Yang Chen wanted to smack him into oblivion but held himself back. He shook his head and asked, “Alright, tell me what happened. Who are they and why did they come for you?”

This was what Yang Chen had been meaning to ask. Assassins of their level did not appear for trivial matters. 

Li Dun scratched his head and smiled bitterly. “The Tang clan thinks that Xin Er poisoned Master Tang and her sister, Tang Wan. Plus, they think she’s an embarrassment to the clan. If it wasn’t for her sister, Xin Er would’ve been sent to jail after being forced to undergo an abortion. Tang Wan informed me in time and I rushed over from Jiangnan’s military zone to save her. I wanted to bring her to a villa near Tianming lake to lay low while I investigate the truth. I didn’t expect them to show up so fast!”
Yang Chen gave a faint smile and asked, “Oh, why are they so sure that Miss Tang Xin was the culprit? And whose child is she bearing?”

Tang Xin bit her lip and a ghastly smile formed on her lips.

“Young Master Yang, two days ago, the forensics team found traces of the poison by my bedside table. They were certain that it was me given my general closeness to the family and Grandfather.”

Yang Chen gave her an understanding smile. “I guess the circumstances seem plausible. If you didn’t poison them, why was there poison in your room? Also, you haven’t told me who’s the father of your child.”

Tang Xin’s face turned paler, but she kept her mouth shut by biting on her lips.

Li Dun quickly jumped to her defense. “What are you doing? Xin Er is so kind, she would never hurt her family members, okay? Plus, who cares if she doesn’t tell us who the father is? That’s enough, we should find out who sent the assassins now instead. I will never let those Tang idiots take Xin Er away from me!” 
Yang Chen chuckled. “You’re really open-minded huh? She’s the woman you love, yet she’s not bearing your child.”

“That’s enough!” Li Dun kept a straight face. “I’m going to be very upset if you probe any further.” 

Tang Xin looked at Li Dun with teary eyes, feeling touched by his protectiveness.

Yang Chen shrugged. “It’s none of my business anyway. But this incident is connected to the person who poisoned my woman. I have to find that bastard. So, you two have to go to the Tang clan with me. I need to know everything and confront them.”


“That’s right.”

“Hehe, no problem.” Li Dun was delighted. “You can be our bodyguard. I was worried those monsters will find us again once you leave.”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes in reply.

Now that things were settled, Yang Chen healed Tang Xin’s wounds and they all left in Li Dun’s Hummer.

On their way there, Yang Chen was thinking about past incidents when his phone rang abruptly.

He took it out and realized the call was from Ron.

“What’s wrong, Ron.”

“Your Majesty Pluto.” Ron sounded troubled. “Miss Lin…she said that she wants to return to Zhonghai immediately…uhm…”

Yang Chen was surprised at first but realized where this was coming from. Now that he thought about it, their wedding night was a mess after the ceremony.

“Is Ruoxi next to you? Let me talk to her.”

“Uhm…” Ron smiled bitterly. “Miss Lin says she has nothing to say to you.”

Yang Chen sighed in exasperation. She could be extremely stubborn at times.

But he couldn’t possibly ignore the pressing matter at hand, it might be linked to Yan Buwen.

“Then fulfil her wishes as much as you can. Arrange an airplane for her if she wants to return to Zhonghai. As for my mom and Wang Ma, don’t bother them.” Yang Chen had no other choice but to comply. All he could do was send a couple of members from the Sea Eagles to watch over them.

Ron obliged even though he thought it sounded weird.

Li Dun laughed mockingly from the side. “Looks like having a lot of lovers doesn’t make your life any better.”

“Things wouldn’t have turned this way if you hadn’t gotten into trouble at this time.” Yang Chen scolded him.

Li Dun was unfazed by it. “Oh please. You can’t blame me when your wife doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Yang Chen just snorted, unable to refute his sentence.

Seconds later, Li Dun spoke up with a stern face. “What do you think about those five monsters from just now?”

“It probably has to do with Yan Buwen. He probably used my gene to modify their body.”

Tang Xin trembled when she heard Yan Buwen’s name.

Yang Chen noticed it from the rearview mirror but said nothing.

Li Dun frowned. “Is that really the case? It would be very dangerous for the whole of China if he were to create an army using your gene print.”

“You don’t have to worry,” Yang Chen said. “Not everyone can survive the procedure. Their survival rate is quite low, else he would have sent more than five people to deal with you.” 

Li Dun was confused. “But I thought he’s not in Beijing? Could it be he’s hiding at a place that we’ve never thought of?”

“Yan Buwen and Yan clan might not be here anymore, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have an ally or comrade. Besides, he might not even be the real culprit. At the very least, I don’t think he can do it on his own.” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

Li Dun replied, “I don’t care what Yan Buwen’s trying to do. I won’t let anyone harm Xin Er, even if it means I have to die for her to live.”

Yang Chen glanced over at Tang Xin who was staring at Li Dun. He sighed and mumbled internally, Don’t throw your life away. I think you’re almost there, don’t let your efforts go to waste.

Half an hour later, their car reached the Tang clan’s mansion.

The servants had run inside to inform the clan members. It was clear that their arrival had stirred things up in the clan.  

Tang Xin was a disgrace for having an affair before marriage. Rumors of her shameless acts spread throughout the mansion like wildfire.

But now she had shown up with the heirs of the Yang and Li clan, this raised even more flags the clan members’ minds.

Tang Xin looked disoriented, but she could only follow Li Dun since she was being pulled by him. 

It was at his moment when a few black cars with military license plates stopped outside of the gates, flanked by two military off-road vehicles.

A group of stern-looking Special Forces soldiers got out of the off-road vehicles, whereas the ones who got out of the black cars made Yang Chen and Li Dun stop by the gate.

Li Moshen got out of the car with his only son, Li Yunpeng, who was also Li Dun’s father.

In the other car, Cai Yuncheng got out of the car with Mo Feng, a member of the Group of Eight and also his daughter Cai Ning.

This was obviously a planned meeting.

Li Dun felt awkward seeing his father and grandfather here having come to Beijing in secret.

Li Moshen walked up and scolded him. “Hmph, useless punk! How dare you go against the rules for a woman!”

“Hehe…old man, she’s not just a woman. She’s your future granddaughter-in-law.” Li Dun spoke boldly. 

Tang Xin blushed out of awkwardness. She wanted to explain herself but was too afraid to do so.

Yang Chen blinked at Cai Ning and told Cai Yuncheng in a suggestive tone, “Took you long enough to come. I’m assuming that you’ve finally succeeded?”