She was about to question why a newbie like her would be allowed to work here without proper training. After all, one would assume that the Ning clan would assign experienced waiters to an event like this one.
But she couldn’t bring herself to do when she saw that the server was about to cry. Lin Ruoxi guessed she was about twenty years old and completely inexperienced.
So she said, “It’s fine. Just tell me where’s the washroom.” 
The server quickly ushered her. “Let me bring you there. I can find a clean outfit for you to change in to.”
Lin Ruoxi glanced over at the screen. The race had just begun so it would take Yang Chen another ten minutes or so before he would finish. She figured it wouldn’t be hard for him to find her even though she didn’t have her phone with her.
Under the server’s lead, they weaved across the crowd and walked through a red wooden door.
The corridor was decorated with glamorous style and they stepped on soft carpets that led to the washroom.
“Miss, please enter. I’ll get you a new set of clothes,” she said apologetically.
Lin Ruoxi nodded politely and entered the washroom.
The moment she walked into it, the server raised her head and her innocent eyes darkened, a cold smirk forming on her lips.
The washroom was filled with a faint lemon smell and since it was a high class villa, the washroom was cleaned every hour so there wasn’t a speck of dirt around. 
Lin Ruoxi was surprised to see that no one was here but she assumed no one really needed to go to the washroom since the party had just started.
In fact, it was much easier for her to clean up this way.
Lin Ruoxi took off the blazer and started to clean her arms. She took some tissues to dab off as much cocktail as she can from her dress.
Just when she was busy cleaning up, a red silhouette showed up in the mirror!
It was a young-looking woman but she seemed oddly mature for her age.
She was wearing a low-cut red dress, it was short and it wrapped around her curves nicely. 
Lin Ruoxi jolted up in surprise. This woman had appeared without a single sound!
“Your skin is so smooth.” She smiled mesmerizingly.
Lin Ruoxi covered her chest, feeling a bit frightened. “W...who are you?”
The woman giggled. “You don’t recognize me?”
Lin Ruoxi frowned and shook her head.
“I know you.” She smiled wickedly. “And I know your husband even better…”
It dawned on her immediately, this woman wasn’t here with good intentions. Subconsciously, she made her way to the exit.
“What do you want?” Lin Ruoxi tried to stay calm.
The woman inched closer and a cruel smile formed on her lips. “My dear son is very interested in you. He tried so hard and still failed. As his mom, I had to do something about it.”
“Son…” Lin Ruoxi mumbled and yelled out when she remembered something. “You are Luo Cuishan?!”
“What a clever girl, no wonder Guodong likes you.” Luo Cuishan smiled amorously.
“It can’t be…” Lin Ruoxi took a few steps back. “You were supposed to be dead!”
The woman looked like a mature woman but her physical appearance was of a young lady! How could she be the ‘dead’ Luo Cuishan?!
“The old Luo Cuishan is dead. I have been reborn.”
Lin Ruoxi was terrified and she dashed for the door but was blocked by a figure.
“It’s you…”
“Why, do you really not want to see me?” Ning Guodong said while smiling.
Lin Ruoxi finally understood that it had all been planned from the beginning!
No wonder the server spilled cocktails on her and brought her to an empty bathroom!
It was all a setup!
Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth. “Don’t you dare do anything to me, Yang Chen will be back soon.”
“Relax, we will finish before then.” Ning Guodong said as he moved closer.
Lin Ruoxi could only back away slowly. “You…my husband will kill you all if you dare to do anything to me!”
“Haha…” Luo Cuishan chuckled. “So what? We will die by his hands regardless of what happens. So instead of getting nothing out of it, why not make the best out of a broken situation?”
Lin Ruoxi paled, she didn’t expect her to be like this.
Ning Guodong started to remove his tie and blazer. “Ruoxi…I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Don’t worry, Yang Chen needs at least ten more minutes to find you here. But before that happens, let me give you something special.”

Lin Ruoxi slowly backed up into a corner and shook her head quickly. “You…you can’t do this! You can’t do this to me!”
“Why not?! That bastard can do it, why can’t I?!”
Ning Guodong trapped her in his arms and inched closer to her.
Luo Cuishan giggled at the side. “Son, you have to be quick so that I can leave after enjoying the show.”
Ning Guodong turned around and smirked. “Mom, I’m planning to wait for Yang Chen to come before I climax. So I have to enjoy it slowly.”
“Hehe…if that’s the case, I’ll wait for you.” Luo Cuishan beckoned towards the exit. 
The server ran up and said in a polite manner, “Madam, what are your orders?”
“Where’s Ning Guangyao?”
“Minister Ning will be arriving in another five minutes,” she answered.
Luo Cuishan’s eyes glistened with excitement. She waved her hands and signaled for her to leave.

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi was trapped in Ning Guodong’s arms helplessly.
She yelled when Ning Guodong moved closer. “You can’t do this! You’re my…my…”
Ning Guodong paused and smirked. “Your? What? Say it.”
“My…” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at the twisted man in front of him. 
Luo Cuishan stood by the door, a flash of venom crossed her eyes. “Son, don’t care about her! She’s just trying to drag on! Don’t believe in anything she says!”
“I suppose so.” Ning Guodong snorted. “I know you’re good at tricks, you were the one who destroyed the Xu clan from Zhonghai and the Zeng clan in Beijing! You don’t have to worry about my safety. Even if I raped you, Yang Chen would be powerless with my father around…”
Having said that, he tried to land a kiss on Lin Ruoxi’s lips!
Lin Ruoxi flinched and managed to escape by crawling beneath him!
“Hmph, trying to escape?”
In a flash, Luo Cuishan had already grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s wrist before she could even react!
Ning Guodong looked at his mother in disbelief, when did she become so strong and fast? But he was quickly distracted by Lin Ruoxi.
“Dear Ruoxi, play nice or else my mom won’t.” Ning Guodong cackled and jumped on her!
“No! I…I’m your sister!”
At the last moment, Lin Ruoxi yelled out her secret.
Ning Guodong froze and looked at her in shock.
Luo Cuishan was pissed off at the revelation. “Guodong! What are you doing! Do it! Why are you hesitating?!” 
Lin Ruoxi shook her head and looked at him with teary eyes. “I’m telling the truth…don’t listen to her. We’re…we’re related!”

Ning Guodong stayed frozen, as though his consciousness was hit by a hammer.
“Guodong!” Luo Cuishan shouted. “What are you hesitating for?! Yang Chen will be back any minute now!”
Ning Guodong snapped out of it and shook his head. His face twisted in anger. “Are you trying to trick me?! My sister? Haha! When did my mom give birth to a sister? Do you take me for an idiot?”
Ning Guodong had lost all sense of ration when he threw himself at her!
Lin Ruoxi was deep in despair. She did not think her night would end up like this!
As if sensing her despair, a phoenix’s cry emitted from of the bangle on her wrist!