Lin Ruoxi dropped her glass onto the floor. It shattered.
Her face turned ice-cold whereas Ning Guangyao’s shock turned into anger. He glared at Ning Guodong furiously with bulging eyes.
Yang Chen could feel tears falling out of Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. He threw his glass away and pulled her into his arms. “It’s okay, don’t cry.”
But her immense shock was keeping her tears flowing.
Ning Guangyao immediately shouted, “What did you say?!”
Ning Guodong eyes turned red with his veins bulging on his face. “Why are you all so surprised? Did I reveal a secret?”
The crowd started to become rowdy but they didn’t dare to get nearer since they didn’t really hear what Ning Guodong said.
Even so, the sound of broken glass and Ning Guangyao’s attitude towards Ning Guodong still managed to arouse their curiosity.
Ning Guangyao’s heart dropped when he realized that Ning Guodong was testing him!
“How dare you trick me?!” Ning Guangyao gritted his teeth as he looked at his only son. 
Ning Guodong sneered. “You shouldn’t have done it if you didn’t want anyone to know. I merely stated the facts.”
“Shut up!”
Ning Guangyao waved his hands and ordered his bodyguards around. “End the party immediately and disperse the crowd! No one is allowed to come near our discussion!”
The guests were mostly younger ones so they were obedient. They left immediately.
As the guests leave one by one, the four of them remained still.

Ning Guangyao held his forehead and contemplated before asking Ning Guodong, “That woman came back and met you, am I right?!”
“What woman?” Ning Guodong chuckled.
“Your mother!” Ning Guangyao growled.
“Haha,” Ning Guodong laughed. “She’s dead isn’t she? Father, you can be so silly at times...”
“No one else could have told you about it. She must be the reason I am here.” Ning Guangyao’s fists were trembling. “Tell me, where is she?!”
Ning Guodong sneered, “Father, why are you so upset? Isn’t Mom’s existence supposed to bring you joy?”
“What do you even know! Answer my question now!”
“I don’t know. It’s true that I don’t know!”
Ning Guodong yelled, “If I had known earlier I wouldn’t have believed in your lies like an idiot! I had to suffer, I shed many tears because of your lies!”
“What are you talking about…” Ning Guangyao looked at his son with a pained gaze.
Ning Guodong looked at Lin Ruoxi who was in Yang Chen’s arms. “I didn’t believe it at first but now I get it. No wonder you never let me touch her. No wonder you wouldn’t even let me think about it. It turns out you made this bitch of a daughter with another woman…”
“Shut up!” Ning Guangyao yelled.
Yang Chen looked at Ning Guodong with a chilly gaze.
“Am I wrong? No wonder you pointed your gun at me.” Ning Guodong pulled a ghastly smile. “If you valued her so much, why didn’t you acknowledge her? Do you really think you’re so holy and great just because you’re the Minister?”
Ning Guodong pointed at his chest. “Am I even your son?! And if I am, why should I have to suffer?! The first time I feel so strongly for a woman, I had to suffer just because she was my sister!”

It rang out loud and clear
Ning Guangyao slapped him and said, “I will pretend I heard nothing. I suggest you do the same.”
Ning Guodong’s face twisted into a frown. “You hit me again. Why not beat me to death now that you have another heir? Why not just combine the two clans together?”
Yang Chen refused to let the conversation continue. He raised his leg to kick Ning Guodong.
Ning Guodong wasn’t strong enough to avoid him and flew back several meters...
The bodyguards tensed and surrounded Yang Chen!
“You…Yang Chen, stop! Don’t hit him anymore!”
Ning Guangyao might had slapped his son but he couldn’t bear to watch Yang Chen harm his son like that.
“Hit him? But I only kicked him,” Yang Chen said emotionlessly.
“You…” Ning Guangyao’s jaw tightened but he didn’t know what else to say. 
Lin Ruoxi got out of Yang Chen’s arms. She wiped her tears and sorrow crossed her eyes when she saw Ning Guodong groaning on the floor.
“Let’s just leave.” Lin Ruoxi tugged on Yang Chen’s sleeve.
Yang Chen let out a heavy breath and nodded his head.
Just when they were about to leave, Ning Guodong struggled back onto his feet. His eyes were filled with hatred. “Ning Guangyao! Are you even a Minister?! Do you even deserve to be the clan leader?! He broke my arm and all you can do is stand there in silence?! You’re a useless coward!”

Ning Guangyao gritted his teeth and his face darkened. “Shut up, you imbecile! Can’t you see who’s begging for your life!?”

“Begging?! I don’t need that bitch to beg for my life! I’m still going to get a taste of her soon, even if she’s my sister! HAHAHA!”

Ning Guodong had completely lost it at this point. He was laughing like a maniac!

Just when Ning Guangyao was about to yell back at him furiously, he could feel murderous intent spreading towards him from outside!
Yang Chen’s eyes turned black. He resembled the monsters from fabled legends.

“It seems like you’re done with life, do you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you…”

Lin Ruoxi realized that something had shifted in the atmosphere. She froze when she turned around to look at Yang Chen.

Ning Guangyao yelped but it was too late!

Yang Chen teleported and in a flash he was already gripping Ning Guodong’s neck, lifting him off the ground!

Ning Guodong struggled and tried to resist by floundering around, but it was futile.

Yang Chen looked at him like a fragile puppet and turned to face Ning Guangyao. He sneered, “Every last one of you deserves to die…”

It was at this moment, Ning Guodong realized what a grave mistake he had made!

He could feel the murderous intent from Yang Chen and realized he wasn’t threatening him!


Just when Yang Chen was about to tighten his grip, Lin Ruoxi shrieked.

“Don’t kill him!” Lin Ruoxi shook her head as tears dripped down her cheeks. “Don’t…”

Yang Chen froze and looked at her stiffly.

Ning Guodong gasped for air, his eyes were filled with fear.

Ning Guangyao was relieved and he smiled at Lin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, please stop him. I’m doing this for him. My son is just being irrational right now! Besides…Guodong is the only heir of Ning clan…”

Lin Ruoxi turned to face Ning Guangyao. “You…you called my name…”

She was right, he did call her name.

Before that, he kept calling her President Lin or Miss Lin…

Now that he wanted to save his son who tried to rape his sister, he called her name.

Just her name!

Yang Chen was furious. “Do you honestly think it’ll work?”

However, Lin Ruoxi turned around and told him. “Let them go.”

Yang Chen was surprised and he looked at her in disbelief. “You…what did you say?”

“Honey...” Lin Ruoxi pled, “This is the last time I will beg you for this. Please… I won’t do it anymore. Please don’t kill him. I won’t stop you if this happens again.”

“Again?! Didn’t you hear what he said?! Did you hear what he called us?!” Yang Chen raised his voice.

Lin Ruoxi sobbed and looked at Ning Guangyao who was looking back at her expectantly.

She struggled with herself before she sighed and uttered a few words painfully. “I’ll never forgive you if you kill him today…”