Makedon rubbed his belly while smirking. “Come on, Ron. The Konstantin clan might not be doing so well but it’s not like you can’t afford another one of these.”
“But…but I was planning on drinking this before I die.” Ron was devastated at his loss.
Sauron interjected awkwardly. “Don’t waste a perfectly good bottle of liquor on a dead man.”
“You one-eyed red-haired bird! I demand both of you pay for it now!” Ron yelled out.
But both of them turned away and idly sat by without moving. They had absolutely no intention of paying him back.
Yang Chen felt bad for him and patted his shoulders. “It’s fine. I remember having a few bottles of 1811 Chateau d'Yquem. You know where it is, so go and take it yourself.”
Ron appreciated his thoughtfulness. “You’re the kindest, Your Majesty Pluto. But…I don’t really like that wine. Could I instead have two bottles of  Methuselah from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti instead?”
“You sly fox! I bet you did it on purpose! One Methuselah equals to two bottles of Black Pearl!” Makedon shrieked.
Yang Chen sighed. Birds of the same feather flock together.
Fortunately, he wasn’t a big fan of liquor so he agreed.
As soon as everyone took their seats, Isabella started to serve them Mediterranean seafood whereas Brewster poured them wine as her helper.
They chatted with Yang Chen in English while having their meal, afraid that Lin Ruoxi and the others would feel left out.
Isabella slammed the table halfway through the meal. “Why do you guys keep talking about wars in front of Miss Ruoxi? Tomorrow is His Majesty Pluto’s wedding. Can’t we talk about that instead?”
Brewster quickly clapped his hands. “I agree.”
Makedon mumbled under his breath in annoyance.
Sauron grinned. “Dear Bella, isn’t war much more interesting to talk about?”
“Only to you, old man.” Isabella rolled her eyes.
Having said that, she picked up a dish and placed it in front of Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma.
“Madam, please try this. It has cod in it and it’s fried with eggs and vegetables. I think it’ll suit your palate.” Isabella smiled.
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma exchanged looks with each other. They secretly thought the food here was not to their preferences. Therefore, even though the seafood was fresh, they just couldn’t enjoy it.
They accepted the dish and thank her with simple words since they weren’t fluent in English.
Isabella got excited and started to introduce various dishes to Lin Ruoxi, ignoring the men completely.
After the meal ended, Ron gestured Lin Ruoxi into his studio next door.
Yang Chen was curious and wanted to follow her at first, but he was stopped by Guo Xuehua. 
“You silly child, you can’t see the wedding dress. You will have to wait until tomorrow.” Guo Xuehua lectured him.
Yang Chen saw reason in her logic. It made the whole ordeal that much more exciting so he resorted to watching some tv to pass the time.
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma accepted Isabella’s invitation and went to tour around with a young man who spoke Mandarin.
They were interested to know more about Yang Chen’s past.
Soon, things became peaceful again. Yang Chen, Makedon and Sauron were the only ones left in the house.
Yang Chen drank a sip of his black tea. He then placed down his cup and asked, “Oh right, where’s Edward and the rest?”
Sauron answered. “Edward went to pick up Catherine and Jane. They should be here by tonight.”
“Catherine’s busy with the London Olympics. She had to attend multiple events so she can only come later. After the wedding, she has to rush back for the closing ceremony.”
Only then Yang Chen remembered that the London Olympics was happening right now.
“Your Majesty Pluto, are you not planning…to see her?” Sauron hesitated. “You're getting married tomorrow.”
Yang Chen’s hands trembled slightly and his gaze darkened.
“I should go.” Yang Chen nodded.
“Hey, Red-haired Eagle, way to ruin the mood.” Makedon was spat.
“I was just reminding him of it. I’m sure that he has plans to go sometime in the future.” Sauron glanced over in disdain.
Yang Chen stopped them from arguing and smiled. “It’s true. I haven’t visited her since I left two years ago. She probably hates me a ton now. It doesn’t feel right to get married without letting her know. It’s fine. Today is the start of a new chapter for me.”

While the men were busy getting deep, things were completely different next door.
This was Ron’s studio where he worked at and he kept his designs here too.
The studio was filled with glamorous bohemian style dresses.
Ron stood in front of the fitting room as he looked at the curtains nervously and expectantly.
His assistants were inside the fitting room, helping Lin Ruoxi with the dress.
About ten minutes later, the assistants walked out of the room and pulled the curtains.
Ron couldn’t help but suck in a breath when he saw her walking out of the room.
His eyes remained glued to Lin Ruoxi. “Miss Lin, you really are the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen in my whole life. That might also have to do with the dress.”
Lin Ruoxi looked at the mirror. She gripped her dress nervously and was having a hard time believing what she was seeing. 
It was as if she was a completely different person, having worn this dress.
“Thank you, Mr Ron.” Lin Ruoxi smiled gently and asked, “Is there a name for this wedding dress?”
“Hmm, that’s a good question.” Ron paused for a bit. “I named this dress Demeter.”
Lin Ruoxi was confused. “It sounds familiar.”
“It’s the name of your ‘mother’.” Ron smiled warmly. “Madame Persephone’s mother in Greek mythology was Demeter, the Goddess of harvest. I named this dress so because now she will walk you down the aisle when you get married.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded.
Ron circled around her twice before saying, “Now that you have it on, I must say you look very much like someone from my past.”
Ron said it softly but Lin Ruoxi still heard him. She asked, “Who?”
Ron was startled at first and replied awkwardly, “Perhaps it’s time you knew, Miss Lin. There was a girl whom Your Majesty Pluto used to keep in his company. She was the first and only girl he had been with before yourself. Her name was Seventeen. Sauron, Jane and Catherine told me you two looked alike and I have to agree with them.”
Lin Ruoxi’s face darkened when she heard that. She smiled stiffly and said, “It…it’s a shame that we’ve never met.”