Cai Ning wasn’t on the busty end for a woman, but her chest was soft and full nonetheless.

Yang Chen sighed in enjoyment. “Ning Er, you smell so good.”

Cai Ning turned red. She pushed him away and quickly reprimanded his actions. “Stop pretending!”

“Eh, Ning Er, don’t be shy. We should celebrate the fact that we survived.” Yang Chen turned around and smiled brightly. “Kiss me. Oh, Xiao Wan is here as well. Let’s share the kiss”

Following that, Yang Chen opened his arms wide and pulled them both in for a hug.

Li Moshen and others were bewildered by the dramatic turn of events. He had just survived a harsh battle and the next thing he did was to flirt with his lovers?

Tang Wan was embarrassed to be called Xiao Wan. No matter how young she looked on the outside, everyone knew that she was in fact several years older than Yang Chen!

She pushed him away. “Don’t call me that! I have a name!”

Yang Chen scratched his head. “But that’s what I call you in bed though.”

“You…you, shut up!” Tang Wan was about to lose her mind. She’d much rather have Yang Chen knocked out cold than face the weird looks Cai Ning was giving her!

Cai Yuncheng couldn’t stand it anymore. He coughed a few times and walked towards them. “Yang Chen, let’s focus on one thing at a time. There are still issues regarding the Tang clan.”

Only then Yang Chen stood up with an uninterested expression. He patted his clothes and said, “What else is there to talk about? Yan Buwen’s dead. You can do as you wish with the remaining clan members.”

Yang Chen had to be considerate. After all, Tang Zhechen was Tang Wan’s grandfather. Although the things he did were despicable, killing him off in front of Tang Wan was a little over the top. Yang Chen was just worried that he would upset Tang Wan if he acted rashly.

Li Moshen and Cai Yuncheng exchanged glances, thinking to themselves that Yang Chen was truly a sly man.

On the other hand, the Tang clan members distanced themselves from Tang Zhechen when they realized the tables had turned.

Tang Zhechen’s face aged drastically, knowing that his plan had failed. He stumbled onto his wheelchair and stared soullessly into space.

Li Moshen gestured his agents to move and they immediately surrounded Tang Zhechen.


Tang Wan mumbled. Her eyes glistened with tears, but she couldn’t seem to finish her sentence.

Tang Zhechen looked up at her. “You don’t have to look at me with such a pitiful gaze. Success and failure are inevitable things in life. I have lived long enough to know that my failure was destined for you guys to last. Even if I had lost, the Tang clan will still remain.” 

Having said so, Tang Zhechen looked at Yang Chen with a mocking gaze. “Kid, even if you defeated Yan Buwen, you still wouldn’t last against that person. One day you will realize that your efforts were futile!”

Yang Chen didn’t respond. There was nothing left to say. 

“Hmph, I know you well. You wouldn’t harm our clan as long as Xiao Wan is around. Besides, I alone am responsible for this. I was ready for the clan to suffer losses. I even made plans in the event Tang Huang or Tang Wan dies in the battle, by sending Tang Jue to Russia. But it looks like I wasted my time”

Tang Wan shrieked when she heard that. “Tang Jue went to Russia because of this?!”

She knew her younger brother was sent to Russia to take care of their business there. But she did not know the reason why. She never would have thought Tang Zhechen planned it to make sure their clan still had an heir!

“Old Tang, you really thought it through. It’s too bad you misjudged Yang Chen’s abilities.” Li Moshen said.

“So what? At least I tried to fight those rotten jerks from Hongmeng! You scurry under their feet like dogs! The whole country is being controlled by monsters who think so highly of themselves!” Tang Zhechen spat out.

Cai Yuncheng frowned. “It may be. Yang Chen, what do you think we should do with Tang Zhechen?” 

“What you do with him is none of my business.”

Yang Chen ignored them and walked next to Li Dun. He bent down and place his fingers on Li Dun’s wrist.

Tang Xin let go of Li Dun immediately when she saw Yang Chen. She moved away and looked at them with a worrisome look.

