"Cut the crap Yan Buwen. You've already killed the Hongmeng Messenger. Kill the rest of them. After that, kill Yang Chen and wipe out the Yang and Ning clan both. Hongmeng won't be able to do anything about it," Tang Zhechen said leisurely.

"You...Tang Zhechen, you're dreaming if you think that would happen!" Li Moshen roared.

Tang Zhechen grunted and ignored him. He turned to look at Tang Wan who was still devastated by all the revelations revelation. "Xiao Wan, you might still prove to be useful to our clan. Return to my side and I'll spare your life. You can resume your care for our business in the South."

Tang Wan shook her head stiffly. "You poisoned me in order to steal my man's blood. You are not my grandfather. I will never acknowledge you as my grandfather even if it means I'll die in Yan Buwen's hands!"

"Haha!" Yan Buwen cackled. "Old man Tang, it looks like your granddaughter has rejected you. I'll grant her a gentle death since you've been a good supporter of mine."

"Hmph." Tang Zhechen's gaze remained cold. "It doesn't matter if she refuses to return to the Tang clan. She's only a woman. Her heart doesn’t belong to the clan now that she has a man."

After saying that, Tang Zhechen turned around to face his clan members. "Anyone who disagrees may leave now! I don’t need spineless cowards in my future."

The clan members kept quiet when they heard what he said.

Even Tang Huang looked down with his eyes closed.

They might be scared but they knew the gravity of the situation.

Yang Chen was already struggling, and Yan Buwen had the upper hand. Opposing Tang Zhechen meant securing their immediate death.

Plus, if the Tang clan really wiped out the Yang, Li and Ning clan, imagine what they would get from it? What if the Tang clan became the number one clan in China?

This was beyond anything that they had ever dreamed of getting!

Some were just trying to stay alive while others were finally excited to get the big break they were looking for.

Tang Zhechen smiled suggestively when no one voiced out against him. He glanced over at Yan Buwen and said, "Alright, do it. Those who deserve to die shall die today!"

"You don't have to tell me twice." Yan Buwen raised his hand again and another thick beam of antimatter energy was shot out!

Yang Chen wanted to open up the barrier but then he realized something was off!

"Li Dun!"

Li Dun rushed out to save Tang Xin so now both of them were far from the barrier!

Yang Chen had already reached his maximum capacity to make sure the Li and Cai clan members were safe. He was already stretching his limits as it was!

Li Dun realized this too but at the same time, he saw that the light pillar wouldn't be facing them directly. Only one small beam might hit them!

It was at this crucial moment that Li Dun decided to summon all his Xiantian True Yuan and jumped away with Tang Xin in his arms!

But even though he moved as fast as he could, the antimatter energy was quicker than him!


Li Dun's clothes were ripped to shreds as the antimatter energy scraped along his skin and ripped into his muscle!


Li Dun's eyes widened, and he groaned in pain.

The pain was so immense that no ordinary man would be able to withstand the pain!

Thank goodness Li Dud had entered into the Full Cycle of the Xiantian stage, even though it wasn't as strong as True Yuan, his Xiantian True Qi was still of some assistance.

The wound kept growing, but his Xiantian True Qi got it under control, leaving a gruesome-looking wound behind. 

"Dun Er!"

Li Moshen and others exclaimed. They were worried sick since Li Dun was the only heir to their clan!

Tang Xin froze, realizing Li Dun had used his body to save her!

Even though she knew Li Dun had always been doing his best to protect her, just like what he did in the woods today, she has never felt so close to his heart.

He gave his all to save her life!

Worse yet, she couldn't imagine nor accept the fact that Li Dun was still willing to protect even after she had just admitted that Yan Buwen was the father of her child.

Why would he do this for her?!

She couldn't think of anything else anymore. When Li Dun's hands started to fall off her arms, she turned around and started bawling while hugging him.

"Li Dun.....Li Dun, why are you so foolish....."

Li Dun's lips were void of color. He couldn't speak, trying to suppress the pain.

Yang Chen was outraged but he didn't lose his cool over Li Dun's injury. Instead, he took this opportunity to move past the five fighters rapidly!


Yang Chen summoned all of his cultivation and the fighters' skulls were crushed into pieces followed by explosions!

The remaining ones were those without a weapon. Cai Ning and the other agents should have no problems dealing with them.

Yang Chen didn't have time to care for Li Dun. As long as Yan Buwen was still alive, Li Dun would not be the last!

Although he wasn't really sure if he could defeat him.

Yan Buwen seemed to be enjoying the grief that they were feeling. He only turned around to face Yang Chen after he had come to him.

"You should know that you're no longer worthy as my opponent. I will become the strongest man in the world after wiping out Hongmeng." Yan Buwen raised his chin cockily. "I may spare you if you submit to me and become my subordinate." 

Yang Chen clenched his fists and looked at those on the ground. "I don't know if I can kill you, but I won't die without knowing who was behind you, slaving you like the dog you are."

"What did you say?!" Yan Buwen glared at him.

"Was I wrong? I have to admit you did a good job hiding from me this well. You've also improved to an unimaginable level. But you wouldn't be able to achieve all this without the help of the person who snatched the mystical artifacts and stole God's Stone.

I don't know who they are but I do know that you are just someone’s lap dog. That person is my target." Yang Chen sneered.

Yan Buwen's body trembled with rage. "What do you even know! I don't want to waste my time talking to you. I'll prove to you today that I'm much stronger than you! I'll tear you until pieces and grind you into powder! Your lovers will be sent to the dirtiest place in the world and they will be toyed by different men! Only then will my hatred towards you will be relieved!"

The grey antimatter energy flickered at his chest!

Yang Chen became more serious. The Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy swirled around him, getting ready to face the antimatter energy head-on.

At the same time, he could feel an immense amount of pressure pressing onto him since he had unleashed all of his cultivation!

Clouds started to rumble, and the wind started to howl. The spaces around Yang Chen started to shake too!

Cai Ning felt more relieved after blinding the fighters with her hidden weapon.

No one thought of running away because it was already too late. Thousands of innocent people would die if even one of them tried to run!

The fight between Yang Chen and Yan Buwen would end in Beijing having either one or three reigning clans!

The atmosphere was tense and everyone was silent. And before long, Yan Buwen struck first!

Yan Buwen was filled with fury. Balls of light were formed on his hands too, alongside with the light on his chest!

"Go to hell!"

They could see three beams of antimatter energy moving towards Cai Ning and Tang Wan!


Yang Chen saw this coming. He would have been able to dodge it if Yan Buwen had attacked him. But now that he had decided to attack others, especially his lover, he had no choice but to suffer the blow for them!