Yang Chen’s words piqued their curiosity. Lin Ruoxi blinked her eyes at him curiously too.
She was already so gorgeous without the sparkling gaze in her eyes. 

It took all his willpower to stop himself from kissing her right there and then.
He gulped hard but he still managed to hold it in. All he needed to wait for was a couple of hours before he could properly consummate his marriage.
Yang Chen let go of Lin Ruoxi’s hands and walked to the middle of the stage. He curled his pinky finger towards the forest.

Seconds later, a black dot inched closer to them as the guests watched on curiously.
As the black dot got closer and closer, they realized that it was a remote-controlled airplane!
It was painted pink and flowers were drawn onto it too. A flower basket hung beneath it.
It seemed like his gift was inside the basket.
“I have never seen this many tricks at a wedding.” Guo Xuehua chided.
Wang Ma smiled. “Miss has been looking forward to it, I hope she likes it.”
“I’m sure she will since Yang Chen spent a long time preparing it,” Guo Xuehua replied.
Catherine nudged her daughter. “Little Jane, you’re the one who designed the airplane right? Seeing how it can fly in a straight line over a long distance. I don’t think anyone can do it so quickly except for you.”
Jane rolled her eyes. “It’s not that hard, I just had the privilege of helping him.”
Having said so, she couldn’t help but yawn. This wedding had taken more out of her than she realized.
Catherine mumbled under her breath, “Seriously, you’re not even the bride and you’re exhausted from the wedding.”
Jane pretended not to hear her and kept on smiling.
At the same time, the remote-controlled airplane landed on Yang Chen’s palm.
He untied the flower basket and took out a neat gift box made out of sandalwood.
Everyone stared at the screens around them, curious to know what was so special about this gift.
Lin Ruoxi was especially anxious. The pocket watch from Patek Philippe was already precious enough. Even though she was rich too, women liked it when their men gave them something precious.
Besides that, Yang Chen prepared this for half a year. What kind of present required half a year of preparation?
“Is it inside?” Lin Ruoxi looked at the gift box and asked gently.
Yang Chen nodded. He raised his eyebrows and said with a grin, “Open it up and have a look.”
Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and unlocked the clasp carefully.
A sweet scent of glutinous rice could be smelled the moment the box was unlocked.
Lin Ruoxi’s expression changed from expectation to confusion and finally anger!
She raised her head and pointed to the round glutinous rice ball that was lying on a clean cotton cloth.
He even scribbled a smiley face on it with red bean paste! 
“You…you said you prepared a gift for me… You meant this glutinous rice ball!?”
Lin Ruoxi almost landed a kick on him with her heels!
Yang Chen grinned. “I made it last night without you knowing. Look at the smiley face, cute right!? Plus, don’t you love glutinous rice balls the most? You’ve always eaten store-bought ones so I thought I would make you one by myself. It’s the one and only glutinous rice ball made by me, don’t you like it?”
Lin Ruoxi’s heart was filled with disappointment. She didn’t know what to say when she saw how serious he looked.
Lin Ruoxi was about to cray from his insensitiveness.
The guests exchanged looks with each other. They too were confused
He gave his bride a glutinous rice ball!? This had to be a joke, right?!
Guo Xuehua’s face twitched and Wang Ma patted her thigh to calm her down.
Up at the stage, Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it and chuckled suddenly.
“Heh, that’s true. It’s probably the best gift,” Lin Ruoxi took over the box and pouted. “I can get whatever I want with money anyways. It’s true that this glutinous rice ball is the one and only glutinous rice ball in the world.”
“Is that really what you think?” Yang Chen smiled mysteriously.
Lin Ruoxi looked down. Her eyes reddened as she said, “I’m a bit disappointed but it’s an unforgettable gift and wedding…”
“Then why are you crying, dear.” Yang Chen pinched her cheeks lightly.
Lin Ruoxi looked up finally and glared at him. “You’re the one who raised my expectations! You should’ve said so if you wanted to make me a glutinous rice ball! Why did we have to wait so long for a wedding?! We could’ve done so in Zhonghai!”
There were whispers among the crowd. The soon-to-be wedded couple were arguing on stage?
Yang Chen raised his hand to silence the crowd.
He chuckled, “Are you upset?”

“Yes, I’m upset!” Lin Ruoxi didn’t bother hiding it.
“Then should I continue with my gift…” Yang Chen hesitated.
Lin Ruoxi was confused. She muttered slowly, “What…continue with your gift…”
Yang Chen spread his hands. “The glutinous rice ball that you're holding, it’s part of my gift. It’s just an appetizer to show you how meaningful my gift will be…I didn’t expect you to be angry at an appetizer. It makes me worry about the next one.”
Lin Ruoxi wanted to bite him!
“You…do you think it’s funny to trick me?!” Lin Ruoxi was embarrassed.
Yang Chen giggled, “I wouldn’t dare. I was just curious since you didn’t seem happy to see the glutinous rice ball. Alright alright, I’ll continue with the gift…”
After that crazy opening and the ‘appetizer’, Lin Ruoxi wasn’t really looking forward to the ‘main course’ anymore.
She said nonchalantly, “Forget it if it’s another airplane.”
Yang Chen smiled gently, “I promise it won’t happen again, but to accept this gift, can I please have my beautiful bride to place her palm upwards…” 
Lin Ruoxi didn’t know what trick he was pulling so she extended her arms unwillingly while pouting.
“Like this?” Lin Ruoxi turned around and asked.
Yang Chen nodded. “Wait.”
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t read his smile.
Not only her, but the guests were also confused too. Only Ron sat still with his ever so mysterious smile.
Everyone just stared at the screens around them, fixating on Lin Ruoxi’s palm.
Seconds later, someone gasped!
Soon, more and more people started to look up and they gasped in response.
At the same time, Lin Ruoxi looked up too when she finally caught on.
It was raining!
But it wasn’t water, it was raining flower petals! 
Dark red flower petals fell from the sky!
When the first flower petal landed on Lin Ruoxi’s palm, only then she realized why Yang Chen made her do this!
She caught the petal and moved it closer to her eyes, careful not to blink.
It was a rose petal!
It was cold and soft. She was actually holding a fresh rose petal!
Lin Ruoxi looked up once again and was amazed by the view.
It was so marvelous and unimaginably beautiful!
The whole field, the forest, even the entire sky was filled with rose petals!
The petals descend from the sky like raindrops, coloring the whole sky a rosy red.
It was as if God was showering them with rose petals as a blessing for them.
The guests were in shock by the view. No one had expected such a breathtaking scene!
Even Guo Xuehua and others who were frustrated earlier; they were now in tears.
There was nothing more exciting than witnessing a surprise like this after a disappointing one!
The air was filled with the smell of rose and love!
The bride was showered with roses that made it seem as though she had blended with the sky. 

Her rose-patterned dress looked like it was dancing in the rain!
A strong arm held her shoulders and pulled her into his arms.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t resist. There wasn’t any strength left in her as she stared at the red sky in front of her.
Yang Chen breathed out heavily, his smile was filled with emotions.
“Dear…do you like it? It took me half a year to prep for this. A one-of-a-kind rose petal shower.”