Lin Ruoxi was at a complete loss. Her body went limp, letting Yang Chen do as he pleased.

Yang Chen looked at her pouting face. She was looking at him with a resentful gaze. It was obvious she wasn’t doing it on purpose and that her body provided this kind ‘service’ naturally!

Yang Chen couldn’t help but grin widely. She was naturally seductive, and one could only experience this level of pleasure by penetrating her!

She was inexperienced but she could still send him up to cloud nine. It only took him less than two thrusts to fall deeper than he ever had in some time!

Even though Yang Chen was highly experienced at sexual intercourse, he had never felt anything like this!

He continued gyrating his hips quicker and quicker!

Lin Ruoxi barely able to catch her breath. It was as if her soul was being thrown out and reeled back in with every thrust!

“Hmm…hmm…softer….it hurts…”

But Yang Chen was oblivious to her cries. Every time he moved into her, it was a new world of pleasure!

It wrapped his sensitive spots and massaged it gently. The sensation was driving him crazy!

Eventually, Yang Chen started to pick up speed.

Just when Lin Ruoxi gave up on stopping him and started to let herself float in the waves of pleasure, Yang Chen was no longer satisfied in the traditional position.

Lin Ruoxi’s soft and curvy body was turned around by Yang Chen. He made him lie onto the desk with her chest down!

Yang Chen gripped onto her legs tightly and started with another round of thrusting!

She felt the pain at first since she hadn’t had intercourse for a long time, but she wasn’t a virgin anymore, so once she had gotten used to his size, she started to feel the pleasure coarse through her body.  

Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed by the fact that Yang Chen’s shaft was rubbing against her butt cheeks but at the same time, she couldn’t stop herself from looking at Yang Chen’s facial expression. 

Her heart softened when she realized Yang Chen was looking at her with an enticing expression.

After all, it was technically their first actual intercourse.

Lin Ruoxi still blushed throughout the intercourse but when Yang Chen wanted her to move, she would go along with his movements. 

The whole thing went along so smoothly probably because they had been together for two years and had already connected emotionally before this.

Somehow they had moved from the office desk to the front of the tall window.

Although they were in the highest spot in the city and no one could actually see what they were doing unless they used a binocular, Yang Chen still checked his surroundings just to be on the safe side.

After making sure that no one could watch them, he pushed her onto the tempered glass windows!

Lin Ruoxi held on to his neck tightly with her slender legs wrapped around his waist. 

Because the tall windows were designed to be curved around her office, she could see the sky and the skyscrapers outside her.

It looked like she was doing something so absurd in the broad daylight while facing the city.

Cold air caressed her butt cheeks which were exposed to the frigid air conditioning, making her shiver in the process.

Lin Ruoxi struggled to keep conscious as waves of pleasure crashed over her helpless self.

Yang Chen’s shaft kept penetrating into her causing her body to bounce up continuously and she shuddered every single time.

No couple could experience this kind of endless lovemaking.

It was her first time experiencing it while she was still conscious, only then did she realize that any women would have a love-hate relationship with this kind of sexual intercourse.

Yang Chen was like a ferocious bull who only knew how to charge forward as if he had an unlimited supply of energy. Lin Ruoxi reached her orgasm countless times but Yang Chen had no plans to stop!

During the first few orgasms, Lin Ruoxi enjoyed it so much that she wanted to melt into his arms.

But when she realized that he was still penetrating her, fear started to creep up her face.

Lin Ruoxi could feel her lower limbs go numb and she wondered if her private parts had swollen up.

“Hmm….hubby….stop….let me rest.” Lin Ruoxi panted as she pleaded for him to stop.

The excitement was written all over his face. He had so much adrenaline piled up that the last hour felt like a minute to him.

“It’s only been an hour. Let’s make it two. Hehe, Ruoxi my dear, I didn’t know you had a ‘mystical artefact’…”

Lin Ruoxi was about to faint. She couldn’t feel anything down there, but it gave Yang Chen more pleasure probably because she was already swollen even tighter down there.

It had been a long time since she had sexual intercourse. It would’ve been fine if this was a regular thing. But how was she supposed to endure this after almost two years?

“Please….hubby, I can’t go on anymore…” Lin Ruoxi sobbed. Her hair was a mess and because of sweat, it stuck to her face.

Her face was so flushed that she looked nothing alike to a president now. 

Yang Chen looked at her submissive attitude with a pleased expression and he spanked her butt cheeks hard!

Her jiggly buttocks bounced under the impact.

Blood coloured her face into a darker shade of red. She looked even more mesmerizing to him like an angel had descended to the mortal world.

“You keep thinking of ways to kick other women away from me, but you can barely last more than an hour. How are you going to compete with women who can last twice as long as you?” Yang Chen smirked.

Lin Ruoxi puffed her cheeks which made her looked like a pink bun. “How could you talk about other women now!?”

Yang Chen slapped her other butt cheek and she gasped.

“Do I need to ask for your permission to talk about them? It’s a fact, I haven’t cum even once and you’re already tired. How are you going to bear my child in the future?”

“I….” Lin Ruoxi felt wronged. How could any of this be her fault?

Yang Chen chuckled and placed her down on the desk. 

He pinched her cheeks and said, “No, Ruoxi my dear. You did great. At least you make me feel better than other women right?”

Yang Chen grinned and continued, “Listen to me next time and don’t provoke me. You’re my woman and I won’t allow you to meet other detestable men. I’m just that unreasonable. But you still have to listen to me since you’re my woman. You might not agree with it but no one will come to your aid if you choose to ignore me. After all, you still have to beg me if you want something, isn’t that right? Don’t look at me with such a pitiful gaze. There is no one else here to blame for this.”

Lin Ruoxi wanted to cry!

“You’re a tyrant!”

“It doesn’t matter. Call me whatever you want. I’ve thought things through today. Even if I hold myself back, you’re still my wife. Even if I force myself on you, you’re still my wife. So instead of holding myself back and suffer, why can’t I make others suffer instead?”

Yang Chen gripped her chin and pecked her plump lips.

Lin Ruoxi gave herself to Yang Chen completely and she had no plans on resisting him.

“Take a rest, my bride. Let’s continue for another hour. At least let me cum once.” Yang Chen blinked.

Lin Ruoxi had no more strength to resist him. She pouted and said, “I can’t feel anything down there, I bet it’s swollen…”

She sounded so pitiful, obviously asking Yang Chen to let her go.

But Yang Chen wouldn’t do as she wished. He chuckled nonchalantly and said, “That’s fine. I can heal you. Come let me in and I will show you my power…”

Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes and before she could stop him, Yang Chen had placed his hand inside her.


She shuddered and she went limp, lying on top of Yang Chen. Her legs started to tremble, and she curled her toes out of pleasure.

Lin Ruoxi lost all sense of consciousness once again as Yang Chen fondled her with his bare hands.

After he had healed her, they went at it for another round.

The whole office was filled with an erotic scent. 

An hour later, Yang Chen finally released his load into her and by that time, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were already half-closed. Her body trembled, feeling his hot load inside her.

Seconds later, she fell into a deep slumber and a gentle smile formed on Yang Chen’s lips. He pulled her into his arms and landed a kiss on her forehead.