No matter how careful Yan Buwen was, he never would have thought that his final breath would be right after reincarnating into his experimental body.

Same went for Yang Chen, he never would have thought that the man who he had been tracking down for ages and defeated with his own body, was not really dead!

Wen Tao spat on Yan Buwen’s remains, as if telling the world that the top scientist in China was truly dead.

Yang Lie’s eyes glinted. “Are you confident that you can manage his technology?” 

Wen Tao glanced at him and pointed at his own head, “Did you forget what he said? What he used to sync his memories?”

“Little cripple, are you talking about the biochip?” Luo Cuishan smiled amorously. 

“That’s right.” Wen Tao grinned. “We just need to remove the biochip from his brain and get what we need. After that, it will be easy to gain his powers. As long as we don’t face Yang Chen head on like an idiot, I’m sure we can defeat him from the dark!”

Yang Lie raised his eyebrows.“Then I’ll be looking forward to it. I’ll take care of the supplies.”

Luo Cuishan giggled. “You’ve already been removed from the Yang clan. Did you happen to hide some money before you left?” 

“Hmph.” Yang Lie sneered. “A camel will always be bigger than a horse. Besides, I haven’t lost just yet….”

Wen Tao and Luo Cuishan exchanged glances and smiled knowingly.

Back in Beijing, the fate of the Tang clan had already been decided. 

Tang Zhechen had no way out but due to his pride, he couldn’t accept to live the rest of his life in jail.

When he took out a gun from his pocket and shot himself, Yang Chen didn’t stop him despite being able to.

No one doubted the fact that the old man had made a final right choice.

At least he died with his last bit of dignity as the clan leader.

Although they were cruelly treated, Tang Wan and Tang Xin couldn’t help but mourn over the loss of their grandfather.  

The marriage news between Li Dun and Tang Xin seemed pale in comparison with Tang Zhechen’s death.  

Now that the Tang clan had lost their leader, the only capable heirs were Tang Wan and Tang Huang.

Although they had been competing with each other, weirdly enough they had chosen to work together peacefully.

Tang Huang was still in charge of their family businesses in the north with Tang Wan in charge of the south.

Technically, because Tang Zhechen had almost committed treason, the Tang clan should have been removed from the four major clans and their properties should have been confiscated.

But somehow, it puzzled the high society that the Tang clan was unaffected except for the death of their clan leader.

Even the Li, Ning and Yang clan didn’t seize the opportunity to take advantage of them.

Only those who were closer to the truth understood the reason behind this outcome.

The Tang clan might have lost their leader, but they still had Tang Wan. Even though she wasn’t really authoritative enough, her lover made sure that no one made a move against them.

No matter how much Li Moshen wanted to take them down, he had to be mindful of Yang Chen.

Besides that, there were plenty of mysteries left to unfold.

Firstly, the Tang clan actually had a grudge against Hongmeng and there was something more to Tang Wan’s father, Tang Lun’s, death.

Secondly, they had uncovered a layer of the mysterious veil that was on Hongmeng. No one knew what Hongmeng would do now that Yan Buwen had killed their messenger.

To Li Moshen and others, they knew better than to interfere with future conflicts. They wouldn’t dare offend Yang Chen especially when they might need Yang Chen’s help in the future.

The most awkward part of all was the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade that was under Cai Yuncheng command. It was his first time meeting the founder, Hongmeng and their messenger, but he had died under the hands of Yan Buwen!

He was extremely worried that Hongmeng would question him even though it wasn’t his fault.

Therefore, Cai Yuncheng could only rely on Yang Chen, hoping that he would help him considering the fact that he had given him two of his daughters.

In that afternoon, the news of Tang Zhechen’s passing was announced under the pretense of illness.

Yang Chen calculated the time and realized that Lin Ruoxi would only reach Zhonghai at night, so he accompanied Tang Wan to the funeral.

Tang Wan wasn’t doing so well. She had been close to her grandfather and the fact that he had been using her was a huge shock. She would have lost her composure had it not been for her past experiences. 

Almost everyone attended the funeral except for the clan members who were taking care of the family businesses around the world. Tang Tang wasn’t summoned either since Tang Wan didn’t want her daughter to see her in this state.

Tang Wan only returned to her own mansion late at night after bidding goodbye to the guests who had come to pay their respects.

Things had changed so suddenly, and it felt so surreal to her.

From tomorrow onwards, the Tang clan would just be the tycoon who relied on the Yang clan instead of being one of the four major clans.

When Tang Wan walked into the mansion, she saw Yang Chen who was making a call in the living room. Her gaze softened when she was reminded of how he went all out to save them. If it wasn’t for him, she would have been dead ages ago.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, he heard from Ron that the airplane had landed in Zhonghai. But when he called Lin Ruoxi’s cellphone, it wasn’t ringing at all!

He called home and Wang Ma who had returned home with Lin Ruoxi told him that Lin Ruoxi drove off without telling her where she went.

Yang Chen called her office and her cellphone but to no avail. He was about to call Molin to ask about Lin Ruoxi’s whereabouts when he saw Tang Wan.
His heart wrenched when he saw her smiling at him with a pale face. He sighed and put down his cellphone. “Are they all gone?”
“Hmm.” Tang Wan nodded. She walked behind Yang Chen and wrapped her arms around his neck, sighing deeply. “They said they’re here to bid goodbye but I’m sure that they’re secretly happy.”

“Looks like you and Tang Huang will have your work cut out for you. People will take this as an opportunity to get ahead of you.”

“They can do whatever they want. Those who attack first will show their weakness, I’m not afraid of them anyways.”

Yang Chen stroked her smooth cheeks and stood up to hug her tightly.

“Do you want me to accompany you for a few more days?”

“Your bride must hate you for coming back abruptly. You should go back tomorrow morning.” Tang Wan had also heard about Lin Ruoxi’s return.

Yang Chen sighed. It wasn’t as easy as that, in fact, it didn’t seem like she would give him a chance to explain himself. 

“You’re still being considerate at times like this. You really are the perfect mistress.” Yang Chen teased.

Tang Wan rolled her eyes. “I’m not just a mistress. I bet others think of me as a disloyal woman.”

“How dare they think badly of Xiao Wan. I’ll kill them now!” Yang Chen said sternly.

Tang Wan chuckled, finally smiling once again. She said softly, “It feels great to have someone to depend on. Thank you for staying back.”

Yang Chen patted her back with one hand, and he groped her butt with his other hand. He really enjoyed the plump sensation.

“I might be a pervert, but I still have a conscience.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Tang Wan blushed when she realized he was fondling her butt. She looked up with a hazy gaze and pecked his lips.

“I want you.”

Yang Chen would have doubted his ears if they weren’t so close to each other.

He was startled at first and he took a deep breath afterward. “When did you become so straightforward.”

“I have a condition.”

“What is it?”

“I want to return to Zhonghai happy after this.” Tang Wan smiled with an amorous gaze.

Yang Chen did not reply with words. Instead, he ripped her shirt in two!

Tang Wan gasped when the buttons fell onto the floor. With flushed cheeks, she told him, “You…not so rough…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Yang Chen had pushed his lips against hers.

They shared an intense French kiss with Yang Chen sucking on her tongue aggressively.

Yang Chen tore her bra and pants apart, leaving her in her purple lace panty.

He lifted her up and pressed her down onto the coffee table.

He panted, landing hot breath on her, “How could you return to Zhonghai happy if I am not rough today?”

Tang Wan could no longer think straight. She felt something penetrating her and couldn’t think about anything else other than moaning instinctively out of pleasure.