Li Dun’s face was completely pale, having used up most of his True Qi.

Even though he had suffered multiple heavy blows on his body, he was still standing tall in the face of an impossible situation!

Tang Xin choked up as she stared at the man in front of her. Her eyes glistened with tears with feelings of regret and sorrow rising within her.

However, the five men had no plans of stopping.

They inched closer and closer to Li Dun, intending to end his life with one final attack!

However, despite his condition, Li Dun had no plans of giving up. He was going to resist them for as long as there was breath in his body.

At that exact moment, their silhouettes moved so swiftly towards Li Dun that slashings sounds could be heard from the air!

Li Dun bent over slightly and threw his legs around in a circular motion!

Sounds of explosions rang out and the five men were flung back several meters. Li Dun was thrown back several meters as well.

It was at this point where Li Dun knew that he did not have it in him to counter any more of their attacks.

The five men knew of his current predicament and did not waste any time in counterattacks. 

Tang Xin shrieked loudly out of fear when she realized that Li Dun was in grave danger!

Then, out of nowhere, the five men suddenly felt an oppressing force like no other!


A gust of wind swept in and sent clouds of dust flying into the air.

The five men were shoved away by its force!

They looked up, trying to see what had happened but all they saw was a man dressed in a white shirt, standing in front of Li Dun!

Yang Chen had arrived in the nick of time. He turned around and looked at Li Dun who was smiling with blood dripping out of his mouth. Yang Chen frowned and asked, “What happened?”
Li Dun didn’t have any energy left to speak. Instead, he laughed softly before falling onto the ground.

Tang Xin sobbed, having recovered from the initial shock. “Young Master Yang, you must save him! He’s badly injured!”

Yang Chen looked at her in surprise and glanced over at Li Dun who was covered in wounds. “He’s fine, his wounds aren’t critical. I’m sure he’ll recover after I treat him.”

While they were talking, the five men were getting ready to launch an attack on their surprise guest.

With a ferocious growl, they advanced towards Yang Chen at a terrifying speed!

Yang Chen stayed still and waited for them to strike first!

Just when they thought Yang Chen would feel their wrath, a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy made its way up their limbs!

All five of them groaned in pain. Somehow, their muscles and veins were being torn off their limbs under the effect of the twisting surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!

Eventually, their bones were crushed into pieces. Between the five of them, there were tens of thousands of shards!

Tang Xin paled at the gory scene in front of her. Even Li Dun rolled his eyes at Yang Chen’s barbaric acts.

Yang Chen frowned. Something wasn’t right. He was very sure that his attack was impossible for them to withstand.

They had no cultivation to speak of and yet they managed to harm Li Dun with pure strength. 

Their abilities were basically inhuman!

A lightbulb lit up in his head suddenly!

Yang Chen thought, These guys, their bodies are extremely powerful, yet they don’t have a shred of cultivation. Why does this sound so familiar? Could it be Yan Buwen’s work?! How many people has he modified with my gene!?

Only Yang Chen’s body could withstand the impact of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy without using any form of cultivation. After all, he had acquired immense self-repairing abilities after being exposed to the divine light! 

Even so, the five men were turned into a pile of blood and flesh after ten seconds.

Yang Chen turned around to help Li Dun up after making sure they were all dead. He wasn’t bothered at all by the bloodstains and said, “Control your own True Qi. I can help you to heal quicker.”

Li Dun stopped laughing as his wounds were becoming too painful to bear. He struggled to nod before sitting down cross-legged.

Yang Chen placed his palm onto Li Dun’s back and filled him with a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!

Li Dun knew Yang Chen’s cultivation was far greater than his, so he was actually mentally prepared to withstand the impact. But it still threw him off balance when the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy made its way into his body!

“What…what the heck! Yang Chen! Are you trying to treat me or kill me?!”

“What do you mean?” Yang Chen frowned. “Your body can handle it. Are you afraid of pain?”

“You…” Li Dun had nothing to say to that. Yang Chen wasn’t bothered by the means. So long as the results were favorable, he was going to go for it!

But it wasn’t like he would admit defeat, so he worked hard to cooperate with Yang Chen during the treatment. 

The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture wasn’t really a striking scripture for offense. Yang Chen made it better with his combat skills.

But it was the best scripture for healing wounds!

Although it hurt a lot to the point that some of his veins popped under the immense pressure, Li Dun could feel all his wounds recovering within seconds!

Once his veins were recovered, they also expanded and became tougher!

Li Dun clenched his jaw and tried his best to withstand the pain. His Xiantian True Qi was recovering and improving with the aid of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!

He knew this type of opportunity wouldn’t come by often. A breakthrough wouldn’t always happen with Yang Chen’s help. Once a certain level was reached, there would be a limit to each expansion.

Expanding his veins excessively would not contribute to his cultivation, not until he reached the next stage. It would affect him, and he might lose the chance to further improve his cultivation!

Tang Xin didn’t dare to breathe loudly and sat down quietly beside them. 

She breathed out in relief and wiped her dirty cheeks while smiling when Li Dun recovered.

Although Yang Chen was helping to expand Li Dun’s veins, he still managed to glance at Tang Xin since it wasn’t a tough job. He smirked when he saw her expression, but it quickly disappeared when he saw the bump on her belly. 

The treatment process felt like forever to Li Dun when it had only been slightly more than ten minutes.

Yang Chen let go of his hand when Li Dun’s wounds were completely healed.

Li Dun opened his eyes and they glistened with joy, making him looked more energized than ever.

“How are you feeling?” Tang Xin asked.

Li Dun showed a silly smile and said, “I’ll feel much better if you kiss me, Xin Er.”

Tang Xin was startled at first, but she rolled her eyes and looked away immediately. “I guess you’re fine now…”

Li Dun was used to her acting like this, so he turned around to face Yang Chen instead. “Yang Chen, thank goodness you came so soon. I was worried you wouldn’t come because you were getting busy with your wife.”

Yang Chen thought to himself, I would’ve been even later if I was. Sadly, I didn’t even get a chance!

“A bowl of Lanzhou noodles won’t be enough to repay me. You’ve already entered the Full Cycle. Well, I can’t deny your own potential, but I helped you a lot too.” Yang Chen patted Li Dun’s shoulder. “Also, I saved you and the woman you love.”

“Of course!” Li Dun grinned. “Let’s not talk about my cultivation. You helped me save Xin Er, I have to treat you to a bowl of black bean sauce noodles!”