A green light shone from the bangle and started to surround Lin Ruoxi.
An invisible wave blasted Ning Guodong away when he tried to touch her!
He shrieked painfully as he flew backward toward the ground.
Luo Cuishan was quick enough to catch him before he crashed into the floor. Even so, the green fog startled them.
What was that?
It seemed to behave like a cloud of mist but it was also on fire.
But what kind of flame was green in color?
Lin Ruoxi too was shocked at the flame erupting from her wrist. It seemed so mystical and magical.
Suddenly, her mind jolted and she was reminded of what Yang Chen had told her yesterday, “Dear, keep wearing the bangle and don’t take it off.”
Did he know this bangle could protect her?
Lin Ruoxi was relieved and frustrated at the same time. Why did he have to hide it from her? Why couldn’t he just have told her?
But what she didn’t know was the bangle wasn’t just an artifact. Anyone below the tribulation Stage was not able to detect its worth. 
This was why Yan Sanniang didn’t know that the bangle was special despite having seen it before.
Yang Chen could tell that the bangle had similar attributes to the Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet, being able to protect the wearer. It might even have originated from the Great Ancient times. 
So instead of telling others and invoke fear, he’d rather have Lin Ruoxi wear it as a protection. 
The Fengxiang bangle will be triggered whenever the wearer felt threatened.
“Guodong, are you alright?” Luo Cuishan held her son and asked worriedly.
Ning Guodong wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth and spat out, “I’m fine, Mom. There’s something wrong with that bitch.”
“Hmph, I bet Yang Chen knew this would happen.”
“Then how do I get close to her.” Ning Guodong sounded anxious.
Luo Cuishan gritted her teeth and with a red flash, she appeared in front of Lin Ruoxi!
The green flame had retracted itself but immediately fired up once again when it detected an incoming threat!
The flame intensified as Luo Cuishan approached her!
Lin Ruoxi closed her eyes and raised her bangle in front of her!
Luo Cuishan’s hands were engulfed in the flame. She could feel the heat waves coming out of it like the strength of the protective coat!
Lin Ruoxi was relieved to know that she was unharmed but she didn’t dare to let her guard down yet.
At the same time, the green flame weakened and returned back into the bangle.
“Damn it, her bangle’s the one causing trouble. I can’t get close either.” Luo Cuishan gritted her teeth.
Ning Guodong was getting more anxious as time passed by. “Mom, there’s not enough time. Yang Chen will be back soon. Didn’t you say Dad would protect me? Where is he?!”
Luo Cuishan glared at Lin Ruoxi in resentment and caressed his cheeks. “I’m sure he’s here already. You’ll see him when you walk out of here.”
Ning Guodong nodded. “Alright, then what do we do about her?”
Luo Cuishan sneered. “Why do you care about her? You’ve never seen her walk into the bathroom.”
Ning Guodong understood immediately and he smirked while nodding. “I know what I should do.”
Luo Cuishan cackled and disappeared from sight.
Ning Guodong stared at the now empty corridor. He still wasn’t used to her newfound abilities.
He walked into the bathroom and glanced over at Lin Ruoxi who was still feeling nervous. With a chuckle, he picked up his tie and suit, got dressed and left the place.
Lin Ruoxi’s legs gave out the moment Ning Guodong walked out of the bathroom. She leaned on the wall completely out of breath.
Just before that, two sports cars zoomed past the highway outside of the Qiushui villa! 
They had just left the outer race tracks and were entering into the last turn. It was still hard to determine the winner since there were only two cars in a huge race track. 
Besides, Yang Chen didn’t really care about winning since he had to donate the money either way. He only wanted to win to save face.
Finally, after a minute, both of the sports cars raced through the finish line at the same time!
The guests clapped for their victory. People started to surround Yang Chen in order to congratulate him.
Whereas the rest were afraid of him, having heard of how he killed two higher ups at the Yang clan yesterday.
Weber shook hands with Yang Chen and sighed. “I’m curious about something, Mr Yang. How do you manage to drive so well when you’re not a professional racer?”
Yang Chen chuckled. “Why do you drive?”
“I would say I’m doing it for my career but it’s really for the money,” Weber answered honestly.
Yang Chen let out a small smile. “I drive to stay alive, so our aim is completely different.”
Weber was confused at his insinuation but nodded all the same.
Following that, both of them wrote a cheque for their donation to mark the end of the race.
Yang Chen returned to the hall and couldn’t find Lin Ruoxi. He then realized that Ning Guodong was missing too.
His gaze went cold and his eyes landed on the door by the left of the hall, where Ning Guodong was walking out from.
The guests looked towards him and watched him walked up to the stage.
Ning Guodong talked through the microphone, “My dear guests, it seems like you all enjoyed the charity race. And with that, let’s get this party started!”
His speech received applause from the crowd.
Music started to play and the lights dimmed as dancers made their way through the hall.
The party had officially started.
Ning Guodong, the organizer of the party sat down at the front table after the speech, acting as though nothing had happened.
Yang Chen used his divine sense to search through the hall and his face darkened as he sped walked to the door which Ning Guodong had walked out from earlier.
He walked into the corridor and saw Lin Ruoxi walking towards him. She was still wearing his blazer and underneath it was an alcohol stained dress. Her eyes were red and she walked with a solemn expression on her face.
Yang Chen’s heart wrenched but he wasn’t alarmed. He saw this coming after all.
“Did you manage to say it?” Yang Chen asked.
Lin Ruoxi raised her head and looked at the calm and gentle-man.
“You saw this coming right?” she asked solemnly. “They used the race as an excuse to keep you away from me and you fell for it on purpose so that they let down their guard. You let me do whatever they want with me because you knew that I’ll be fine with the bangle protecting me, am I right?”
Yang Chen sighed. “I assumed he was going to try something but I hoped it wasn’t too idiotic.”
“You should’ve told me earlier. He might have prepared another trap,” Lin Ruoxi replied coldly.
“Because I know you wouldn’t have met him if you knew,” Yang Chen sighed. “I was just hoping that you could see through him, and I knew you would be safe.”
“You’re a cruel man,” Lin Ruoxi mumbled.
“I’m doing this for your own good. At least now you would stop your wishful thinking.”
“I wasn’t...” Lin Ruoxi turned around.
Yang Chen smiled helplessly. “You can lie to yourself and everyone in this world but you will never be able to lie to me. You pretend that you don’t care but I’m sure you still care about them. I want you to understand that Ning Guodong can’t be saved. If you hate him, I will end his life.”
“Are you crazy? Kill him? How are you going to live in Beijing, or even China?!” Lin Ruoxi exclaimed.
Yang Chen chuckled. “My only consideration is my wife’s happiness. Will she get hurt? Will she resent me? Will she be traumatized? Those are the only things that concern me.”