Yang Chen could no longer support himself when he realized that he was at the end of his abilities.

Yang Chen’s vision darkened, and his body felt light. He swayed in the air like a cloud before he felt something grab him and pull him straight into the ground.

He heard cries, growls, and laughter but it all sounded so far away.

It was as if nothing mattered to him anymore. He was too tired to contemplate his situation.

Was he dying?

He had been living on the brink of death. But this felt like it was happening for real.

Yang Chen always felt as though he had a lot of things on his shoulders. But when it came to his final moments in this lifetime, it would seem like nothing else mattered.

All these thoughts filled up his mind while darkness engulfed his consciousness…

Time passed by unknowingly. 

Yang Chen felt like his soul had left his body and that he was wandering in pitch darkness.

Somehow, he could hear someone calling for him.

“Hey, how could you give up so easily?”

It was a clear yet distant voice, and his words were transmitted into Yang Chen’s divine sense.

Yang Chen could feel an ancient aura surrounding him. He tried to ask about his visitor but nothing escaped his mouth.

He couldn’t even open his eyes, let alone figure out if he was dead or alive.

“Every being has a soul in this vast world and they’re able to communicate with each other. One who cultivates with the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy should be the most powerful one and yet he ignores the most important point of using tricks to achieve his goals. Mystical artifacts? What a joke, they make use of the energy from Heaven and Earth. Why not just be one with it? Each energy is different. The power of Heaven is overbearing but it is the truth of all things…”

The voice drawled on slowly as Yang Chen fell into deep thought.

Somehow, he was no longer wondering about the person behind this voice nor did he care about his current state.

Energy, power?

Something flashed past his mind, but it slipped by so fast he couldn’t quite catch it.

It was so mystical like an unopened door. For all he knew, he might be able to enter into a whole new world.

Finally, the voice changed slightly after talking about all the mystical things.

“Oh well, I can help you this time but actually getting it depends on you.”

Back at the Tang mansion, Cai Ning jumped and caught Yang Chen who was falling off the sky. She carried him in her arms and landed in front of everyone.

They sucked in a breath when they saw what state he was in.

He wasn’t the same person at all!

Blood was dripping out of his eyes, nostrils, mouth and even his ears. His clothes were drenched with blood! He was still bleeding from his wounds which did not seem to heal. 

Tang Wan had lost the strength to cry. She covered her mouth and fell to the ground in defeat.

Cai Ning tightened her jaw, glaring at Yan Buwen who was cackling in the air nonstop.

Li Moshen and Cai Yuncheng could barely stand upright. Li Moshen even had to hold onto his son Li Yunpeng to stop himself from falling down.

Yang Chen lost!?!

The fact that Yang Chen was beaten so badly appalled them!

The Hongmeng Messenger was killed almost instantaneously and Yang Chen was down too!

Was this really happening?!

Tang Zhechen’s glinted with triumph as he watched from afar. Things were going the way he wanted it to be!

Yan Buwen cackled and blew at his fingers. “Pfft, Pluto? How weak, a true invincible man shouldn’t have any weak spots. All I did was threaten you with your lovers and you didn’t even stand a chance against me.”

“You jerk! You didn’t dare to face him head-on so you used us as bait! You’re not a man!” Tang Wan shrieked, her voice filled with pain. No matter how strong she appeared to be, Yang Chen’s death was not something she could process so easily!

Yan Buwen looked at her in disdain. “Foolish woman, I could’ve let you go if you had followed that old man. But now, I don’t think I need your negativity.”

Having said so, Yan Buwen raised his hand and another ball of antimatter energy was formed. 

He was planning to use this as his last and final attack!

Right at this critical moment, Yang Chen, who was in Cai Ning’s arms, moved!

He trembled slightly and sat up on his own.

Although he was still wobbling, he managed to stand up and raised his head.

When he opened his eyes, he seemed to be in a daze. But if one were to look closer, it would appear that his gaze held a certain depth to it 

“Oh? You can still stand up? Interesting.” Yan Buwen smirked. “I could always kill you again anyways.”

He waved his hand down!

A surge of antimatter energy was shot towards Yang Chen again!

“No!” Cai Ning exclaimed.

How would he be able to withstand the attack with the state that he was in?!

Cai Ning didn’t hesitate at all and jumped in front of Yang Chen!

She closed her eyes as tears dripped down her cheeks!

Cai Yuncheng’s heart dropped when he saw that his daughter had planned to block the attack for Yang Chen!

Just when everyone thought Cai Ning would die under the attack, something shocking happened!

The light disappeared mysteriously when it was about to touch Cai Ning! 

It was like something invisible had swallowed the energy!

Cai Ning was ready to die for Yang Chen, but nothing happened to her. She turned around curiously to see what had defended her. 

Yan Buwen was startled to see the change of events.


Yang Chen chuckled with a weird demeanor. He looked up with a smile that was impossible to be discerned. 

“All the paths in this world lead to the same destination. Even if it doesn’t belong to Heaven and Earth, it definitely exists in the space. How dare you act so smug and arrogant because of the crooked paths? So ridiculous…”

Yan Buwen furrowed his brows. Something was wrong with this scene.

“You sound so cocky for a loser. Did you really think you can scare me away with that speech?! Face my wrath!”

Rage took over his mind and he summoned all his antimatter energy. Three enormous balls of energy were formed on both his hands and chest!

Yang Chen absorbed the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy quickly to heal himself. Under the worrisome gaze of others, Yang Chen rose to the air again!

“I won’t give you a chance to heal yourself anymore. I want you to disappear for good!” Yan Buwen’s facial muscles strained as this attack had taken more out of him than he originally planned.

Yang Chen was still unfazed. He closed his eyes, as though enjoying the sound of wind and clouds which moved around him.

Yan Buwen took his actions as a slap to the face!

“Die!” Yan Buwen growled. 

With a blinding light, the energy balls were shot towards Yang Chen!

Everyone was worried about Yang Chen but their worry turned to shock at the turn of events!

The three balls of light dissipated again!

Not only did it vanish after diminishing in size, the grey energy even started to surround Yang Chen!

When the grey antimatter energy reformed around Yang Chen, it slowly turned purple in color. Upon closer inspection, it looked very similar to purple lightning sparking around him!

“All beings in this world originate from the same source. How does it feel to have your antimatter energy turn into a purple lightning dragon?” 

Yang Chen chuckled. The lightning around him swirled and formed a thick column before falling downwards!


It sounded like a dragon’s howl and before they realized how it happened, the dragon had engulfed Yan Buwen completely! 

The immense power from the lightning attack was unimaginably strong!

Yan Buwen dodged most of it but was still struck by part of the attack!


Yan Buwen stood stiffly after suffering the attack. He shivered and the smell of something burning. His clothes were burnt into rags from the lightning!

The pain he felt from the inside of his body was nothing like he had ever experienced! If it wasn’t for the antimatter energy healing his body, he would’ve been dead!

Everyone was shocked. Not only did he withstand the attack, he even make use of it by changing it into another form!

Yang Chen was unfazed, he smiled lazily and said, “Your antimatter energy might be pure but it’s weak. Let me show you what I have prepared for you…”