Yang Chen had already recovered so he immediately summoned a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy into Li Dun’s body. The remaining antimatter energy was purged which allowed the wound to heal.

Li Dun grinned when color returned to his face. “Yang Chen, what made you snap out of it just now? I thought we were finished for real!”

Yang Chen pursed his lips. “That wasn’t me…”

“Wasn’t you? What do you mean?” Li Dun was puzzled.  

Yang Chen knew it was impossible to explain what he had gone through. He witnessed everything with his own eyes and yet he had no control over his body.

He could feel the movement of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy around him but felt like a third party to the whole experience.

Li Dun didn’t probe further. Instead, he stood up and gripped Tang Xin’s hands tightly.

“Xin Er, I am sure you have no reason to reject me anymore,” Li Dun sounded earnest. “I know you fell for me. Stop denying it.”

Tang Xin didn’t expect him to propose this out of nowhere. She struggled to escape from his grip. “Stop it, things aren’t over yet.”

“Who cares about that! Nothing else matters more than you!” Li Dun slapped his chest and yelled.

Li Moshen and Li Yunpeng’s faces darkened when they heard that.

Li Yunpeng scowled. “You punk! Look around you! This is not the time or place!”

“I’m trying to get a daughter-in-law for you, why should I care about the time or place to do it?”

Li Dun rolled his eyes at his father. He held Tang Xin’s hands and looked at her with a sincere gaze. “Xin Er, you’re the first and last girl that I’ll ever love. Will you marry me?”

Tang Xin’s cheeks reddened but her gaze was filled with sadness as she struggled to give an answer.

“I’m just a silly woman who lied to herself into being used. I’ve been used as a tool, and I’m not as pretty or useful as the rest. You’re the heir to the Li clan and you’re so powerful. I’m sure many girls better than me will like you. You shouldn’t waste your time on someone like me. You’re rushing things. Once you’ve calmed down, I’m sure you’ll see the difference between us. Li Dun, I can’t accept your proposal. I can’t hurt you. So…thank you but I can’t accept it.”

Tang Wan and others were saddened by hearing her words. Yang Chen, on the other hand, was watching with an amused expression.

Li Dun was losing his cool. “You keep saying you’re not worthy for me but why are you rejecting me once again?! I begged you and you rejected me, fine. But I just saved your life! Why can’t you repay me by being my wife?!”

“You…how could you say that?” Tang Xin looked around awkwardly. A lot of the Tang clan members looked at them with an envious gaze.

“Xin Er, just say yes. Be mine for the rest of your life,” Li Dun pleaded. “I swear that I won’t bother you in your next life or any subsequent ones! I promise that you’ll be showered with love for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe me, I swear I’ll die later than you!”

Tang Xin’s eyes were filled with tears. “But…I’m pregnant…”

“I don’t care. I love you no matter what! I will still love you and the baby even if it’s not mine!”

Tears dripped down her cheeks. It was heartbreaking to see him go this far for her.

“He’s crazy, he’s really crazy…” Li Moshen mumbled with a pale face, whereas Li Yunpeng watched on with a helpless expression.

There was nothing else they could say to stop him. 

The Tang clan members looked on with disbelief. They never expected Li Dun to say this for Tang Xin! 

If Tang Xin was really pregnant with Yan Buwen’s child, this meant that the Li clan would be raising his child!

Li Dun bellowed in anger when Tang Xin kept quiet. “I’ve done everything I could for you! How am I going to live if you’re still going to reject me?! I’ve been courting you for almost a year and still, I’ve failed! I should…I should just die!”

Li Dun raised his palm and was about to slap his own forehead!


Tang Xin pulled his arm and looked at him with a tearful gaze.

“Who’s going to buy me ice cream if you are dead…”

It was so random it stunned Li Dun for a moment. But his facial expression quickly changed to joy when he understood!

“Haha! Xin Er, is that a yes?!”

Li Dun pulled her into his arms without any hesitation when he saw how embarrassed she looked. He wrapped his arms so tightly, he would never let her go!