The Tang clan members immediately glared furiously at Yang Chen. 

“Yang Chen, what do you think you are doing?!” They were furious. After all, no one liked to be spied on. Especially when there was confidential information being passed around.

Tang Wan was surprised too. Yang Chen had never told her anything, including the fact that he was part of it.

Tang Zhechen raised his hands, motioning his people to quiet down. He looked at Yang Chen with a heavy gaze. “Let’s discuss this later. Yang Chen, you said that you had set up additional monitors at our place. Did they reveal anything?” 

“Before I reveal the secret, I think I have to let you guys know the number of hidden monitors,” Yang Chen said.


“That’s right,” Yang Chen raised a finger. “I only set up one monitor in one room. It was a pocket monitor made with nanotechnology. So, there’s no need to be offended. I have no interest in what goes on outside of that room. I only wanted to monitor one suspect.”

Others looked around and Tang Huang decided to speak up, “Is that person Tang Xin?”

“That’s right.” Yang Chen didn’t beat around the bush.

The crowd were startled but they laughed eventually.

Li Dun was annoyed at the revelation. “Yang Chen, whose side are you on! You’re confusing me!”

“Haha, in the end, it really all does come back to her!”

Tang Xin looked at Yang Chen with teary eyes, feeling slightly disappointed towards him.

Yang Chen shook his hands. “I monitored her but that doesn’t mean she is the culprit here.”

The Tang clan members became even more confused. They took his statement as fact.

Yang Chen walked around to sort out his thoughts before looking up. “Tang Wan, do you still remember when you brought me to the Ivy Sanatorium, and I found a tapping device in the yard?”

Tang Wan nodded. “Of course. I even brought you to my office and my house, and you found tapping devices there too.”

“Who else could it be other than Tang Xin.” Someone spat out.

Yang Chen ignored him and continued to talk. “That’s what I thought too. I was highly suspicious of Tang Xin since the person was able to tap Tang Wan’s office and house in Zhonghai. But the main reason behind my suspicions was because on that day, she didn’t care about the tapping devices at all. If she’s a normal young lady who’s there to take care of Old Master Tang, why didn’t she mention the tapping devices?”

Tang Xin stiffened in response, gripping her dress with trembling hands.

“You’re making it sound as if she’s really the spy.” Tang Huang frowned.

Yang Chen shook his head. “But the more I thought about it, the more impossible it became….” 

“Stop speaking in these weird open-ended statements!”

Yang Chen smiled. “There are two reasons why Tang Xin didn’t mention the tapping devices. Either she did not know or did not care they existed. But her bad acting skills made me suspect that she had something to do with them. However, if she was this bad at hiding things, it wouldn’t be possible for her to poison Old Master Tang and Tang Wan without getting caught…”
“I understand.” Tang Wan’s eyes brightened. “She couldn’t possibly be the culprit because she isn’t able to perform like a professional spy!” 

It finally dawned on them.

Tang Xin’s jaw dropped slightly. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to suspect her just because she avoided talking about the tapping devices!

“If that’s the truth, then who’s the real culprit and what does it have to do with Tang Xin?!” Tang Wan asked urgently. 

Li Moshen signaled one of the special agents to bring the laptop to them.

“The video inside recorded the person who planted the poison in Tang Xin’s room. Old Tang, I’m afraid you will have to surrender the person in the video. I came personally as an act of respect towards you,” Li Moshen said with a suggestive tone.

Tang Zhechen’s gaze was unreadable.

The agent turned on the laptop and played the video under their nervous gazes.

A video that was recorded with a hidden camera started playing onscreen.

On the screen, an old man unlocked Tang Xin’s room with a key and planted the poison in the table lamp.

It only took less than three minutes for him to do everything. From the looks of it, he probably did it during the day when Tang Xin wasn’t around.

Everyone looked at the screen in disbelief!

“Dad?!” Tang Xin’s father exclaimed.

“How can this be!”


The clan members were shocked beyond belief.

Tang Xin’s face turned pale. She stared at Tang Zhechen in utter disbelief.

“Grandfather…it was you the whole time?”

Tang Wan almost lost her footing. She had to hold onto her family members to stop herself from falling to the ground.

“How could it be?” Tang Wan looked at the old man who was sitting still on his wheelchair.

Cai Yuncheng kept a stern facial expression. “Old Master Tang, we came personally as an act of respect towards you, hoping that you’ll cooperate with us. There’s a high possibility that this incident is linked to Yan Buwen’s experiment.”

“Old Tang, we have been friends for years. Never in all my years have I seen you act anything like this. How could you?” Li Moshen shook his head.

Tang Zhechen chuckled. It became louder and louder that by the time he was done, he was cackling.

All of a sudden, redness was seen on his ghastly pale face. It was as if he had become a few years younger.

His eyes glinted and he stood up from the wheelchair abruptly!

He didn’t look like a sickly old man at all!

“I admit I wasn’t expecting this.” Tang Zhechen placed his hands around his back and turned to face Yang Chen. “I can’t believe I would be tricked by a young man like you. I suppose I can’t look down on you, I thought you only know how to fight but it turns out you’re a meticulous person too.”

Yang Chen ignored Tang Zhechen and walked next to Tang Wan.

He hugged her lightly, trying to calm her down from the pain she was feeling.

Most of the clan members knew about their relationship and didn’t care either. In fact, they thought it was thoughtful of him to consider her feelings.

Tang Wan placed her head on his shoulder and started sobbing.

She finally realized then that Tang Zhechen had lied to everyone!

Which meant that everything he had said or asked of her was just a manipulation!

Nothing else would hurt more than betrayal from a family member!

Tang Zhechen frowned when he saw how hard she was crying. “What a disgrace to our family! What’s wrong with a little pain? Xiaowan, am I not your grandfather anymore, just because I lied to you?!”

Tang Huang spoke with a trembling voice after struggling to get over the shock, “Grandfather, how could you do this! Why did you do it?!”

Tang Zhechen scoffed. “Why? I did it for our clan!”

“Old Tang, you don’t sound like you’re surrendering here.” Li Moshen’s voice deepened. The special agents started to inch closer to them.

Tang Xin gripped Li Dun’s sleeve and asked while sobbing, “Grandfather……why did you frame me? Are you doing this for my own good?”

Tang Zhechen looked away and coldly said, “I have to make sacrifices to succeed. You have no worth in our clan other than serving us. You should be grateful for your contribution as our diversion for Yan Buwen and I.”

“Yan Buwen?!” The others exclaimed.

“I knew it had to do with Yan Buwen!”

Cai Yuncheng looked at Tang Xin and said, “We already knew she had connections with Yan Buwen. We didn’t expect her to be a diversion, a chess piece to distract us. You were the actual mastermind behind the incident!”