The monk looked at Yan Buwen in disbelief. He never knew that antimatter energy could be used like this!

He hadn't been unleashing his full potential?!

The monk could only retrieve his Devil Staff and reused his bronze shield since he was badly injured. The shield formed a huge barrier around him. It was a short but much-needed break.

He took an unknown pill from his sleeves and swallowed it. There was a dire need for him to treat himself and to regain control over his True Yuan.

Yang Chen was shocked to see what had happened too. Even he wasn’t sure if he could withstand that attack!

Could it be...

Yan Buwen wasn't rushing to attack the monk again. He looked down at the ground and said, "Why, are you scared? I want you to feel the despair creeping into your heart! Fire again!"

The remaining fighters reignited their antimatter energy bazooka!

Yang Chen opened up the barrier and his face turned pale again after withstanding another attack. He quickly replenished his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy before continuing to wipe out the fighters with Cai Ning and Li Dun.

Yan Buwen showed no signs of nervousness even though his men were being slaughtered left, right and center.

"Hmph, I guess there is always room for improvement." Yan Buwen took a stroll in the air and glanced over at the monk who was treating himself behind the shield. He grinned and said, "Baldie, Hongmeng only sent you here. Will no one report the news of your death?"

The monk's beard trembled as he spat out furiously, "Child of the Yan clan, I shall force you into reincarnation today!"

The monk mumbled the mantra and threw the bronze shield towards Yan Buwen while summoning his staff!

The shield glowed brightly and with the sounds of roar, a huge wave was formed!

The monk followed closely behind the shield while waving the Devil’s Staff in hand. He was trying to use the shield and the stick at the same time for a combined attack!

It was a good idea. If Yan Buwen dared to face him head-on, he might have had to receive the blow!

Yan Buwen sneered and did not run away!

He raised his hands and they could see a sparkling silver ball of antimatter energy on his palm!


With a loud explosion, the ball of light continued to expand until it became as thick as a pillar!

It was much stronger than the antimatter energy shot out of the bazookas. Even if all the bazookas were combined, it would still pale in comparison!

The monk was barely able to act before being swallowed whole by the pillar of light!

It was as if the sky was colored with a silvery glow. And when the light had faded and the dust had settled, the monk was no more!

The bronze shield had broken into pieces and fell onto the ground whereas the Devil’s Staff looked like it had been corroded by chemical and broken down into powder upon contact with the ground! 

A few pieces of black silver patterned Kasaya floated down onto the yard slowly.

Wiped out! In one move!

A cultivator who was at the last phase of the Soul Forming stage was killed just like that?!

It finally dawned on them!

Yan Buwen was providing them with false hope and then crushing it!

Yang Chen became more confident with his predictions. "The antimatter energy in these bazookas were filled up with your own energy. You're the source!"

Yan Buwen blew his palm and chuckled with his head lowered. "I guess there’s no harm in telling you this. I'm God's Stone and God's Stone is me."

He pulled his coat open!

A terrifying sight appeared in front of their eyes!

They could see a black thing at his chest, right where his heart was. It was as if something was wriggling in it!

"God's Stone!?"

Yang Chen recognized it immediately!

"You fused God's Stone into your body?!"

Could he be any crazier?! Replacing his heart with God's Stone?!

"Haha! Why, are you scared?!"

Yan Buwen cackled, "My energy frequency is a complete match with God's Stone. It can provide the purest antimatter and I, in turn, have become the brain for God's Stone! It will no longer be something of a tool for idiots like you!

Only I, Yan Buwen, deserve to own the world's greatest creation!"

At the end of his sentence, Yan Buwen raised his hands and a light pillar was shot towards Yang Chen and others!

Yan Buwen opened up the barrier almost instantaneously!

The remaining five fighters ignited their bazookas in response!


This time, the barrier formed by the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy trembled vigorously!

The antimatter energy released by Yan Buwen was far more devastating than the bazookas!

Yang Chen felt as though his internal organs were being twisted! Blood started to spill from his mouth from all the internal bleeding

"Yang Chen!"

Li Dun, Tang Wan, and Cai Ning all shrieked.

Yang Chen, the man who was invincible to them, got hurt?!

After withstanding the initial attack, Yang Chen immediately summoned the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to treat his internal wound. He forced a smile to calm them down, "It's fine, it's just a small wound."

"Hmph," Yan Buwen grinned, "I used my antimatter energy and you're saying it's a small wound? Let's see if you will still say it's a small wound after this!!"

Yan Buwen raised his hand again, not giving Yang Chen the chance to rest!

"No! Stop it, Buwen!"

Suddenly, Tang Xin who was hiding in the crowd rushed out!

Her face was pale with fear, but she mustered all her courage and begged Yan Buwen. "Buwen, stop it. Don't make things worse, please!"

She pressed her belly and said, "Look, I have your baby here.....Are you so cruel that you would kill your own baby?!"


"Tang Xin! What are you doing!?"

"Xin Er....."

Some of them didn't even know who the father of the child was. They yelled when they realized it was Yan Buwen's child.

Li Dun was filled with disappointment, pity, and anger.

Tang Zhechen watched on coldly. It didn’t matter what happened. All he needed was the results.

Yan Buwen squinted his eyes and sneered, "You're still alive, bitch?"


Tang Xin couldn't believe her ears.

"I'm calling you a bitch. Bitch, bitch. Got it?" Yan Buwen grinned. "You really think I consider you human? You have always been a fake spy for diversion, ever since old man Tang introduced you to me. Your body is just a plaything I take when I want."

"Shut up!" Li Dun was absolutely furious. He hugged Tang Xin and growled. "You’re a heartless maniac! How can you kill your own child, you monster!"

"Hmph." Yan Buwen was displeased. "Child? Only a human can have my child. I will not have a bitches puppy be called my child. Not in this lifetime."

Tang Xin stumbled to the ground. Tears fell out of her lifeless eyes.

She thought she could help buy some time for Yang Chen to recover, seeing how he was struggling to fight Yan Buwen. Maybe Yan Buwen would have mercy on her.

Even though it was only a flicker of hope, she still hoped that Yan Buwen would be kind to her. She knew Yan Buwen probably wouldn't care about her since he knew about her pregnancy ages ago. But she never thought it could be this devastating!