Lin Ruoxi had gone completely speechless.

No? But that wasn’t true.

Yes? But could she really show her feelings so easily?

Lin Ruoxi felt that she should do something to reward this man who had fulfilled all her wedding fantasies! 

So she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his lips!

It wasn’t a passionate kiss but a warm and gentle one, filled with all her love.

The crowd cheered and clapped, having witnessed their acts of love.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma hugged each other, crying and laughing at the same time.

Sauron and others gave them a standing ovation. 

Catherine and Jane smiled at the scene but their hearts grew slightly bitter at the scene.

Lin Ruoxi’s face was flushed when she let go of Yang Chen.

“How did you do this? Where did you get the flowers from?” Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but ask.

Yang Chen hugged her waist. “Today was supposed to be a sunny day so I had to alter it slightly. I made it cooler to compliment the rain. During dawn, I had others make artificial clouds and now there’s around two hundred jets above us that are shooting the petals downwards with specialised equipment. It took me half a year to collect enough rose petals. Well, I decided to use jets since they were quiet and wouldn’t bother us. Also, they fly fast enough to distribute the petals evenly.”

“Half a year?” Lin Ruoxi was shocked. “But how did you manage to keep fresh for so long?”

Yang Chen chuckled. “You have Jane to thank for that. She developed a spray for the roses to stay fresh after all this time. So with that, I asked Ron to collect roses from all over the world and kept it fresh untill now. You don’t have to worry, the spray is harmless to the human body.”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes sparkled. “How long will the rose shower last?”

“I ordered them to do it for thirteen hours and fourteen minutes, which means it’ll stop tonight. That means we can spend the rest of the day in the petal shower.” Yang Chen joked, “Well if you don’t want to eat the petals by accident during our meal, I can order them to stop it.”

“No, just leave it.” Lin Ruoxi muttered for a while. She thought about what he said and came to a realization. “Did you say…thirteen hours and fourteen minutes?”

“Yeah!” Yang Chen was delighted. “Why are you repeating it?”

Lin Ruoxi said softly, “It must have been hard to collect so many rose petals.”

Yang Chen sighed. “It wasn’t too hard on my end. Ron however, had to visit many different countries to collect enough petals. Do you know dear, that a bouquet of roses isn’t even enough for a square meter plot of land? Let alone a rose shower for a day. I heard from Ron that buying all these roses cost more than five billion euros. It’s enough to match Holland’s flower exports for the next two years.”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes widened out of shock from hearing that it cost five billion euros.

He collected roses from flower fields in different countries, and it took half a year?!

This wasn’t something that can be done with money. Other billionaires probably couldn’t do it with just money.

Not only did the owners of the flower fields were willing to help Yang Chen, the governments of the main flower bouquets exporting countries, like Holland and Thailand had to agree to it too!

Yang Chen was the only one who could do such a thing!

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi was reminded of something. She looked up and said, “I remember now! Back when we were at the Yuan mansion, Yuan Ye bought roses for Tang Tang. The others were complaining that the price had fluctuated so badly and that roses were running low on stock! It was all your doing wasn’t it?!”

Yang Chen smirked. “Hehe, how was it? I’m great at acting, aren’t I?”

“You even pretended to know nothing about it.” Lin Ruoxi was speechless.

Yang Chen hadn’t told her something else. Back when they were in Beijing, Li Dun gave Tang Xin white roses to save money. He was the one who caused that too.

Almost all the roses from the reputable flower fields were bought by Yang Chen, so the remaining ones were sold at a high price.

“Now you know why I’ve never given you a proper rose bouquet.” Yang Chen caressed her cheeks. “I had to give you something memorable, something that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.”

Lin Ruoxi scrunched her face. “Hmph. Congratulations, you did it. I’ll never forget about the glutinous rice ball and rose shower for the rest of my life!”

Her face was glowing with joy.

Yang Chen kissed her forehead and spoke with a regretful tone. “This wedding that I prepared for you was almost perfect, but I couldn’t invite too many people because of the geographical location.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “I understand. Not everything can be perfect. You said it too earlier, our wedding is between both of us. I’m happy with just Mom and Wang Ma.”

“Why are you being so compliant? Weren’t you upset at me earlier?” Yang Chen teased her.

Lin Ruoxi growled, “Stop being cocky. Hurry up and announce the start of the party, our witness.”

Yang Chen looked down at the guests. They were all smiling while watching them talk on stage.

He realized that they weren’t going to eat without his say so.

So he walked to the microphone and announced, “Everyone, you may now enjoy your meal. Eat as much as you want but be mindful of your stomach. There are toilets in the woods. As for the wineries, we have only prepared fruit wines and piña coladas, in hopes to motivate the local brewery business. Also, let’s not get too drunk, it’s none of my business if anyone gets pregnant today...”
The crowd roared in laughter whereas those at the front row seats smiled awkwardly.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand him anymore. She nudged him, signalling him to stop talking nonsense.

Only then Yang Chen announced the start of the party and the crowd cheered in response.

It was destined to be the best day on the island since most of them could only return to the island to attend Yang Chen’s wedding.  

The day was filled with laughter and joy.

Rose petals landed all around them, in their hair, on the ground, and in their houses.

The sea breezes then blew the rose petals into the sea, colouring the sea red.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t good at drinking so she did not do the usual rounds for the guests. She drank two glasses out of courtesy before sitting down with Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma.

Some of the female guests joined them along with Catherine and Jane, sharing Yang Chen’s past and funny stories.

Whereas the groom was mindlessly drinking with his villagers.

His illness was already cured ever since his cultivation improved so alcohol did not affect him at all. Yang Chen would never get drunk if he didn’t want to!

The party lasted till night and the rose shower stopped in accordance.

The indigenous people started to present their gifts to them.

They were dressed in hula skirts as they circled them, dancing their traditional dance.

Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen sat in the middle, moving their bodies to the beat as the music played.

The party lasted till late night and it ended naturally when more and more people fell asleep after getting drunk.

After settling Guo Xuehua and others, Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi to the newlywed house that he had mentioned before.

Normally, Lin Ruoxi would have been tired from being awake the whole day. She couldn’t eat much since she had to take care of her dress, worried that it might get dirty.

But she wasn’t. She was energised from the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy that Yang Chen had transferred to her.

They sat on a dune buggy and drove past a forest trail and then a white beach.

Everything seemed exceptionally peaceful as they drove under the starlight, feeling the sea breeze caress their cheek.

Some time later, they reached the bottom of a cliff.

Lin Ruoxi snapped out of her daze, knowing that they had reached their honeymoon house.

She knew that it wasn’t going to be an ordinary house but was still surprised when she finally arrived.