The clouds rolled quicker across the sky as if under Yang Chen’s command!

Sparks started to materialize as the clouds multiplied in numbers. The thunders roared while lightning flashed...

It was as though a wave of soldiers were descending from the sky, preparing for an attack!

Yan Buwen stared at the sky with a blank expression on his face.

“Where are you looking at?” Yang Chen squinted his eyes and asked.

Yan Buwen looked back and saw a snake crawling up Yang Chen’s hand!

It was a snake made of fire and Yan Buwen could sense its power rumbling from within!

Even though it was scorching hot, Yang Chen showed no signs of discomfort!

“All beings in the world follow the rules of Yin and Yang; water, earth, wind, thunder, lightning and fire. The Nanming Li Fire may not be as good as the Samadhi True Fire and Xuanmi Ye Fire, but it’s also the purest Fire Yuan. It’s enough to defeat you.”

As soon as he finished, the fire snake jolted up and flew towards Yan Buwen!

It started to expand the moment it left Yang Chen’s arm!

The fire snake started off as thick as a man’s arm, but it then expanded into a ten-meter-long fire dragon!

Yan Buwen wanted to dodge but he realized that his surroundings were already filled with the ferocious Fire Yuan. There was no way to escape its wrath, so he decided to face it straight on!

He summoned a surge of antimatter energy but when the fire dragon engulfed him; all he felt was a feeling of fire burning through his body!

From an outsider’s view, the fight would only seem like the start of a thunderstorm, yet who would’ve thought that under the dark clouds stood a fire dragon, whose body radiated a glow which tainted the sky orange and red!

It growled while it moved as if threatening to tear the sky in half!

The dazzling lights seemed like aurora from afar, no one would have thought a vicious battle was going on in the sky!


Yan Buwen groaned in disbelief; although his antimatter energy could withstand and dissipate the Fire Yuan, the dragon’s energy seemed endless!

“The power of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy is limitless; how dare you compare your energy with mine?”

Yan Buwen felt as though he was drowning in a sea of flames, engulfed by the fire around him!

If it wasn’t for his self-recovery ability, he would’ve been turned to ash by now!

“Don’t be cocky! I’ll never lose!” Yan Buwen screeched. The God’s Stone in his chest started to release the antimatter energy again, causing another ball of silver light to form!

“You’re wasting your energy,” Yang Chen said in disdain as his hand transformed into a mighty claw!


Everyone on the ground covered their ears instantly! 

Sparks flew as a bolt of purple lightning struck the earth, plummeting past the dark clouds! 

However, it didn’t disappear immediately like any ordinary lightning. Instead, it turned into a serpent of lightning; being held by Yang Chen!
The serpent remained in his hand like a giant whip!

Just as Yan Buwen defeated the fire dragon, Yang Chen struck again before he could recover.

“Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning!”

He cracked the whip which was made out of the heavenly lightning, aiming it straight at Yan Buwen’s face.

Yan Buwen didn’t even have time to react or dodge from his attack!

It sounded as though space was being torn apart by the lightning and the sky was flooded with purple light.

Yan Buwen felt some kind of indescribable energy traveling up his spine and then realized he had lost control of his body. The antimatter shield that had been surrounding him got wiped out by the lightning!

If only Christen and Poseidon were here, although they had witnessed his first time surviving the first stage of the Nine Heavenly Lightning, they still would have been filled with utmost disbelief.

The Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning that was supposedly used for heavenly tribulations, was now being used as a weapon by Yang Chen!

Yan Buwen’s body was covered in ashes. The black God’s Stone on his chest shone quickly as if it had become weak after being struck by the heavenly lightning.

Yang Chen stood afloat in the sky and sneered at Yan Buwen.

He floated down slowly and walked towards Yang Chen. Golden and red flames danced on his palm like a flowering lotus as he moved it closer to Yan Buwen’s chest…

“This is the Samadhi True Fire. You won’t be able to withstand a single attack from it. Everything started because of the God’s Stone, so I shall end it today.”

Yan Buwen glowered with fury because of Yang Chen, but he no longer had any strength to fight back.

Others watched on with shock when they saw how the golden flames burnt the God’s Stone, smoldering as it shrunk in size.

Yan Buwen’s gaze turned empty and eventually become void of color when the stone was completely burnt…

His once-invincible body now vanished into thin air! 

It was as though he never existed.

Later, the Li and Cai clan members cheered when they realized what had happened!

Cai Ning and Tang Wan shed tears of joy; Tang Xin smiled in relief while holding onto Li Dun.

The fight lasted less than two hours but they had been through so much that it felt like a century.

Yan Buwen’s existence had been haunting them for ages and they were finally able to leave it all behind!

Tang Wan and Cai Ning looked at each other and shared a warm smile.

Although they never really knew each other before this; today’s incident had pulled them closer.

Cai Ning saw how Tang Wan insisted to be with Yang Chen whereas Tang Wan saw how Cai Ning was willing to sacrifice herself for Yang Chen.

In the past, they would have rather not acknowledged each other; but now they were glad to have met one another.

Just as they were about to walk towards Yang Chen, they were shocked to see him limping!

“Yang Chen!”

Both of them shrieked which made everyone snap out of their celebration and pay attention to Yang Chen.

He had fallen to the ground as if he didn’t have any energy left in his body!

Cai Ning carried him up and realized that he was still conscious. He looked dazed.

They were both relieved yet curious to see the expressions on his face. Could it be that he wasn’t happy about Yan Buwen’s defeat?

“What’s wrong? Why are you making this face, are you sick?” Tang Wan concernedly inquired.

Yang Chen looked up to the sky, still looking lost.

The thunderclouds were already gone, and the wind had stopped howling. No evidence of the fight lingered except for the marks on the ground.

“Part of Heaven and Earth, power…” Yang Chen mumbled.

“What?” They couldn’t hear him clearly.

Yang Chen took a deep breath and mumbled bitterly, “Such an irresponsible man, why couldn’t he teach me everything…when will I figure it out by myself…”

Cai Ning and Tang Wan were lost, confused to hear him speak to himself. 

Yang Chen snapped out of it and saw that Cai Ning was carrying him. He giggled and leaned against her, rubbing his cheeks against her chest...