Yang Chen was glad to see his old friends. He was busy walking around and swapping stories with them about their time apart.

“Your Majesty Pluto, you truly have changed. You seem happier than before,” A bearded man said.

“It must be because he’s getting married. Your Majesty Pluto is finally growing up.” Schachenleer added on.

They laughed at her words and walked to Lin Ruoxi, greeting her in English sincerely.

Their accent sounded weird but Lin Ruoxi managed to understand them and greeted them back. She was actually nervous talking to them since they were renowned figures in the world.

In contrary to her assumptions of them being cold and eccentric, they were actually really friendly people. They were easy to get along with and Lin Ruoxi felt at ease chatting with them.

Even Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma thought they were cute.

Just when they were enjoying the conversation, the door at one of the houses was pushed open from inside!

“Hey! Hey! Stop hitting me! Stop it!”

A skinny blonde man ran out of the house with a donut in hand!

Right behind him was a chubby woman with wavy chestnut-colored hair. She chased after him with a rolling pin in hand!

“Damn it! You pig! Where do you think you’re going?!”

She yelled and tossed the rolling pin towards the man!


She hit the man with deadly accuracy. The man stumbled and fell in front of Yang Chen.

“Where else can you run off to now?!”

She rushed forward and dragged him up. The half-eaten donut was snatched away from his hands and entered the woman’s mouth. 

She munched on the donut and spoke incoherently, “I told you so many times to not steal food while I’m cooking!”

The man whined, “Dear, I’m really hungry. Can you stop hitting my back? Who’s gonna satisfy your needs if my kidneys fail on me?”

“Hmph, I can just find other men to satisfy me. You’re just a weak and worthless bug!” The woman was very harsh with her words.

“No!” He pleaded immediately. “Dear, you vowed to only love me your whole life at our wedding. You swore to God.”

“I never said you’ll be the only man.” She rolled her eyes.

These two people arguing were a couple?

Yang Chen stared at them for a while before he recognized them. His lips twitched when he called their names. “Isabella…Brewster?!”

They turned around and gasped when they saw Yang Chen.

Seconds later, they let go of each other and grinned. “Your Majesty Pluto, we didn’t know you have arrived…oh, this must be Madam Persephone, right? Welcome. You’re really beautiful, more beautiful than in the photos!”

Everyone froze from witnessing their fight earlier.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say. 

Yang Chen turned to ask “What happened? Isabella, when did you gain weight? And you, Brewster, your diet was a success?”

They were Sauron’s daughter and Makedon’s grandson.

Yang Chen missed their wedding but heard about their marriage. 

However, Isabella who had a slim figure had turned into a chubby woman! The real pig, fat Brewster had turned into a skinny man with a figure like a matchstick!

Marriage was a mysterious thing. They had completely swapped bodies after having gone through it!

Well, one who truly understands would know the real reason behind Brewster’s weight loss.
“Your Majesty Pluto, help me! I’ll kill myself if Isabella touches another man!” Brewster wailed.

Isabella pinched his ear and scolded him. “You jerk, I haven’t even touch anyone and you’re already using death to threaten me? Why don’t you just feed your self to the sharks?”

Yang Chen patted his shoulder and chucked. “Don't worry, I don’t think any man would want her now.”

“Hey! Your Majesty Pluto, that’s rude of you! You’ve known me since a long time ago, how could you say that!”

“When did I ever watch you grow you! You are only one year younger than me!”

“It still counts…” Isabella gripped her apron and shook her body. She pouted cutely and said, “You’re like an uncle to me.”

Yang Chen’s face twitched, but he couldn’t do anything about it since he and her father, Sauron were friends.

Lin Ruoxi giggled. It was a rare sight to see.

Yang Chen was pleased to see her look so happy, he held her waist and said, “Let’s go in and see what kind of food our wild cat, oh no fat cat prepared for us.”

Lin Ruoxi felt shy in his arms since everyone else was looking at them. She wanted to push him away but it didn’t seem appropriate so she could follow him with her head lowered.

Ron’s house looked like a huge warehouse on a farm. It looked old on the outside but the interior was a starking contrast.

They could see decorations made out of leather all over the room and there was even an Asian black bear head mounted on the wall 

Other than that, there were also multiple shotguns being hung on the wall. Next to the fireplace was a comfy looking sofa made out of sandalwood and elk skin.

At this moment, there was a red-haired one-eyed man sitting by the oval table. He was chatting intensely with a bald fat man, probably debating about something.

In front of each of them was a bottle of liquor with a black and transparent exterior.

They were obviously Sauron and Makedon and had no plans getting along despite being in-laws. 

Ron’s eyes widened when he saw them drinking liquor!

“Oh! No!”

He was so shocked to the point that his hair started to stand on end!

He gasped and rushed forward to grab the bottles. 

“You bastards! You guys are such leeches!” Ron caressed his liquor bottle while cursing, “I shouldn’t have invited you over for lunch! You’re going to have to pay me back for this!”

Sauron and Makedon got up and walked towards Yang Chen, ignoring Ron completely.

“Your Majesty Pluto, long time no see. Miss Lin, we meet again. This must be Madam...” Sauron greeted them each with a straight face. His feelings were genuine but his looks were pretty fearsome which scared Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma slightly.

Makedon was more cheeky in his greetings. “What a beautiful time it is now. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s wedding. Your Majesty Pluto, we have to thank you. If it wasn’t because of you, we wouldn’t have known that Ron had hidden a Louis XIII Black Pearl collector’s edition next to his fireplace!”

“Yeah, I agree. Ron is a cunning man indeed. And, he doesn’t know how to share.” Sauron added.

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows. He remembered the liquor bottle now, no wonder Ron was so agitated.

Only wine manufactured from Cognac, France could be called a true cognac.

It also differed between Grande and Petite champagne. Grande champagne had fewer grapes so their quality was better. Therefore, most of the cognac was manufactured using grapes from Grande and Petite champagne.

Usually, eighty percent of the grapes used in high-quality cognac came from the Grande champagne but the Louis XIII Black Pearl used only top quality grapes from Grande Champagne.

The distillation process was very special. It absorbed the fragrance from sediments produced during the fermentation of grapes.

Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum was taken from Rémy Martin’s private wine cellar, Tiercon.

A golden glow was added during fermentation, so it would taste richer. Manufacturers then mixed it with thousands of different undiluted alcohol from Grande champagne.

Lastly, the famous fine crystal glassware manufacturer, Baccarat, handmade this black crystal bottle mixed with white gold.

The bottleneck was decorated with 24K pure gold carvings, and various reflections were produced when a light source shone on it.

Each bottle had a specific number to it. Ron owned two of three hundred and fifty-eight bottles ever produced.

It basically meant that he could have easily sold it for hundreds of thousands of dollars since it was so limited!

Ron looked at the half-empty bottles in agony. He was on the verge of losing his mind!