The light on the shield dimmed when the four beams came into contact with it. But it was still able to withstand what was going to be the end of Cai Yuncheng!
Cai Yunchengs’s face paled after the attack. Even though he appeared strong and brave, it was impossible to not cower at the face of death!
Shock turned into relief when the bronze shield saved him. He looked over at Yang Chen, thinking that it was his shield. But Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders indicating that it was someone else.
Just when others were wondering who had saved Cai Yuncheng, Yang Chen looked up at a certain spot.
They heard a loud voice resonating from miles away.
“I’ll end you today. You’re such treacherous man, Descendant of the Yan clan!
A well-built monk dressed in a silver patterned black Kasaya landed on the ground like a ray of black light!
He was wearing a string of black agate prayer beads on his neck and his face was especially stern with bright eyes and a black beard.

He would have looked like an ancient general if he wasn’t dressed in a Kasaya.

Everyone was shocked by his appearance.

The monk waved his hand after landing and the bronze shield flew onto his hand in the form of a beam.

But when it reformed on his hands, it was only as big as a sink.

Cai Yuncheng and the others had a pretty good guess as to who he was.

“A Hongmeng Messenger?!”

Back then, Cai Yuncheng was valued by Ling Xuzi which allowed him to take over Lin Zhiguo’s position as the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. But at that time, Ling Xuzi was almost done with his service so Cai Yuncheng didn’t know about the newest Hongmeng Messenger.

Yang Chen was secretly shocked. The monk was at the end of the Soul Forming stage, much much higher than Yan Sanniang ever was. Yang Chen couldn’t tell what material was used to make his shield, but the mystical artifact seemed to be a strong one for defence.

Yang Chen couldn’t see through Lin Xuzi’s cultivation at that time since he was weaker so he couldn’t compare the two messengers.

Yan Buwen started to get excited. “I guess Hongmeng couldn’t just watch and wait this one out anymore. I knew you guys would come but I was not expecting a single person. I’m disappointed.”

The monk placed his hands together. “Amitabha. This incident has heavily affected the foundation of China. If we continue to let you run wild, our citizens and country will be ruined. I will punish you in behalf of the world, as a Hongmeng Messenger! Face my Devil’s Staff!”

The monk didn’t waste any more time and proceeded to attack Yan Buwen. He took no notice of the other people around him. 

His Kasaya moved along the wind and a one-foot long golden black staff flew out of his sleeves and into his hand.

The monk jumped and the Devil’s Staff grew along with him!

In a blink of an eye, the Devil’s Staff had elongated to about two meters tall and sparkled with a certain magical aura!

Yan Buwen snorted. By emitting the bizarre silver energy which he had gotten from the God’s stone, he faced the monk fearlessly!

The next thing they saw was Yan Buwen's body turning into something like a silver statue. Every move he made seemed to cause a ripple in space!

The light on the Devil’s Staff weakened when it came into contact with Yan Buwen!


Yan Buwen's arm was sliced into halves when the Devil’s Staff came into contact with his arm!

"Bravo! As expected of the Hongmeng Messenger!" Cai Yuncheng and others exclaimed.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows instead. Nothing good came from a premature celebration

Yan Buwen was unfazed even though his arm was broken. He moved closer to the monk and a surge of grey shockwave erupted from his body!


The monk's True Yuan flowed around, trying to resist the shock wave but failed to do so. He was flung several hundred meters backward onto the ground!

The grey shockwave dissipated after engulfing the monk's golden True Yuan.

A second after that, Yan Buwen's broken arm had reattached itself back to his body!

Everyone else barely noticed when and how it happened!

The monk looked at Yan Buwen in disbelief when he felt that his True Yuan had weakened.

Yang Chen thought to himself, Yan Buwen has improved a lot. His recovery is unprecedented and it would seem like his energy was not affected by such an attack. It was obvious that his powers are now at a greater level!

But Yang Chen had no plans to help the monk. He did not owe Hongmeng anything.

He was rather worried about the biochemically modified fighters. Those silver bazookas were not to be taken lightly.

Yang Chen had to take care of Tang Wan, Cai Ning and also Li Dun. But Tang Wan was at a greater risk given the fact that she lacked any form of cultivation.

Stealthily, he appeared behind one of the fighters and with a surge of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and slammed his fists down onto his head!

With the sound of muscles ripping apart, the fighter's body was torn into shreds from the top!

He would've turned into powder if it wasn't for Yang Chen's genes which greatly improved the strength of his muscles!

Even so, the gruesome killing method made the ladies vomit!

Cai Yuncheng exchanged looks with Li Moshen. They knew that their presence was only going to burden Yang Chen so they immediately ordered a retreat.

But it was as though Yan Buwen had read his mind, two rays of silver beams were shot out of the bazookas!

"Damn it!"

Cai Yuncheng cursed. They were trapped inside here!

Tang Zhechen watched on with a cold gaze. "Don't waste your energy. No one is leaving here today. The next target will be the Yang and Ning clan after the Li clan is wiped out. So what if the Hongmeng Messenger is here? Our plan was to destroy the whole Hongmeng!"

"You're so arrogant and rampant!"

The monk was furious. He picked up his staff and waved it around!

"Tianyin Dharmachakra!"

At the end of his sentence, a golden circle of light with runes was released from the Devil’s Staff. It grew bigger and bigger until it was a little over ten feet wide!

All of a sudden, it was like hundreds of monks were chanting the mantra, the sound of Brahma echoed throughout the air!

It was heading towards Tang Zhechen!

"Hehe, that's so little True Yuan. It would seem that I have overestimated your abilities." Yan Buwen threw his fist forward and another silver ripple headed towards the Dharmachakra!


With a loud explosion, the Dharmachakra was engulfed by the grey energy!

" can this be?" The monk was shocked. "What kind of evil energy can dissemble True Yuan?!"

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and with a flash, he had appeared in front of Yan Buwen.

The monk was completely out of options.

"Oh, you're here? It doesn't seem right." Yan Buwen smiled mysteriously.

Yang Chen's heart dropped, oh no!

Just as he suspected, Yan Buwen's men were aiming their silver bazookas towards Tang Wan and Cai Ning!


Yang Chen yelled at Cai Ning to move away. He only had enough to save Tang Wan, so he hoped that Cai Ning was able to save herself!

A few more silver beams were shot out and more servants disintegrated into thin air.

Tang Wan felt her body moving rapidly and when she realized what had happened, she was already out of harm’s way. Cai Ning managed to avoid the beam with her cultivation.

"Hmph, you're fast. But it doesn't matter how fast you can go. You can’t possibly save all of them at one go!"

As he finished his sentence, all the bazookas lit up simultaneously!

This time, they were aiming towards Li Moshen and others. They would definitely die once the beams were fired!

"Shit, we're too near!" Cai Yuncheng cursed in frustration. He had forgotten to react according to the situation.

Yan Buwen cackled in glee. "It's too late. Fire!"