A bearded Caucasian man walked over wearing a sloppy suit.
It took Yang Chen some time to recognize him but when he did, he asked, “Weber?”
“Nice to know you still remember me. And this must be your lovely wife.”
Weber walked forward, with a glass of champagne in one hand.
His eyes brightened when he saw Lin Ruoxi. He extended his hand, hoping to hold and kiss her hand as a friendly gesture.
But Yang Chen would never allow that. He pulled Lin Ruoxi behind his back so Weber wasn’t able to touch her.
“I’m sorry, I forget we’re in China sometimes,” Weber chuckled awkwardly.
Lin Ruoxi asked, “Honey, who is he?”
“He’s a member of Austria’s Red Bull Racing Team, a Formula One driver. We once had a race at Maple’s automobile club,” Yang Chen said.
Lin Ruoxi snorted when she heard that. “I bet you went there to flirt with girls.”
She obviously meant Tang Wan.
Yang Chen pretended he didn’t hear the last part. He turned to Weber and asked, “Why are you here?”
Weber took a sip of his champagne. “Well the F1 race in Zhonghai has just ended and I have nothing to do until the end of this month. I was invited to come so I thought, why not?”
Ning Guodong walked over. “Weber’s still feeling upset over him losing to Brother Yang. He was hoping to have a rematch with you.”
“That’s right. Mr Yang. Would you care for a race? I’ve been having a good streak lately,” Weber said excitedly.
Lin Ruoxi tugged on his sleeves and whispered, “Don’t go, I don’t want to be alone here.”
Yang Chen patted her hand and smirked. “I can’t just do as you say, that’s kind of degrading. I’m here as a representative of the Yang clan.”
Weber scratched his head. “Is that so? Then what are your conditions?”
“I need a proper motive.” Yang Chen smiled.
Ning Guodong interjected, as though he was reminded of something. “How about this? Weber, you won the race in Zhonghai, right? How about using your prize money as the victor’s spoils?”
The guests all cheered when they heard that there was going to be a special event.
Weber, on the other hand, seemed kind of troubled.
“Your annual income is millions of dollars. Why are you being so stingy over a couple of bucks?” Ning Guodong pretended to be displeased.
Yang Chen cackled which confused everyone else.
“Brother Yang, what are you laughing at?” Ning Guodong then realized that he had said something wrong.
Yang Chen laughed. “Let me enlighten you. There is no prize money when it comes to F1 tournaments. Drivers receive their pay annually or from advertisements. You’re asking Weber to produce something he never had in the first place. How is that not troubling him?”
As soon as the guests heard him, they looked around awkwardly. They only watched the races as a display of wealth. None of them really knew the inner workings of the industry.
Weber was relieved to know that Yang Chen had saved him from what was going to be a very awkward refusal.
“Mr. Yang, it looks like you’re quite familiar with F1.” Weber was impressed.
Yang Chen shrugged. “It’s common knowledge.”
Ning Guodong’s face darkened. It felt like a slap to the face since he was the one who introduced Weber as a close friend.
Lin Ruoxi was intrigued. She looked at Yang Chen and pondered about how he knew information like this
Weber quickly added. “I might not have received a prize cheque but I am not poor either. How about we bet one hundred thousand dollars each and no matter who wins, we will donate all the money to those in need. Two hundred thousand dollars would be sufficient to build a school for the needy.”
Yang Chen turned around to face Lin Ruoxi. “Dear, it’s your call.”
Lin Ruoxi beamed. “Do it, you have to do it. We can build two schools in mountain areas with two hundred thousand dollars!”
Yang Chen almost tripped on his own feet. “I thought you didn’t want me to race?”
“That was before the donation was on the line,” Lin Ruoxi said indifferently.
Yang Chen gritted his teeth. “Two hundred thousand dollars is nothing to you. Why don’t you donate instead of me?”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “My money is to invest into my business. You’re betting with your own money.”
Yang Chen sighed. He finally understood what she meant. Her money was hers and hers alone while his money was free for her to use.
“Plus, the motive sounds good. A race with a foreign driver to help those in poverty.” Lin Ruoxi shook his hands. “I know you’ll be safe so just go.”
The guests were jealous to see them being so lovey-dovey.
Ning Guodong gritted his teeth and his eyes darkened when he saw the way Lin Ruoxi treated Yang Chen. It was completely different from the way she treated him.
In the end, Yang Chen agreed reluctantly to a charity race.
There was supposed to be a performance tonight but it was delayed since a race was more attractive.
The course of the race was set at the beltway around the villa.
Since the Ning clan owned this entire place, they were able to block off the roads from use.
Yang Chen thought to himself, I guess the best thing about being a high-status officer in China is literally driving the roads as if you owned them!

To let everyone watch the race, the staff of the villa even sent out teams to record it live on a helicopter, which was then transmitted on the wide television screen.
Weber’s car was a yellow Ferrari 458 sponsored by Ning Guodong. It was a two-door sports car with a V8 engine that was released three years ago. It had a greater CC than Yang Chen’s McLaren but their overall performance was pretty similar.
Once they were ready, the shot off the starting line at the sound of a gunshot.
The Ferrari’s engine roared with a yellow flash and sped through the track!
Whereas Yang Chen was a bit slower since he wasn’t professionally trained, but soon he managed to speed up and was on par with Weber!
Back in the hall, everyone made noises when they stared at the live transmission recorded through the helicopter.
Only those from the major clans could play a sport like this since it was such a cash-burning activity.
Lin Ruoxi stood amongst them nervously and wrapped the blazer around her tightly. Now that Yang Chen wasn’t around her, she was starting to regret letting him go. It felt chilly to stand in a room with strangers around her.
At this moment, a server walked over with a tray of cocktails in one hand. She smiled and asked, “Miss, care for a glass of drink?”
Lin Ruoxi shook her head lightly, she wasn’t really a drinker.
The server nodded and walked past her.
Suddenly, she seemed to have tripped because of her high heels and fell on Lin Ruoxi!
Lin Ruoxi wasn’t able to get away in time and could only watch as an array of drinks fell on her dress!
“Ah! I’m sorry I’m sorry!”
The server managed to keep herself balanced by holding on to Lin Ruoxi. She pled for her forgiveness. “I’m sorry, Miss! I’m new here and I’m not used to wearing high heels, please forgive me!”
Lin Ruoxi frowned at her drenched dress. The cloth was sticking to her skin and she smelled like alcohol from head to toe.