Just as Yang Chen was finally starting to relax after patching things with Lin Ruoxi, Ning Guangyao was busy being furious at the doctors in the VIP suite!
“Choose your next words very carefully when you explain to me what the hell you mean by incurable!”
The doctor cowered in fear. “Minister, we tried our best but we cannot recover his reproductive organs. It has been damaged both internally and externally beyond repair.”
“Don’t bullshit me!” Ning Guangyao spat out. “I’m only going to ask you one last time. Can you cure him?”
The doctor wanted to run away under his frightening gaze but there was nothing he could do about it. “Please be reasonable...”
Ning Guangyao’s cheek muscles twitched. “We spent so much money on doctors like you, it’s not our duty to be reasonable...”
Cold sweat dripped down the doctor’s forehead. “Minister…there really is no way to cure him…”
“I know you can’t do it so I’ve decided to be reasonable...” Ning Guangyao’s eyes glinted. “I’ve decided to relieve you of your post…”
Having said so, he signaled for his bodyguard to come in.
The bodyguard nodded in response and before the doctor could react, his neck had been snapped in half!
The doctor died immediately after. His eyes rolled backward before he could even understand what had happened.
Ning Guangyao ordered the bodyguards. “Get rid of any trace of this. Leave nothing behind…”
The bodyguards exchanged looks with each other and nodded without any hesitation.
Ning Guangyao sighed as the bodyguards left to take care of their jobs.
He turned around and looked at Ning Guodong who was laying on the bed, his pale face scrunched together unconsciously.
Ning Guangyao walked to the bed and held his hand. He seemed to have made a decision, turning around to face his assistant. “Have our medical staff come over to take care of the Young Master. Prepare a plane…”
The assistant was surprised at first but he obliged immediately. “Yes.”
Meanwhile, at a quiet villa near the outskirts, a couple was seen to be having an intense lovemaking session. 
The curvy woman held on to the man’s neck tightly with her legs wrapped around his waist.
The man was slightly slimmer but his movements were powerful.
Their bodies were drenched in sweat but it didn’t stop him from pounding into the woman beneath her. 
The woman’s face was flushed as she let out moans of excitement while her toes curled under the passion of his thrusts.
The man trembled and groaned. His hands slipped past her back before landing on her soft buttcheeks and groped them.
“Hmm…little cripple, you're getting good at this.” She licked his face.
“Call me Wentao.” Wentao bit on her lips.
Luo Cuishan teased him. “No, it feels more intimate to call you my little cripple.”
Wentao smirked. His cripple was long gone after having gone through rehabilitation from the Ning clan.
But she still insisted on calling him a little cripple.
Wentao assumed that she was reminiscing the time she was raped by the beggars whenever they had sex.
It was like a catalyst for her to reach orgasm!

“Such a bitch,” Wentao sneered internally, but on the surface, he pretended to be mesmerized by her. 
“You’re so beautiful, Cuishan…” Wentao complimented her ‘sincerely’.
Luo Cuishan melted in his arms. “I’m doing this for you. I did my best to return to you, the only person who cares for me…”
Wentao pulled her into his arms. “How could a useless person like me care for you?”
“It’s fine, as long as you’re sincere.” Luo Cuishan was content with the way things were.
Wentao caressed her cheeks and asked nonchalantly, “How did things go at the party?”
Annoyance crossed her eyes. “Hmph, Yang Chen came prepared. His wife had a protective charm around her. But it’s fine, I have time and I’m not the only one who wants to torture him. I’m sure he’ll tire out eventually…”
Luo Cuishan then shook her head out of fear. “Don’t be like me, just stay next to me. I don’t even know if I’m alive or dead…I don’t even dare to look at myself in the mirror.”
Wentao was surprised at first but he regained his composure quickly. He contemplated for a while and tightened his jaw. “Your enemies are my enemies. I won’t let you fight alone. Cuishan, tell me, how can I be as strong as you? I just want to help you more!”
“Don’t stop me,” Wentao said sternly. “Don’t you understand my feelings for you? I used to be a cold beggar, an emotionless cripple. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be living underneath a bridge. I just want to be with you now, avenge you and live our life happily together. We have to make Yang Chen pay and have the cruel monster Ning Guangyao dead!”
Tears of joy flowed out of her eyes when she saw how sincere he looked. 
“Do you… really want to be like me?” Luo Cuishan mumbled.
Wentao nodded earnestly. “Tell me, who saved you and helped you to become so strong? I’m willing to do anything for you even if I have to suffer!”
Luo Cuishan stared at him quietly while wiping her tears. She giggled and said, “Alright, I’ll contact Yan Buwen tomorrow. It might be painful but he has a way to help you.”
“Yan Buwen?”
Wentao was slightly wary of her now. “He…he’s the one that helped you?”
Luo Cuishan smiled. “There’s no reason for me to lie. Yan Buwen might have run away after losing to Yang Chen, but he planned that. He is Yang Chen’s greatest opponent. I’m pretty much useless to him so he allowed me to return to Beijing and let me do anything I want.”
Wentao thought about it for a while. “Then…what about Ning Guodong?”
Luo Cuishan sighed. “He’s still my son. I might not be the same Luo Cuishan, but he is still my son. As long as he is on my side, I will support him”
Wentao nodded. “Would Ning Guodong be killed by Yang Chen since your plan failed?”
“No,” Luo Cuishan sneered. “I had Ning Guangyao go to the party before I left so that he could save Guodong. I’m sure he’s safe.”
Luo Cuishan chuckled. “That jerk, he thinks I don’t know that Yang Chen’s wife, Lin Ruoxi is his daughter. That little wretch is the same as her mother. She’s willing to back off for her relatives, so she’ll definitely beg for Guodong’s life when Ning Guangyao begs her. Yang Chen has a weak spot. He will do anything Ruoxi tells him to.”
Wentao was shocked. “What!? Lin Ruoxi… is Ning Guangyao’s daughter?!”
“That’s right.” Luo Cuishan caressed his cheek. “Why little cripple, are you shocked?”
Wentao gulped. “Then you made Ning Guodong rape Lin Ruoxi…you want them to…”
“Yes!” Luo Cuishan’s eyes were filled with hatred. “I want him to see his children commit incest as a punishment for his actions!”
“But if that’s the case, Ning Guodong…”
“Guodong will definitely understand.” Luo Cuishan was cold and unyielding. “Besides, he deserves punishment for liking Xue Zijing’s daughter! Do you think I’m wrong?”

Wentao shook his head hurriedly and smiled gently. “Cuishan, why would you think that way? I’ll support you in everything you do…I’m just upset that I can’t help you.”
Luo Cuishan smiled amorously. She slid down his chest and placed herself between his thighs.
She winked and said, “Little cripple, let’s go for another round…”
Before Wentao could say anything, she opened her mouth and sucked him off.