The eighth of August rolled around and brought with it the beginning of autumn.
Lin Ruoxi had picked up many tips in gardening after accompanying Yang Gongming for another day. She left Yang Chen to his own devices which meant video gaming with Yuan Ye all day.
Later on, she came to tell him excitedly that she wanted to have a vegetable plot back home in Zhonghai too so that she could play in it. Yang Chen then reminded her that their plane was here.
Lin Ruoxi then remembered that she did not come to learn gardening, she was here for her wedding!
Yang Gongming and Guo Xuehua shook their heads and sighed. Their daughter-in-law could be really dim sometimes.
Luckily, there was no rush since they didn’t need to buy plane tickets. It was Yang Chen’s private plane anyways. 
By the time they were ready to depart, it was already well into the afternoon. 
They left the house with Guo Xuehua whereas Yang Gongming stayed at home. He was getting old and lazy so all he needed was a video recording of their wedding.
On the way to the airport, Lin Ruoxi combed through her thoughts and asked, “Hubby, did you send someone to pick up Wang Ma?” 
Yang Chen nodded. “Don't worry, I have arranged for her to be there when we arrive.”
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t contain her curiosity and asked, “Where are we going?”
Guo Xuehua looked at Yang Chen curiously too.
Yang Chen smiled mysteriously and said, “I’ll tell you when we get on the plane.”
Guo Xuehua chided him. “Why are you hiding it from your mom? I’m probably the only mother on earth that has no clue where her son is getting married.”
An hour later, they walked towards the airport apron via the VIP pathway.
Leading them were two Caucasian stewardesses dressed in blue uniforms who looked like fashion models.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but feel suspicious. She inched closer to Yang Chen and whispered, “Do you guys have some sort of relationship…”
Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He pinched her cheeks and explained, “They’re my subordinates. They’re dressed as stewardesses to attend our wedding.”
“Your subordinates? What’s their real job?” Lin Ruoxi sounded puzzled.
Yang Chen thought about it. “I can’t really remember but probably something along the lines of assassin or mercenary. What they are doing now is all for show.”
Lin Ruoxi was more confused now than when she asked the question.
After walking for about five minutes, they finally arrived in front of the airplane.
Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua were shocked to see the huge airplane. It was about sixth to seventh floors tall and about a hundred meters long.
Yang Chen walked to the entrance and chuckled when he saw them frozen. “Dear, Mom, what are you guys standing there for?”
Lin Ruoxi’s jaw was wide agape in shock.
“This is… the Airbus A380?” Lin Ruoxi was familiar with airbuses since she was used to flying internationally so naturally, she would recognize the biggest airbus in the whole of China.
As the ‘Sky Giant’, A380 could accommodate up to nine hundred passengers!
The fuel storage could even go up to three hundred thousand liters!
And one of the biggest, most expensive plane in the world was being used to transport three people?!
Yang Chen was confused by their reaction. “Yeah, why are you acting like this? Is it because it’s not pretty? I couldn’t do anything about it. I thought of tying a ribbon but that might lead to some unwanted accidents. If an accident happened, I could save you both easily but the staff will have to use the parachutes and that's troublesome for me. What if they land in shark-infested waters? It would be a waste to kill all those sharks. Spray painting was another option but we weren’t going to use this plane often anyways.”

Guo Xuehua recovered from the shock when she heard Yang Chen spout nonsense. She held her daughter-in-law's hand and said, “Ruoxi, let’s go in. His brain is wired too differently from ours.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded in agreement.
They were shocked for a second time when they walked into the airplane.
It was completely different from a normal one.
Instead of a double-decker airbus, it had been turned into a single-storied one. The tall ceiling made the interior look extremely spacious.
The interior was mostly made out of sandalwood and elk leather, combined with crystals and jewels for decoration and sealing.
Crystal chandeliers were used as lighting and potted plants were placed near the entrance.
All kinds of furniture were laid on top of the Persian carpet-covered floor.
A bar was placed in the middle of the space and electronic equipment like television and computer were seen all around the space.
It was like a luxury sky club!
Groups of stewardesses stood in rows to welcome them. They bowed to them respectfully and guided them to their seats.
Yang Chen spoke to them in a foreign language and minutes later, they served them snacks, drinks, and tropical fruits.
With a wave of his hands, the stewardesses left the scene and out of their sight. 
Yang Chen picked up a glass of reddish-brown colored liqueur and handed it over to Guo Xuehua. “Try this, Mom, it’s a vanilla beer from Ibiza. I think it'll suit your taste.”
Guo Xuehua took it and sniffed it out of curiosity. Her eyes brightened at the scent, “Is this really beer? It smells so refreshing.”
“Why would I lie?” Yang Chen chuckled. “It’s like a medicated liqueur and it helps in relieving fatigue. You can drink as much as you like.”

Guo Xuehua nodded happily and took a sip after another. 
Lin Ruoxi watched them and asked Yang Chen, “What about me?”
Yang Chen chuckled again. “Drink whatever you like.”
Lin Ruoxi pouted, “You recommended one for Mom, I want you to recommend one for me.”
Yang Chen scratched his head awkwardly. He then picked up a green-colored liquor bottle.
“This is ABSENTA from the Mediterranean Sea, also called Absinthe. This is one of my favorites.”
Lin Ruoxi took it and asked worriedly, “I’ve heard that the alcohol content is around forty-five to fifty percent, will I get drunk?”
“Don’t worry, this is different from others. The alcohol content is around ten percent. Plus, there’s honey so the taste of fennel won’t be bitter.”
Lin Ruoxi felt more at ease and drank a sip. It tasted great.
“How’s it? I have good taste in alcohol, yes?” Yang Chen said cockily and picked up a glass of white wine.
“So so.” Lin Ruoxi took another sip. “Shouldn’t you tell us where we’re going now.”