The rock cliff was about two hundred meters tall with a solitary winding path leading to the top.
At the top of it was a wide and flat space. It was so evenly sliced that it looked like it was artificially cut

The castle stood tall on the ground, looking very majestic under the night sky!

It was actually a castle, just like those ancient European castles shown on television. Built with boulders, the towers were seen at each corner and in the middle of it was a dome.

The castle looked especially luxurious and majestic, with a mixture of gothic and baroque style.

“Dear, this would have been worth billions if we sold it in Zhonghai,” Yang Chen joked.

Lin Ruoxi’s knees were starting to get weak. “This isn’t a newlywed house. This is a castle. Not a house. Besides, it’s too big for both of us.” 

Yang Chen threw his hands out helplessly. “This was actually built for the royalties to host parties when the British colonized this area. But a riot broke out before it was completed. A fight broke out between the outsiders and the indigenous people, and in the end, this place was abandoned. When I took over, Ron said he wanted to continue with the project and turn it into my living space. I’ve only lived here for a couple of days since I stay elsewhere most of the time. It’s not like I spent the money on purpose. I can’t possibly downsize it, that’d be weird to look at.”

Lin Ruoxi laughed when she understood the reason behind this. “I’m not blaming you, why do you sound so sad.” 

Having said so, she jumped out of the car and looked at the steps above her. “Wouldn’t it be inconvenient for me to walk up like this?”

Lin Ruoxi was still wearing the wedding dress since she didn’t have time to change.

Yang Chen walked in front of her and bent down. “I’ll be carrying you up the hill. But I am not a donkey.”

Lin Ruoxi eyed him and clicked her tongue. “How childish, you’re the only one who would think of that.”

Yang Chen could have jumped all the way up the hill but this was a new experience for him.

Her chiffon dress rubbed against his arms and he could feel the tenderness of her smooth legs.

Yang Chen held her hand when they reached the peak and walked her to the main entrance.

There was an iris-scanning door lock built into the side of the three meters tall arched door.

It was Lin Ruoxi’s first time seeing something like this. It was something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Yang Chen explained with a smile on his face, “Only Ron and I can unlock this with our irises. You’re one of the owners now, you’.. have to record your iris too.”

Lin Ruoxi was intrigued. She followed Yang Chen‘s instructions and stood in front of the scanner for a while. Soon a voice prompt followed indicating entry.

“Alright, you have been registered.”

Yang Chen pressed a button and the doors opened slowly.

As the doors opened, warm rays of light were emitted from the castle! 

Seconds later, the previously dark castle had turned into a bright and modern building!

It was as if the castle had woken from a deep slumber!

Lin Ruoxi was still in shock but Yang Chen pulled her into the hall by her waist before she could snap out of it.

Everything was neat and clean in the castle since Ron ensured that it was cleaned regularly.

The interior design was warm and bright, a starking contrast from the cold exterior.

Their feet landed on sturdy teak floorboards. The living room was as big as a basketball field. Tempered laminated glass windows were embedded in the walls of the hall, enabling them to look at the magnificent sea view outside.

Modern electrical appliances were seen all around the room. The vintage-styled furniture was carved out of pear wood whereas the seats were made with leather. Two completely different styles and yet they paired nicely with one another.

A crystal chandelier hung above their heads which lit up the whole room.

Two sets of red-carpeted stairs led the way upstairs and three to four bedrooms revealed themselves.

In the middle of the stairs were two rows of rooms. Seeing how the castle had a rectangular design, it was safe to assume that there was another set of rooms on the other side.

The lighting and scenery in each room were superb since the sea view was not obstructed at all.

Lin Ruoxi was mesmerized by the majestic design until she realized something odd. She looked at Yang Chen suspiciously and asked, “The iris-scanner door lock, how many people can have access to it?”

Yang Chen didn’t think much about it. “I think thirty? Why?”

“This castle is so big, a lot of people can stay here right?” Lin Ruoxi grinned.

Yang Chen sounded proud. “Ruoxi darling, isn’t that obvious? This castle is the real deal. I can give you a tour. There are all sorts of facilities downstairs. There’s a gym, swimming pool, entertainment room, and a library. There are around twenty guestrooms and in each room, there’s an en-suite bathroom and storage room!”
Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and snorted. “There are so many rooms here, it'd be a waste to leave them empty.”

“It won’t be empty.” Yang Chen giggled. “One day, it’ll be filled with other people.”

Yang Chen jolted when he realized what was happening. 

He had let down his guard!

His inner thoughts had been exposed by accident when he only intended to impress her.

Just as he thought, Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was cold and she was shooting an icy glare at him.

“Finish your sentence.” Lin Ruoxi sneered. “Were you hoping that I would allow them to stay with us?”

“Eh…dear, that’s not what I meant.” Yang Chen rubbed his hands together and thought to himself, Why?

He did plan to do this. If not he wouldn’t have asked Ron to decorate all the rooms before their arrival.

But all he had planned for was an intimate night with his wife tonight!

Lin Ruoxi walked to the middle of the living room. She circled the room and threw the question back to him, “Is that so? Then what are you thinking about?”

Yang Chen tried to please her. “I was just thinking that we could ask Mom and Wang Ma to come over and stay together with us. That's why I said it won’t be empty.”

“I see.” Lin Ruoxi smiled mockingly. “But what about the rest of the twenty rooms? Don’t you want Rose, Qianni, An Xin and others to visit your kingdom? I recall them being quite curious. I think you should pick them up and let them stay here. If there are not enough rooms here, I can just build a cottage down the cliff. Climbing up and down the mountain is tiring for me anyways.”
Yang Chen was getting a headache as her tone became more and more bitter. He smiled bitterly at her and said, “My dear wife, can we talk about this tomorrow? It’s almost three in the morning. We don’t have much time left to consummate our marriage! This is valuable time we're wasting!”