and said with a warm voice, “I will leave it up to her.”
Lin Ruoxi tightened her jaw and contemplated for a while before shaking her head. “Let’s go. Evading them would only make them think you are weak.”
“But you…” Yang Chen was worried that the Ning clan would hurt her again. In fact, Lin Ruoxi was traumatized every time she saw them.
She smiled forcefully and said, “Some things can not be avoided. Also, I’ve never been to a party like this in Beijing. Besides, I’m sure you’ll protect me if anything goes wrong.”
Yang Chen hesitated for a moment and chuckled. “That’s right. I am curious to know what they are planning for us.”
Now that they had decided on attending the party, they had to settle the outfits and accessories and also figure out the exact location of the party. It was already evening when everything had been taken care of.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to ask the chauffeur to send them there. Instead, he chose a red McLaren MP4. It was a two-door sports car, built using the F1 race car system. It was basically a street-legal race car.
It had an iconic 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine matched with a dual-clutch transmission. This bad boy only needed three seconds to reach its maximum speed of three hundred and twenty kilometres per hour!
Lin Ruoxi walked out of the door dressed in a black strapless dress. Her goddess-like features were a starking contrast against the red car.
“Why did you choose this car,” Lin Ruoxi frowned. “Are you planning on speeding?”
To be honest, Yang Chen was itching to do it. He derived a large amount of pleasure from speeding but had no chance to do it.
“We’re going to a party full of prominent figures. We either go big or go home,” Yang Chen said seriously.
Lin Ruoxi knew she couldn’t win if she tried to so she just got into the car obediently.
Qiushui Villa was one of Ning clan’s holiday villas, located at the west of Beijing. Under normal circumstances, only high-profiled members could enter.
The villa was surrounded by mountains and greens and in the middle of it was a huge man-made pond. Water flowed down the mountains and into the pond, creating a beautiful landscape.
Because of the secluded geographical location, there was a highway specially built for this place so traffic wasn’t a big deal.
The Qixi party organized by the Young Master of the Ning clan, Ning Guodong. Most parties like these were really used as places to build connections. 
Yang Chen attracted a lot of attention when he drove into place with his striking red sports car and the loud engine sounds.
Yang Chen held Lin Ruoxi’s hand to help her get out of the car. People stared at them in surprise as they make their way past them, towards the staircase that leads to the hall.
Yang Chen felt proud and he whispered into Lin Ruoxi’s ear, “Dear, you’re really making me proud.”
Lin Ruoxi was feeling nervous about the number of stares she was getting. She regretted dressing up so glamorously. “It feels weird, I should’ve worn a jacket or something.”
Only then Yang Chen realized that her bare shoulders were exposed in the air. It wasn’t really a sexy dress but her skin shone so brightly against the light that men kept eyeing her up and down.
“Ah, I didn’t see this coming!”
Yang Chen felt slightly jealous.
He took off his blazer and draped it over her shoulders, so all he had on was a white shirt!
“Hey, what are you doing?” Lin Ruoxi’s face was flushed, why was he putting clothes on her in front of everyone?
Yang Chen said sternly, “Wear it. I can’t have people staring at you. You’re already married, aren’t you embarrassed to show so much skin in public?”
Lin Ruoxi almost laughed out of anger. Two seconds ago, he was just telling her how proud he was.
“What about the person who took off a girl’s clothes? How does he feel?” Lin Ruoxi mocked him.
Yang Chen was unbothered by it. “I know it definitely wasn’t me.”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes cutely and decided to not talk to a pervert like him.
Although it was embarrassing to wear a dress with a blazer, she knew better than arguing since he might do something even worse so she held it in.
The moment they walked into the hall, they saw Ning Guodong standing by the door. He was chatting and clinking glasses with his guests, his clan members around him.
He walked over to them immediately with the others when he saw Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.
When his eyes landed on Lin Ruoxi, his gaze grew more piercing than ever. Her heart clenched.

Yang Chen held her by her waist naturally so that she would feel more relaxed.
“Welcome, Mr Yang Chen, the long-lost eldest grandson of the Yang clan. I’m glad that you and your wife accepted my invitation to attend this party when you’ve just arrived in Beijing.” Ning Guodong smiled, as though their past conflict never happened.
The others finally realized who they were now that he mentioned it.
Slowly, everyone started looking at them, contemplating if they should come up and greet them. It was common news after all that Marshal Yang favoured him over Yang Lie.
Plus, it wasn’t a secret that Yang Pojun was admitted into the hospital which made the world guess what happened to the Yang clan.
Yang Chen snorted and looked at Ning Guodong’s knees with a teasing smile. “No doubt you’re going to be a politician. You’re really good at acting. Have you forgotten about our previous meeting?”
The guests drew in a breath. They knew about the whole ordeal but was silenced by the Ning clan.
They could have never imagined that Yang Chen was behind all that!
Lin Ruoxi knew nothing about it so she looked at Yang Chen, feeling worried for him.
Ning Guodong froze for a second but he recovered immediately. “It was but a trivial matter. Today is a different day. I think it’s better if you watch what you say so that there won’t be any unnecessary misunderstandings.”
Yang Chen let it go for now. After all, he still had to go through the formalities of socializing in a situation like this one.
It was at this moment that a familiar silhouette walked towards him. “Mr Yang, we meet again!”