Yang Chen’s eyes shone with excitement. Lin Ruoxi on the other hand, was barely able to contain her emotions.

“I’ve been holding myself back for almost two years. Now that we have finally properly officiated our wedding, I think it’s high time that we consummated it.”

“Yang…Yang Chen...”

“What?” Yang Chen grinned. “Well, we’re married now, aren’t we?”

“You’re not like that, you’re not…” Lin Ruoxi pleaded. “Wait...”

Her pleas were in vain as she felt something hard slip between her thighs.

She could even feel the immense heat radiating from it despite their clothes being in the way.

The raging hormones frightened her, made her feel embarrassed. 

Yang Chen couldn’t care less. He started to lay kisses on her forehead, cheek, and nape. Occasionally, he would slide his lips past her own.

His teasing made her pant and stutter. “Yang Chen…”

“You smell so good.”

Her pleasant scent had woken the sleeping beast within him and it wasn’t about to return to slumber.

He locked her in between his arms and started to lay his hands on her waist. One of his hands went up to her breast whereas the other one slid down to her buttocks.

Her coat had a deep neckline which made it easy for him to slide his hands under it. He unbuttoned her shirt and started to grope her breast. 

It was so smooth that it felt like a plush cushion of the highest quality.

He could feel her body tremble when his fingers came into contact with her nipple.

Lin Ruoxi was awfully sensitive. His touch made her moan and it would have driven any man crazy!

The lust in Yang Chen’s eyes intensified. He was akin to a beast, ready to swallow her whole!

Lin Ruoxi could feel the sexual stimulation from his touch and slowly but surely, she stopped resisting his advances.

Tears leaked from the corner of her eyes as she drifted off into a world of pleasure.

Much to her embarrassment, she could feel something wet trickling out of her.

This rough man had wronged her, but she was still sexually aroused, causing her to submit herself to him instinctively.

Lin Ruoxi was frustrated with her situation but decided that it was best to just give in.  

It had been almost two years. She should have given herself to him earlier. Oh well, what choice did she have? He was her husband after all.

Maybe she was destined to be bullied by him…

Nonetheless, she wouldn’t forgive him easily for doing this to her in her office!

Lin Ruoxi could no longer think straight because Yang Chen’s right hand had already pulled her skirt down.

She rubbed her thighs together unconsciously, feeling the emptiness down there.


They made out passionately. Yang Chen bit down on her tongue and sucked on her tongue continuously.

At the same time, he pushed open her thighs and forced his hand between them.

He started rubbing her flesh when he felt something moist down there.

Lin Ruoxi’s face reddened significantly. She shivered uncontrollably when he kept fondling down low.

She started to grow more and more wet with each stroke between her legs.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know her body would react like this. She was so embarrassed that she started to sob.

Yang Chen let go of her lips finally and smirked. “I never expected my dear wife to be this sensitive…you’re like a waterfall down there.”


Lin Ruoxi turned around. Her eyelids were trembling as she bit her lip; not daring to look at him or listen to his words.

Yang Chen kissed her cheeks, relishing the soft bounce in her skin.

“I was drunk during our first intercourse and so were you. I couldn’t remember how it felt then. But now that we are sober, I want you to know that it would be a painful yet delightful experience for you…if you ever provoke me again…”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t understand what he meant because she was heavily distracted by the current situation.

Yang Chen had pulled her shirt open and dragged her semi-transparent black lace bra down.

Her breasts were finally released from their constraints and were wobbling under the tremendous force on them. 

She always hid her busty chest from sight, perhaps because of her outfit and job. It probably wouldn’t be as shocking if he hadn’t look at them the way he was now.

Yang Chen placed his hands on them but couldn’t fully cup them with just his hands.

Subconsciously, he flicked her nipple lightly and buried his face into her breasts. He inhaled a lung full of her scent and buried his head in her bosom.

Lin Ruoxi went soft under the pleasure. Lust filled her eyes as her body turned pink from sexual stimulation.

Her coldness and anger had transformed into lust under his touch.

Lin Ruoxi started to drown herself into the sea of pleasure as she couldn’t resist this kind of intimate touch coming from the love of her life.

Yang Chen spent some time with her breasts before finally pulled her wet panties off.

Lin Ruoxi was too weak to do anything. She just stayed still and let him spread her legs open.

In the next second, her coat and shirt were pushed off her body, with nothing covering her bottom. This made her completely exposed to him.

Yang Chen took off his clothes and let his erected shaft out!

He held on to her slim waist and pressed onto her.

Lin Ruoxi’s back was pressed against the cold office desk. Both the coldness and Yang Chen’s body heat excited her further.

The air was filled with a scent that was familiar to both of them, urging them to let themselves loose.  

Yang Chen started to rub his shaft near the entrance. The slimy fluid slid against her and it enabled her to feel every millimeter of his thick, long shaft…

She couldn’t help but suck in a breath with fear growing within.

She mumbled with a soft voice as though she was pleading for mercy, “Hu...hubby…I’m scared…”

Yang Chen breathed heavily. Her body was driving him crazy and he would’ve penetrated her immediately if he hadn’t wished to get her in the mood.

Yang Chen had no thoughts of stopping even when she finally started to feel frightened. The bow had already been drawn and there was no way back.  

“I told you, you will feel both the pain and delight…”

Yang Chen thrust his hip forward before Lin Ruoxi could react!

Chills went down their spine when his shaft buried itself in a tight and moist passageway!



Two different kinds of sound escaped their lips. Yang Chen sighed with pleasure whereas Lin Ruoxi moaned out of pain, feeling as though she was being ripped apart.

Tears fell out of her eyes when Yang Chen pushed all of himself within her.

The sensation that came with it was so weird; it was painful, yet it made her feel full.

Yang Chen felt extremely satisfied with the tight feeling around his shaft.

Not only could he relieve his sexual tension, but the pressure in his mind was also being eased. 

The only thing that really mattered now was that they were finally physically united!

Lin Ruoxi hadn’t had intercourse for more than a year, so even though it was wet down there, it was still too tight for his girth.

Yang Chen was starting to feel bad for her seeing her face scrunched in pain.

Yang Chen could feel something wriggling around his shaft inside the warm and moist passageway.

He shivered. He couldn’t help but peck her cheeks when he saw Lin Ruoxi looking at him pitifully, unaware of the things that she had done!

“Ruoxi my dear, I didn’t know you had a secret skill! Did you do it on purpose? You can actually massage me from the inside?!”