The clouds above Beijing had started to dissipate, but things were slightly different at the North Pole.

It was completely void of life due to the inhumane living conditions and temperatures.

Well, it was mostly devoid of life.

Below the snow-covered ground was an enormous laboratory made of metal. It was filled with equipment which was displaying complicated signals and pictures. Amidst all that, numerous thick glass tubes stood tall in the room.

Nutrient solutions were filled in these transparent glass tubes and inside them were biochemically modified human bodies.

In one of the tubes, a man with long hair seemed to have awakened! 

He opened his eyes.

As though a switch flipped in his mind, his eyes immediately filled with rage and hatred.

His fists trembled in the solution and moments later, he reached out and pressed onto a special button inside the tube.

Once the button was pressed, the nutrient solution was sucked from the tube, causing the inner portion of the tube to dry up.

Half a minute later, the man opened up the tube and walked out of it.

His body seemed to be weak as he struggled onto the platform.

In the middle of the platform was a small piece of black crystal. It was emitting silver light out of it beneath the white cover. 

A maniac grin appeared on his face and he mumbled softly to himself. “Yang Chen, you really think you could kill me? I always have a backup plan. I will be able to kill you as long as God’s Stone remains in my possession!”

Yan Buwen pressed his forehead after saying that. He slid down onto the floor and panted heavily. It would be sometime before he could adjust to his new body.

At this moment, the metal doors opened with a loud creaking sound and three silhouettes of a woman with two men flanking her walked in. 

The woman was dressed in a reddish dress, emitting a sexy and seductive vibe.

One of the men was dressed in military uniform and the other one was dressed in stripes like a patient’s outfit. 

Despite the frigid temperatures of the North Pole, they did not seem to mind the cold.

Yan Buwen looked up and furrowed his brows when he recognized them, “Why are you guys still here? Didn’t I ask you guys to go back to China?”

These three people were Luo Cuishan, Yang Lie and Wen Tao respectively!

Yang Lie smiled faintly. “There’s no point in going back. We might as well wait for your return here. We just received news from Beijing that you were killed by that bastard. Surely someone like you would have a backup plan. We were right after all.”

“Hmph.” Disdain flashed cross Yan Buwen’s eyes.“Why? Do you wish for me to die instead?”

“Of course not.” Luo Cuishan giggled. She walked forward and helped him up, letting him sit on a metal chair. “We would’ve been dead ages ago if it wasn’t for you. We’re relying on you to kill those idiots in Beijing.”

“What a bunch of losers. If it wasn’t for me, you guys would rot to your grave.” Yan Buwen sneered.

Wen Tao walked forward timidly and asked, “Young Master Yan, how did you revive yourself? Can you tell me? What you did was so amazing, and it made me curious!”

Yan Buwen looked at him with an arrogant gaze. “Your body might have been modified in the same way Yang Lie and Luo Cuishan’s are. But you are and will always be a beggar. Heh, you’re destined to this fate forever.” 

Wen Tao cowered and he lowered his head even more.

“I don’t mind telling you, but you might not understand it,” Yan Buwen said with an arrogant tone. “I cloned my body and copied my memories onto a biochip. I sync it and set a password on it. If my original body was destroyed, the biochip will be activated. My memories would be copied over into the new body and so on. The so-called scientists of this world would not be able to utilize this technology. I doubt they would be able to achieve this even in the next century.”

Yan Buwen seemed boastful. After all, he was the only one who could make use of this super-advanced technology.

He would never die as long as his base was not discovered!

But on the other hand, he was exasperated by the fact that the Tang clan could no longer be his ATM anymore since Tang Zhechen had been his benefactor. He had to look for a new pig to butcher for money now.

Wen Tao looked at him with eyes filled with admiration. “I didn’t know that it works this way…Young Master Yan, you’re really a genius!”

“Hahahaha!” Yan Buwen cackled. “You’re good at flattering. I like that.”

Wen Tao shook his head with an earnest expression. “No no, those were my sincere words.”

“Hmm, I’ll take it.” Yan Buwen was delighted.

Yang Lie and Luo Cuishan exchanged glances and a weird smile formed on their faces as if they were mocking something.

Confusion appeared on Wen Tao’s face and he asked again, “Young Master Yan, do you feel unwell? Why do you look kind of sick?”

Yan Buwen tightened his jaw when he heard that. “I’m fine. I’ll recover once I blend God’s Stone into this new body! I will wreak havoc on Beijing once again!”

Wen Tao glanced at the God’s Stone and asked with a soft voice, “So that’s the God’s Stone…”

“Doesn’t look like much, does it?” Yan Buwen glanced at him. “It might be a small piece, but I have my own way to expand its powers. The antimatter energy can be expanded through self-absorption.” 

Wen Tao nodded with a dazed expression. “Young Master Yan, let me bring you some clothes.”

Yan Buwen looked at his naked body and even though he didn’t mind it, he still nodded.

Luo Cuishan giggled after Wen Tao ran off. “Buwen, it looks like the little cripple really admires you.”

“He’s bound to be eaten up alive by a bitch like you.” Yan Buwen scorned.

Luo Cuishan huffed and extended her left arm around Yan Buwen’s neck and her other hand went down his chest.

Yan Buwen started to react to her touch instinctively. 

He moaned hoarsely when her hand slipped down his abdomen and reached his shaft.

Yang Lie watched on with a calm expression.

Luo Cuishan blew into his ears and smiled amorously. “How’s this, am I still a bitch?”

“Hmph.” Yan Buwen grunted. He hadn’t gained enough strength in his legs, but he still gripped her neck and pulled her down onto his lap. 

Luo Cuishan didn’t resist and placed herself in between his thighs. She gave him a look before opening her mouth to engulf his shaft!

Yan Buwen groaned out of pleasure. He threw his head back, enjoying her service. 

At this time, Wen Tao walked into the room while holding a white robe. His pupils constricted for a second when he saw what Luo Cuishan was doing but he quickly recollected himself. 

He walked up the stairs carefully and walked behind Yan Buwen. “Young Master Yan, allow me to dress you!”

Yan Buwen was immersed in the moisture and softness of her mouth. He nodded casually and opened his arms.

Luo Cuishan’s eyes glinted suddenly while giving him a blowjob!

And one split second later, she bit down on his shaft!


Yan Buwen felt as though a beast had torn open his chest the moment the pain reached his brain!

But before he could push Luo Cuishan away, Wen Tao had taken out a dagger from the white robe and sliced through his throat!!

Yan Buwen couldn’t even react to the attack. His head had been detached from his body!

Luo Cuishan stood up with a blood-covered face and she was still biting on the broken shaft.

She spat the dirty thing out of her mouth, and it dropped onto Yan Buwen’s neck which was still gushing out blood. 

She giggled wickedly and Yang Lie clapped his hands. “Nice one, it was so perfect that you didn’t even need my help.”

There was no longer any hint of flattery on Wen Tao’s face. It was now cruel and merciless instead.

He tossed the dagger and stepped onto Yan Buwen’s head, turning it into a pile of meat.

“Dumbass, how dare you act so arrogant in front of us when you have not recovered.” Wen Tao snorted. “Everything you owned now belongs to me!”