Yang Chen appeared above them with his Heaven and Earth Restoration forming a swirling barrier around him which came into direct contact with the three pillars of light!

The sky was filled with a blinding grey light as the antimatter energy rained down around the barrier, landing onto the ground like droplets of water!

It was a beautiful sight to behold but the irony was that it was anything but beautiful to Yang Chen who took the brunt of it!

Yang Chen felt as though his bones were being ground into a powder and his organs were pounding against his body, begging to escape!

It was a fate worse than death. Yang Chen couldn't hold it in anymore. He coughed out a clump of blood that splattered all over the floor!

"Yang Chen!"

Everyone's heart dropped when they watched him.

Tang Wan and Cai Ning bit their lips with tears in their eyes!

Yang Chen was already struggling to withstand the attack from the bazookas. With the added pressure from Yan Buwen, how was he going to survive, let alone win?!

It was too much for Yang Chen to handle!

Just like a spring that was stretched past its limits, it would never return to its original shape!

Even though he could replenish his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, Yan Buwen's antimatter energy was the purest unstable energy around. With the aid of God's stone, he would theoretically have an unlimited amount of energy!

Besides that, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture didn't have any special characteristics to provide strong destructive power. All the skills Yang Chen had were self-taught and created.

It was sufficient to fight normal cultivators who were in the Soul Forming stage, but when it came to those who were in the Tribulation Passing stage, there was no telling if it was effective.

Yan Buwen had full control over God's Stone, fusing it with his body so that all of the antimatter energy was utilized. It was impossible for Yang Chen to win against him since he wasn't professionally trained!

Yang Chen would have been dead if it wasn't for the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy being greater than the common True Yuan and the fact that it was also able to be replenished quickly.

Still, Yang Chen tried his best to stand his ground. His face was pale and he was panting heavily from the stress of restoring his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.

"Struggling after only one blow? Didn't you say the winner is undetermined? You thought you were so mighty." Yan Buwen spoke as if speaking to a bug.

Yang Chen gritted his teeth, rage pooling in his heart.

But he had no idea how he should face him. He wasn’t familiar with antimatter energy. He knew the antimatter energy was the most primitive form of energy in the universe.

The universe had to be stable, the same was to be said for space, but the antimatter energy destabilized all of it!

This also meant that the energy in normal and stable space would be weak against the antimatter energy unless it was the purest stable energy!

But what kind of energy would be the most stable and yet pure enough to resist antimatter energy?!

Yang Chen was sure it existed. Every poison had an antidote. But what could this energy be?

Yan Buwen didn't give him any more time to think about it as another light pillar was shot out of Yan Buwen's chest! It was much thicker and brighter than the one before!

On both of his hands, an enormous ball of light started to form, as if he was trying to compress it into a giant ball!

Yang Chen didn't have time to think twice before facing it head-on!

He could dodge it, but his lovers wouldn't stand a chance against it!

He formed another barrier that was denser than the previous one by using his newly replenished Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.


Yang Chen felt as though his bones were being ripped out of his body. The veins in his eyes burst and he knew he couldn't withstand the continuous attacks any longer.

It was only a matter of time before his defeat!

Cai Ning was taking down the remaining fighters. She gasped when she saw what the attack did to Yang Chen.

"Yang Chen! Stop defending yourself and attack him instead! He's being so fearless because he knows you're trying to protect us!"

Li Moshen and others felt extremely useless. They knew they were just being a burden to Yang Chen!

Yang Chen sighed. If he chose to attack Yan Buwen, he could just shoot out light pillars whenever he wanted to. Even if Cai Ning could dodge it, what about Tang Wan?! What about Li Dun who was still injured?! And even if all of them managed to evade it, that did not mean that he could defeat Yan Buwen.

Li Dun quivered out of anger as he lied in Tang Xin's arms while giving a death stare towards Yan Buwen who was holding a mocking smile.

"I'm actually being a burden to Yang Chen....."

It was humiliating for a proud man like him to be beaten by Yan Buwen, someone who had gained his abilities through science experimentation! Being beaten by Yang Chen was acceptable since they had led different lives. But being beaten by Yan Buwen was purely unacceptable!

Tears fell down Tang Xin's face as she stared at the man in her arms. He was always smiling and now he looked so grim and weak. It was at this moment she realized, she didn't really care about how Yan Buwen treated her. Her heart was in pain to see Li Dun so weak and helpless

Yan Buwen looked down at everyone and sneered. "What a bunch of foolish pests. I'm toying with you because I’m lazy. If I was any more hardworking, I could have killed you all ages ago. If you have any last words, speak. Not that it would matter anyway."

Having said so, another ball of antimatter energy formed on both of his hands. Grey light sparkled around it like electric sparks and he threw it downwards abruptly!

It was more explosive than the light pillars!

Yang Chen hadn't thought of a way to win but was forced to withstand this attack. If he didn't, not only would everyone die, the shockwave would decimate everything within its enormous radius!

Even though those who sided with Tang Zhechen had already run far away. Their allegiance did not mean that they were spared from the oncoming attacks.

Yang Chen had used up all of his cultivation, putting in a greater amount of effort than the last duel. Although clouds were rolling in the sky and the wind was howling, there was no sign of thunders and lightning!

Yang Chen wished for a round of Nine Heavenly Lightning, hoping that it would blast Yan Buwen away with him. It didn't matter if he would be affected too.

But the heavenly tribulations that he had been hoping to avoid, was far far away from him!

Yang Chen knew that a second tribulation was still far away from him. It was impractical of him to think that he might improve his cultivation during a fight.

However, using just the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to withstand this attack seemed highly unlikely.

He gritted his teeth and retrieved the Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet from his void. It was a mystical artifact for defense and Xiao Zhiqing said it was a mid-lower tier artifact. Technically, it should outperform the monk’s bronze shield.

Yang Chen decided to use whatever he could even though he wasn't familiar with it!

All of this happened within a split second, just when the two balls of antimatter energy appeared in front of him, the Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet was turned activated with the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.

It glowed brightly and a white and gold sheet formed on top of everyone. All of Yang Chen's Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy was used to form a second barrier, protecting everyone else inside it!

The collision rang out with a deafening boom which made everyone shield their eyes and cover their ears, afraid of the aftermath of the attack!

Tang Wan and Cai Ning locked their eyes at Yang Chen, and they brightened with joy when they realized the two balls of energy had dissipated.

But within the next second, they shrieked when Yang Chen’s body fell out of the sky and plummeted toward the earth!