Yang Chen sighed. “Patience, my dear. It’s a long journey. Take your time to enjoy the delicacies I have prepared.”
“How far is it? Lin Ruoxi asked curiously.
Yang Chen smiled and beckoned a stewardess to come closer.
Once she stood next to him, Yang Chen said something to her in Italian.
Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua couldn’t understand what she was talking about but they could tell he was seeking help from them.
Yang Chen sighed. “She said we’re getting ready to take off now but the satellite images are not ready just yet.”
“It’s fine.” Lin Ruoxi gave the stewardess a friendly smile.
Yang Chen gave her a few more commands and she nodded her head before leaving the room.
Yang Chen told them, “I’ll have the pilot show you the images when we take off.”
“Why are you making this so complicated?” Guo Xuehua chided.
Moments later, the airbus departed from the Beijing International Airport and flew steadily into the stratosphere.
A satellite image was then displayed on the huge LED screen.
Yang Chen stood up and beckoned Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua over to the screen. He pointed to the white line separating Beijing and the start of Europe. “This is our destination.”
Lin Ruoxi looked at it closely. “That’s… the Mediterranean Sea?”
“It’s the Ionian Sea, to be exact,” Yang Chen corrected.
“Why haven’t I heard of it?” Guo Xuehua was puzzled.
Yang Chen explained, “The Ionian Sea is a bay in the Mediterranean Sea. The north side faces the Adriatic Sea whereas the south side faces Italy and Sicily. To the east are Albania and Greece. There are many volcanoes in this area due to the collision of oceanic plates, which is why earthquakes happen frequently. It is was for the most part all year round.”
“Are you having a wedding in the middle of the ocean?” Guo Xuehua was baffled.
Yang Chen smiled mysteriously and pointed to a grey dot visible in the middle of the Ionian Sea.
“What’s that?” Lin Ruoxi had been meaning to ask that.
“That’s our final destination. It’s an island I own called the Forgotten Realm…” 
Lin Ruoxi mumbled it under her breath but she still couldn't believe him. “It belongs to you? You mean no one can go to this island?”
Yang Chen shook his head and explained, “There used to be aboriginal people living in it back when Britain occupied it. They built prisons on it to imprison criminals, but during World War Two, the criminals managed to escape from prison because of the chaos in Europe. They took that opportunity to seize the island and set up base. Drifters and exiles went to this island, to seek refuge or a new start. They are called the Ionians. Eventually, they became an organization with no government or ruling body. Nevertheless, conflicts don’t really happen there since they just want to live a peaceful life. Finally, it became an independent world where they accept those who are rejected by society. However, the only way for them to enter the island is that they have to give up their past lives.”
“So what you mean to say is that they are all bad people?” Guo Xuehua forced the words out of her throat.
Yang Chen chuckled. “Mom, you’re overthinking it. The original criminal occupants are long dead. Other than the aboriginal people, the ones living there are mostly under my command. They were tired of living their old lives and decided to live the rest of their days here in peace.”
Guo Xuehua felt slightly relieved after hearing his explanation. Seconds later, another suspicion arose, “It sounds like a popular place but why haven’t we heard about it?”
Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen with a gaze filled with curiosity too.
“I said that it used to belong to Britain. The Welsh royal family gave me this island after I saved them. I accepted it since I was also looking for a place for my retired subordinates. So to prevent them from being disturbed, I ensured that it was completely off the radar from any satellite in existence. The radar on this island is very sensitive. If someone gets too close, a patrol team will be sent to take care of it.”
“Welsh royal family…you are talking about Jane’s mother, Catherine right?” Lin Ruoxi pouted, feeling bitter.
Yang Chen chuckled awkwardly. “Yes, she visits occasionally. You have to know that the scenery in my ‘kingdom’ is extremely pleasant. I’m sure you two will love it there. I don’t mind staying there permanently in the future if you guys are willing to do so.”
“We’ll talk about that next time.” Lin Ruoxi scrunched her face. “I don’t want to stay on an island given by her.”
Yang Chen was speechless, wondering why she would be jealous over such a small matter.
Guo Xuehua was surprised by his explanation. “Yang Chen, are you saying that other countries are willing to remove this island from the maps? It sounds kind of unreal though?”
It was obvious she didn’t believe in her son’s power.
“Mom, do you think the USA values New York over my island?”
“Of course they would care about New York more!” Guo Xuehua immediately answered.
Yang Chen shrugged. “I don’t think they would want to be on bad terms with me because of a small island. It’s easier for them to conceal a small island and repair the damage I would do to New York should they refuse.”
Guo Xuehua gulped, realizing that her son was much more influential in overseas than she had imagined.
While they were talking, Lin Ruoxi looked at the map excitedly. She was already looking forward to the sceneries even though they had just departed.
Yang Chen thought that they might get bored onboard. In consideration of that, he ordered his subordinates to bring snacks and drinks from the Mediterranean Sea so that they can kill time with it.
Time passed by and Lin Ruoxi started to feel more nervous.
After flying for more than ten hours, she suddenly asked while blushing, “Hubby…are we really getting married?”
Yang Chen almost spat out the fig he was eating.
Even Guo Xuehua almost dropped her glasses.

Before Yang Chen could reply to her question, Guo Xuehua pushed her glasses up and asked, “Ruoxi, what kind of silly question is that?”
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip in embarrassment. “It still feels like I’m dreaming.”
“Do you want me to pinch you?” Yang Chen asked in a serious manner.
“Would you dare?!”
“No,” Yang Chen grinned cheekily. “Look at us, we’re like an old married couple.”
“Who’s an old married couple…”
Lin Ruoxi was annoyed at first but then she realized the nerves she’d been feeling had disappeared.
They chatted aimlessly and after resting for a few more hours, the airplane had finally started to land.
As the airplane started to descend and getting closer to the Mediterranean Sea, Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua looked out of the window excitedly.
It was at this moment when Lin Ruoxi gasped out loud from seeing something so shocking to her.