Bittersweet emotions welled up in her heart. She was at a complete loss for words with her emotions running all over the place.
“I don’t know.” Lin Ruoxi shook her head, feeling lost. “My mind’s a mess now. It’s like I’m driving but a thick cloud of fog is covering everything in front of me.”
“That’s because there’s no light to guide you.” Yang Chen patted his chest. “If you don’t have enough light for your own path, you can borrow mine.”
She smiled grimly. “How can light be borrowed? Forget it.”
Yang Chen walked forward and held her hand. “If I kill Ning Guodong now, how long will you grieve?”
Lin Ruoxi shook her head vigorously. “Don’t do anything silly! Luo Cuishan sent someone to invite Minister Ning over. Things will spiral out of control if you do!”
“What? Luo Cuishan?” Yang Chen was taken aback.
“Yeah.” Lin Ruoxi frowned. “She helped Ning Guodong plan everything. She looks much younger than before with speed and power like no other.”
“Hmph.” Yang Chen sneered. “Yan Buwen really is extraordinary. He can raise the dead.”
Yang Chen wasn’t surprised by Luo Cuishan’s ‘revival’. He had predicted her resurrection but was surprised at the modifications she went through.
It seemed like Yan Buwen had achieved a significant milestone for his gene technology. After all, altering one’s physical and genealogy was not a simple task.
On the other hand, he was glad to know that to recreate a God, divinity was required. So for a person like Luo Cuishan, she couldn’t turn into a god and utilize spatial powers. The only thing he had to worry about was her physical capabilities.
“What will you do? I think she’s here for revenge.” Lin Ruoxi asked worriedly.
“I’m not afraid of her.” Yang Chen consoled her. “You just need to take care of yourself. Come, let’s get out of here.”
He pulled her hand along towards the door but he was forced to a stop when Lin Ruoxi stayed still.
Yang Chen turned around. “Dear, you can’t stay here to avoid them forever. If you really don’t want to see them, why bother stopping me from killing them?”
Lin Ruoxi was shocked. “You…you want to kill the minister?”
Yang Chen shrugged. “If it weren’t for you, he would have been dead years ago.”
He gritted his teeth remembering the time Ning Guangyao refused to accept Lin Ruoxi as his daughter.
Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and pursed her lips. “Let’s just go home. Leave them be. After tonight, I will never see them again.”
“That’s hard to say, Ning Guodong will definitely find you again.”
Lin Ruoxi was not having any of it. “Listen to me! This is no laughing matter!”
Yang Chen was forced to give up on his idea and they walked into the hall together, hand in hand.
Instead of taking a seat, they went straight towards the main door.
The guests were confused to see them leave since the party had just started.
At this time, few black Audi 8 stopped in front of the main door and the bodyguards stepped out of it first. They looked around their surroundings and made sure that everything was safe before they opened the door of the middle car.
Ning Guangyao walked out of the car with a smile on his face.
“Minister Ning?”
“He’s was coming too?!”
“I wasn’t informed about this!”
The atmosphere started to get rowdy inside.
Ning Guodong’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Yang Chen but now that Ning Guangyao had arrived, his shoulders began to loosen up.
Lin Ruoxi trembled subconsciously as she watched the man walked into the near, getting nearer and nearer to them.
She held onto Yang Chen tightly which made him turn around to check on her. Yang Chen sighed when he saw her tensed expression. “Let’s ignore him and leave this place.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded numbly as she leaned on Yang Chen, struggling to walk towards the door.
Ning Guangyao saw them the moment he stepped foot into the hall.
His pupils constricted and his expression stiffened when he saw Lin Ruoxi who had her head down.
Emotions of guilt and happiness swirled around in his heart as he stared at them.
Ning Guangyao couldn’t help himself from calling after when they were about to leave his sight. “Ruo…Miss Lin.”
Lin Ruoxi paused in her tracks.
The guests who came forward to welcome him froze too, curious to see what was going on.

They had heard about Lin Ruoxi’s identity as the president of Yu Lei International, but it wasn't a big deal in Beijing.

Why would Minister Ning Guangyao even be interested in her?
Wouldn’t it make more sense for Ning Guangyao to greet Yang Chen instead?
Yang Chen frowned. He looked at Ning Guangyao coldly when he saw that Lin Ruoxi had stopped moving. “Minister Ning, can I help you?”
Ning Guangyao finally diverted his gaze towards Yang Chen. 
He suppressed his emotions and smiled. “Congratulations on your return to the Yang clan. I’m sure we’ll have plenty more opportunities to meet in the future.”
“Don’t flatter yourself. Someone like you isn’t worth meeting at all.” Yang Chen was straightforward.
The atmosphere became a bit tense and everyone held their breath as they watched on.
It was a direct confrontation between the Yang and Ning clan.
They didn’t understand what was happening but they were quick-witted enough to remain quiet and watch them.
Ning Guangyao’s face darkened but he recovered quickly with a smile. “Looks like Master Yang has finally found an extraordinary heir. I’ve known your father for years and not once has he spoken so confidently.”
“I don’t who you’re talking about,” Yang Chen said coldly. “I’m bringing my wife to celebrate Qixi. Enjoy the rest of the party”
After saying that, Yang Chen pulled Lin Ruoxi’s hand and dragged her to the door.
“Wait, don’t go yet.” Ning Guodong spoke up.
Yang Chen turned around and saw that he was smiling creepily. He had a glass of champagne in one hand as he stared at Lin Ruoxi with a snake-like gaze.
“You’re both VIPs today, how can you leave without having a drink with me? Plus, my father is here. It would be the responsible thing to do?”
With that, Ning Guodong signaled the server to offer them both a glass of champagne.
When both of them remained still, Ning Guodong feigned curiosity and asked, “What’s wrong? Brother Yang, you were acting so generously earlier but why are you backing out on a glass of champagne?”
Lin Ruoxi raised her head and accepted the glasses for both for them before Yang Chen could do it himself. She passed it into his hand and looked at Ning Guodong coldly, “We’ll drink it.”
Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi in surprise, wondering when did she manage to pull herself together.
Ning Guangyao gave his son a weird look but Ning Guodong ignored him. 

To his dismay, when he turned to look at Lin Ruoxi, she avoided eye contact with him deliberately.
He sighed internally and raised his glass to clink glasses with all of them.
Right after that, Ning Guodong blurted out, “Happy Qixi, my younger sister and sister-in-law…”