Guo Xuehua gripped the edges of her dress. She had dressed up today just for her son but he was making her lose her cool.
What is he trying to pull?! Guo Xuehua felt an urge to roll her eyes. 
Yang Chen stood on the stage, happily unaffected.
“You must be wondering, how can a groom host his own wedding? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure myself.”
Yang Chen paused and shook his head in exasperation. “Technically, the emcee is tasked with controlling the flow of the wedding. But doesn’t that mean I have to listen to the person? Well, it’s not like I can’t, but I want to listen to someone of my choosing. Unfortunately, both my wife and my mother are not free which meant that I had to assume the role.”
The crowd was speechless from his explanation.
Ron chuckled and told Guo Xuehua, “Madam, he’s hilarious.”
Guo Xuehua eyed him up and down. “Which part’s hilarious?”
Ron chuckled, not answering her question.
“There’s one more thing,” Yang Chen spoke into the microphone again. “You guys might have realized this, but there’s no witness.”
Everyone looked around and realized he was right. Why wasn’t there any witness or a priest?
Yang Chen snorted. “I did not feel the need to have one. It always felt weird for me to see them at other people’s weddings. A marriage is between the bride and the groom. Why should it be officiated by someone else? I can’t do anything about other people’s weddings but I sure can design my own! So there’s no priest nor witness if I had to say there’s one, that would be me, Father Yang.”
Yang Chen pointed at himself.
The crowd roared with laughter. Edward and others in the front seat clapped their hands out of amusement too.
Yang Chen grinned and signaled the crowd to quiet down. He cleared his throat and announced, “Alright, as the groom and witness and emcee, please welcome the bride!”
The moment he ended his sentence, all the speakers started playing the wedding march.
Colorful birds flapped their wings and flew to the sky as the melodious music played.
Everyone stood up in anticipation of the bride.
In the midst of her dark green forest, a striking shade of blue emerged into the crowd.
They held their breath as the bride made her way to the stage.
Her long soft dress trailed behind her, gliding across the ground. Each layer was sewn on with an intricate rose pattern. The smooth and sheer texture of the dress complimented the pink flower patterns perfectly.
The view from behind was breathtaking, as they looked up from the train to her dress.
It was like a light blue lotus had blossomed in the field.
There was a silk belt tied to her waist which was also sewn with the same pink flowers. The dress hugged her body tightly, flaunting all her curves.
As for her hair, her stylist did not have to do much. It was tied up in a simple hairdo but it complemented her dress very well.
Her beauty was so breathtaking that they thought they might lose their breath.
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip nervously, her heart was beating fast beneath her dress.
Honestly, back then when she was waiting for the music to start, she was actually upset at Yang Chen for spouting nonsense.
Why did he have to mess things up at their wedding?
But as she made her way down the aisle, it was the last thing on her mind.
Two thousand people were looking at her and she could feel her goosebumps rising.
Thank goodness Wang Ma was right beside her.
Wang Ma held her hand which was wrapped in a rose-patterned lace glove. Her face was filled with excitement and bliss as they walked down the aisle together.
This was what Yang Chen promised. He promised her that she could take part in the wedding.
Lin Ruoxi could hear her heart pounding against her chest.
Every step was filled with bittersweet emotions and she could see her man at the end of the aisle, waiting for her.
They had been living together for almost two years but somehow at this moment, he seemed so foreign yet familiar.
The past two years flashed before her eyes in moments.
The air around her was filled with the sound of music, birds, wind and cheers, but she couldn’t hear a thing.
All she felt was pure bliss.
Just when everyone was mesmerised by her beauty, someone started to frown instead!

“What are you guys doing!? Especially the men! Why are you all staring at my wife?! You look like your eyes are about to pop out of your head! Don’t stare at her like that!”
His words completely changed the mood of the wedding!
Those from the front row even stumbled a little out of pure shock!
Lin Ruoxi snapped out of her thoughts and glared at him. She gritted her teeth, dying to kick him!
What was he even thinking of!
Yang Chen continued to threaten sternly, “Watch out! Do not stare at my wife like that! None of you have the right! Anyone caught staring for more than ten seconds at a time will be fed to the sharks.”
The men turned around immediately after hearing his words. No one dared to sneak another look at her.
Yang Chen’s words were final!
Guo Xuehua rubbed her forehead helplessly.
Ron smiled, “Madam, don’t you think they are very lovey-dovey?”
Guo Xuehua eyed him again. “Again, which part?”
Ron chuckled in response.
On the aisle, Wang Ma gripped Lin Ruoxi’s hand which was trembling out of anger. She stifled her laughter and said, “Don’t be upset, miss. Sir has always been like that. He’s only doing this because he loves you”
“Wang Ma, I want to leave now.” Lin Ruoxi pouted.

“You can’t do that,” Wang Ma knew she didn’t mean it. “Weren’t you looking forward to his present? Don’t you want to find out?”
Lin Ruoxi snorted but she sped up in case something else happened again.  
Soon enough, Lin Ruoxi reached the stage. Wang Ma handed her over to Yang Chen and sat down at her designated seat.
The crowd roared again when the bride turned around to face them.
Yang Chen blinked at Lin Ruoxi excitedly whereas Lin Ruoxi blushed out of shyness.
Yang Chen walked to the microphone while holding Lin Ruoxi’s hand and announced, “Now is the time for us to exchange our tokens of love. I’ve spent a lot of effort to prepare mine so I’ll allow the cameras to show off my gift. Take a close look at the screens around you!”