He had been waiting patiently for this for a while. How could he let this go just because she was jealous?


Lin Ruoxi chuckled and sized him up. “Didn’t we do it when we first met? Why should we do it tonight? It’s late and I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

Having said so, she held her dress and walked upstairs.

Yang Chen’s face fell. He wanted to say something but had nothing to say so he kept quiet.

He followed her and grinned, hoping to persuade her. “Ruoxi, it’s our big day today. This day wouldn’t be perfect if we did not end it right. We can’t have regrets on our wedding day, can we?”

Lin Ruoxi was not budging. “I think it’s plenty good as it is. I’ve had my meal, enjoyed the day, wore a wedding dress, and received a gift. What more could I want?”

Yang Chen smiled stiffly. “But we haven’t done it yet…”

She turned around abruptly and asked with a cold voice, “Will I get pregnant if we do it?”


Yang Chen shook his head and said, “The chances are very slim. My body is developed in ways you guys would not be able to handle or understand. Once you enter the Soul Forming stage, we might have a chance.”

Back when Yang Chen’s Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was at the seventh level, he only managed to impregnate Seventeen. 

Now that he had experienced the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, he should be in the first stage of the Tribulation Passing stage. 

Even if she were in the Soul Forming stage, it was still all left up to chance.

Lin Ruoxi replied, “I’m not interested in doing something so futile if I won’t get pregnant.”


Yang Chen almost burst into tears. “Dear, are you joking? No one does it solely to have a child. Didn’t you promise me…” 

“I’m a woman and women tend to be fickle,” Lin Ruoxi said indifferently.

“Are you serious?!”

“Why not?” Lin Ruoxi glanced over. “Well, I can’t stop you from forcing me. It’s not like you haven’t done it before.”

Yang Chen’s face became stoic. “Why would you say that? I will not treat you as my plaything. You know I won’t do that if you don’t want to.”

Lin Ruoxi’s face softened slightly. Her voice sailed smoothly through the air. “I know I’m being mean, but I can’t stop myself from feeling annoyed when I think about how you want to fill this place with your lovers. I don’t want to quarrel or ignore you either, it’s our wedding today after all. But I really don’t want to sleep with you now.”

Yang Chen smiled helplessly. “Why did you bring it up then? It’s not like it’s going to happen anytime soon…”

“Is there any difference?” Lin Ruoxi raised her voice. “Every time I look at these rooms, I am reminded of the fact that they will one day be filled by them. I can overlook the fact that I will have to meet them occasionally. But living with them? I don’t think so.”

Yang Chen thought to himself, That’s my end goal. , but he couldn’t possibly admit it now. He coughed awkwardly and said, “Ruoxi, hear me out. I’m not forcing you to accept it. We don’t have to stay together if you don’t want to…”

“Stop it. We’ve been living together for more than a year. I know.” Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “I was planning to ignore it at first. We all know that you can’t leave them, and I can’t leave you so let’s just each take a step back. Isn’t love all about making compromises? But when I saw these rooms, I realized that I couldn’t do it. Reality and expectations are complete opposites. My mind is a mess now so can you just let me rest?”  

Yang Chen had nothing left to say. Things were spiraling out of control fast.

He smiled bitterly. “I’ll bring you to the master bedroom then. I won’t bother you anymore, so you can sleep there tonight.”


They walked upstairs together, and Yang Chen led her into the biggest bedroom.

It was different from others due to its special design, where the walls were covered three panes of tempered glass windows.

From outside, the walls were dark in color and blended well with the castle walls. But the view from inside was completely different, with a fantastic view of the vast sea.

However, it didn’t excite Lin Ruoxi at all. Her gaze was drawn to the bed.

The bed was at least five meters wide!

The bed was obviously custom made for them with fluffy pillows placed on top of the fleece blanket.

Lin Ruoxi’s breath turned cold as she looked up slowly, staring into Yang Chen’s eyes. “How thoughtful of you.”

Yang Chen wanted to bump his head against the wall!

How could he forget about this?!

He ordered Ron to import high-quality sandalwood from Myanmar in order to make this large bed. It was done on purpose, secretly hoping to have an orgy with the ladies. 

Who knew that this would serve as fuel to his current arguments fire?!

“That…uhm…dear…Ruoxi…darling! Don’t go!”

Yang Chen’s cries got louder when he saw Lin Ruoxi walking out of the room!

This was worse than the empty rooms!

A five-meter-wide bed. Think of how many women it could accommodate?

Yang Chen chased after her, but Lin Ruoxi had no plans on stopping.

She walked to the next room and twisted the doorknob. After making her way in, she turned and faced Yang Chen with a cold expression on her face. “I might not be royalty but I’m still a woman with dignity. You’re very wrong if you think I can let my husband have an orgy. It’s true that I love you, but it doesn’t mean I’ll let you get away with something like this!” 

She slammed the door on his face!

Yang Chen stood numbly in front of the door. His mind was completely blank.

Seconds later, bitter emotions welled up in his heart.

What kind of wedding day was this?

Just because of the empty rooms and giant bed, he was labeled a pervert. 

Who was at fault here? Him for being so insensitive? Or her for being so stubborn and sensitive?

It would have been a different story if the deed was done, but he hadn’t even begun the process just yet!

Yang Chen stood outside the room out of frustration, thinking of he should calm her down.

They couldn’t get into a fight when their wedding had just ended. Especially when their honeymoon hadn’t started yet.

On the other side of the wall, Lin Ruoxi was getting a headache too. 

Her eyes became teary from the incident. Minutes ago, she was filled with joy, but it was quickly replaced by pain. 

She knew Yang Chen didn’t mean to anger her on purpose but the fact that he had plans for this was more unbearable!

What made him think that it would happen for sure! Was she really an easy target?!

Lin Ruoxi had lost all energy, she couldn’t even make her way to the bed. She plopped down on the carpet with her arms around her knees.

Seconds later, Yang Chen heard sobbing sounds coming out of the room. He couldn’t think of ways to beg for forgiveness yet, but he couldn’t just leave her alone in a vulnerable state.

Yang Chen took a deep breath and was about to twist the doorknob when he felt a vibration from his pocket.

Someone was calling him now. Of all the times he should be interrupted, he was being called upon now!

Yang Chen cursed to himself.

He took his handphone out and was confused to see Li Dun’s name pop up on the screen!

That punk, he knew it was his wedding today so could it be that he planned this on purpose just to disturb his night?

Well, unfortunately for him, he wasn’t actually doing anything now!

Yang Chen sighed helplessly and answered the call, “You punk……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Li Dun yelled and cut him off!

“Goddamn it! Yang Chen! Come save me, it’s an emergency!!”