Yang Chen was all out of options. He had originally planned to use the mid-lower tier mystical artifact, Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet, for defense. But he was just too unfamiliar with it to utilize it fully.

All he could do was to summon all his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to form a barrier over the whole area!


Dozens of silver beams hit the barrier and a blinding silver light obscured their view! 

Yang Chen felt as though his internal organs were being twisted. He almost lost control over the barrier which could have broken into pieces if he did!

Thankfully Yang Chen was no stranger to pain which meant that he was able to withstand the excruciating pain that the shield was causing him.

His immense control over his body was incomparable to others, so even though his face had turned pale after withstanding the attack, he recovered immediately with the use of his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

But it still frightened Tang Wan and Cai Ning, causing both of them to run next to him out of worry.

"Are you alright?!"

They asked at the same time. Their faces turned red out of awkwardness when they realized that they were worried about him as his lovers.

Although they knew about each other's existence, they hadn't had the chance to come into contact.

Yang Chen panted and smirked. "Take care of yourself instead of worrying about me. You guys just need to serve me well once I'm done killing them."

"How can you still joke?" Tang Wan chided. He always seemed fearless despite the impossible situation before him.

But it was the truth.

Even though Yan Buwen's tricks and abilities were a threat, Yang Chen wasn't an easy target either.

He had grown up in a war-like environment, so impossible situations like these were not foreign to him.

Just when he was catching his breath, Yang Chen suddenly realized something that would help him win this fight!

"So that's how it works."

Yang Chen felt relieved as he came to a revelation.

"Stand here and don't move, stay close to each other if you can. Don't ask any questions if you don't want to die!"

Yang Chen disappeared after saying that and appeared next to two of the fighters.

One of them was holding the bazooka whereas the other threw out his fists and kicked him when he saw Yang Chen!

Yang Chen caught his leg and two surges of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy were emitted out of his body which tore the fighter down completely!

Up in the sky, the monk continued to fight Yan Buwen but was struggling to defend himself whereas Yan Buwen seemed especially relaxed.

All kinds of True Yuan were ineffective in front of Yan Buwen since he would just engulf it with his powers.

Back on the ground, Yan Buwen continued to command the soldiers to launch attacks towards Cai Yuncheng and others!

The soldiers charged forward like a pack of hungry wolves. Their eyes were red with bloodlust, merciless and inhumane!

"Protect the director!"

"Protect the general!"

The special agents each held an automatic rifle and began to rain bullets down on their oncoming enemies. But when the bullets came into contact with them, it sparked a little before fizzing out

"What the hell, I finally realized how dangerous Yang Chen is! This isn't a human’s body! They're monsters!" Li Dun shrieked.

Cai Ning wasn't happy to hear him bad mouth her lover. She rebutted with a cold voice, "You should be thinking of a way to hold on instead of talking about this. We have to help Yang Chen."

"Hehe, you're upset to hear me insult your lover."

"Hmph." Cai Ning grunted, not bothered to give him a response.

She looked at the two fighters who were getting close and flew up while summoning her Xiantian True Qi. With a wave of her hands, numbers of needles were shot and surrounded the two fighters!


Their bodies might be tough, but they didn't have cultivation to protect themselves.

When the needles pierced through their eyes, black colored blood shot out which blinded them. They lost the ability to fight and could only squirm around aimlessly.

On the other hand, Li Dun's fighting style had become more ferocious after entering the Xiantian stage of the Full Cycle!

With his eye patch off, he wrapped his fists with Xiantian True Qi and landed punches on the nearby fighters. Each punch landed explosive blows on the bodies of the fighters!

The previous fight with the five fighters was a struggle because he needed to protect Tang Xin.

But now that he had Yang Chen to protect Tang Xin, he did not have to restrain himself.

Soon, the two fighters' skulls were cracked open, dying on the spot!

The rest of the fighters with the silver bazooka shot silver beams towards them again!

Yang Chen returned next to Cai Yuncheng and others after Li Dun and Cai Ning managed to escape from it.

A barrier was opened to withstand this new wave of attack!

"I get it now!" Li Moshen yelled in delight. "These weapons might be powerful, but it needs time to cool down for another attack. If we can kill them during that time period, then we can definitely defeat them!"

"You have good reaction for an old man." A drop of cold sweat dripped down Yang Chen's forehead. It wasn't easy to withstand the attack.

Yan Buwen cackled as he knocked the monk away.

"So what if you realized this? These antimatter bazookas are just testers that I make by imitating the energy from the God's stone. It’s only a prototype and you are already struggling to defend against it. This means that if I used the purest antimatter energy from God's stone, you would no longer be worthy as my opponent.

Antimatter energy?

Yang Chen was taken aback.

Yan Buwen sneered. "Dumbass, you didn't know about its true identity even though you had it in your possession for so long? You were even shone on by the divine light. 

This is the purest antimatter crystal in the whole universe. It is responsible for stabilizing all matter int he universe. Your powers are useless against the antimatter energy even if it's your True Qi or Xiantian True Yuan! As long as I have God's stone, I will be the only god that will not be restricted by the space laws! I'm invincible and you will all die in my hands!"

On the surface, Yang Chen seemed calm. But the truth is, his mind was a complete mess.

Yan Buwen did have the rights to be proud of himself.

God's stone wasn't something new, it was at least ten thousand years ago.

No one had ever made use of God's stone to this extent, let alone research so deeply into it!

Not only did he realize the true identity of God's stone, but he was also able to utilize it with ease. The thought of it sent shivers down his spine!

What Yang Chen didn't know was that Yan Buwen did not come to this realization on his own. If it wasn't for Athena and her wisdom, Yan Buwen couldn't have found out anything useful about the God's stone. No matter how talented he was, he was still only human.

Of course, Yan Buwen wouldn't spill the truth. To him, when his collaboration with Tang Zhechen was over, everyone would have been dead, including Yang Chen!

"Shameless kid, don't be too cocky!"

The monk was dead furious. His black Kasaya was already torn and tattered when he charged towards Yan Buwen.

"Formless Tianyin, indestructible force! Asura Dharmakaya!" 

A surge of True Yuan formed by pure Buddhism mantra took up a form of a huge Asura with eight arms and a ghost head. Howling and wailing sounds spilled over from the figure!

The monk could no longer hold it in anymore. As a Hongmeng Messenger, he was supposed to end the fight in one round but now he had become completely useless.

The Devil’s Staff glowed gold and together with the howling Asura, they charged towards Yan Buwen!

Suddenly, it was like a golden sun had erupted in the sky. The wind was howling as metal clanking sounds resonated through the sky. Those mundane people in attendance were unable to open their eyes at all!

Silver flames danced in Yan Buwen's eyes. His white coat moved loudly in the air and a cloud of grey antimatter energy had somehow formed above his heart. 

The formation of Asura was a taboo in the practice of Buddhism since Asura originated from hell!

But the monk did not care about his morals at this point. He was desperate to get rid of Yan Buwen. He summoned all his cultivation, being in the final stage of the Soul Forming stage; determined to engulf Yan Buwen completely! 

Just when he thought Yan Buwen was at his end, the ball of light at Yan Buwen's chest glowed brightly!

It turned into multiple steel threads that went through the Asura and engulfed it completely!

The monk was also affected by it, being in the general vicinity of the attack!

Unidentifiable sounds boomed throughout the sky as each beam pierced through his body, drawing out his blood and painting the sky with it!