Lin Ruoxi had been through a lot the last couple of days, which was probably why she slept through the day till the evening.

Zhao Hongyan came looking for her but when Yang Chen told her that Lin Ruoxi was asleep, she didn’t think twice and left the files on her desk.

Yang Chen had already gotten her dressed in her sleep. When she woke up, she looked around with a dazed expression. The moment she saw Yang Chen sitting on her chair using her computer, she snapped up immediately!

Blood rushed to her face when she was reminded of their reckless incident. She cursed herself for letting herself be thrown into such an embarrassing moment. 

But it didn’t really matter if she did it willingly or not. It wasn’t a bad thing that it happened.

After all, she did plan on consummating with him but Yang Chen postponed it saying they had to do it after the wedding.

His actions did drive her mad but in hindsight, it was insensible of her to eat with Li Jianhe alone.

Oh well, what could she do when her husband was a violent jerk?

Lin Ruoxi sat on the couch and stared at Yang Chen blankly. Curiosity filled her mind when she realized that his attention was on the computer and not her despite knowing that she was awake.

She wore her heels and walked next to Yang Chen. Anger crept up her mind when she saw what was on the computer screen!

“Who said you could use my computer to play video games?!” Lin Ruoxi was exasperated. 

Yang Chen was using her work computer to play a combat game.

His character was moving around skillfully since Yang Chen had a heightened sense of hand-eye coordination.

Yang Chen went on to get a five-man kill. The five players on the opposing team were cursing him, thinking he was cheating. Yang Chen ignored them completely and continued his rampage.

He threw a glance at Lin Ruoxi when he heard her voice but he immediately diverted his attention back to his game.

“Why do you look so surprised? You only use your computer for work but you bought such a high-end computer. I’m playing games on it so it doesn’t go to waste.” Yang Chen chuckled lightly. “Yuan Ye gave me a new game…”

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and yanked the cable right out of the socket!


Yang Chen yelled but it was too late, his computer was already turned off!

Yang Chen spun around in frustration. “Dear, what are you doing?! They will think I quit halfway, I’ll be penalized and it will go on the records!”

“You’re so worked up over a game but I don’t see you feel anything when you’re killing others or when you’re breaking the law.” Lin Ruoxi grunted.

“It’s not the same! My pride is on the line here! They will think I ran away because I was scared!” Yang Chen said in a more serious manner.

“Why don’t I start a game company for you? You can just create your own games and play them all day long!”

“Hmm…” Yang Chen immediately fell into deep thought. “You know what? That doesn’t sound half bad.”

Lin Ruoxi’s face was still flushed. She couldn’t stop herself from blurting out when she saw that Yang Chen wasn’t planning to talk about their incident. “Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Yang Chen was at a loss. “What?”


“Oh!” Yang Chen slapped his forehead. He looked at the vibrant night sky through the window and said, “Yeah, it’s late. You should be hungry. Let’s go get dinner. I’ve already told Wang Ma that we’ll be having dinner outside.”

Lin Ruoxi felt slightly disappointed and impatient at the same time. She tried to stay calm as she continued talking. “Are you mocking me?”  

“No. Why?” Yang Chen was taken aback.

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips. “Do you think that...that I…”

“That you’re...” Yang Chen pressed on.

“Uh…” Lin Ruoxi sucked in a breath and blurted out, “Do you think that I’m shameless?! I refused and refused but still accepted it in the end…”

Her voice became softer and her face turned into a deeper shade of red. She lowered her head, causing her hair to cover her face.

Yang Chen was stunned at first but he smiled bashfully later on. “Kind of…”

Lin Ruoxi looked up abruptly. She had forgotten all about being shy, “You can’t say that! It’s all your fault, do you know how scary you looked! How could I say no?!”

Yang Chen stopped her mini-rant. He smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not done talking. It was kind of bold of you but I liked it a lot! Besides, we didn’t do anything bad, we both enjoyed it anyways. We’re married so why care?”

Lin Ruoxi heard him and thought it made sense. It was her first time having sexual intercourse with her husband, it wasn’t something to be embarrassed about. 

The vixens were probably even more shameless than her! Lin Ruoxi thought with a tinge of jealousy, but she no longer felt embarrassed.

Yang Chen tried hard to stifle his laughter. He knew she would be embarrassed since she had always been bashful.

He pretended to talk in a nonchalant manner so she wouldn’t feel too awkward and it would be easy for her to forget about it.

“Let’s go out for dinner then.” Yang Chen looked at the dark computer screen with a regretful gaze. He started to ponder the possibility of buying a computer for himself back home.

Lin Ruoxi smiled gently now that she had gotten over it. She touched her hair before saying, “My hair’s messy, wait.”

Lin Ruoxi doesn’t really wear makeup so she didn’t need a long time to get ready. She combed through her hair and tied it up into a ponytail. It wasn’t anything she hadn’t done in his presence, but it was still mesmerizing all the same.
Lin Ruoxi realized he was staring at her intensely after she was done getting ready.

Her heart softened at his gaze. “Why are you looking at me like it’s your first time seeing me?”

“It’s weird to me that some women look better after marriage. I can’t stop looking at you.” Yang Chen sighed. “Mrs Lin Ruoxi, you can’t do this. People wouldn’t buy our makeup products if they saw you. Their confidence level will drop down to zero and they wouldn’t be in the mood to wear makeup.”

“Sweet talker.” Lin Ruoxi gave him a side look. She grabbed her purse and walked out of the office before him.

Since it was already well past office hours, they didn’t bump into anyone when they walked out of the building.

They got into Yang Chen’s car and left the office. It was rare for them to feel so relaxed, spending their time together like any ordinary couple.

Yang Chen parked his car when they reached the restaurant street. They got out of the car while holding hands, walking around to look for a suitable restaurant.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a fan of crowded places but she got used to it since she had walked on the streets with Yang Chen before. Besides, she was in a good mood so the crowd didn’t really bother her.

She looked even more breathtaking now that she had let loose the burden on her shoulders. 

People kept glancing at them and if it wasn’t because she was used to being in the center of attention, it would’ve been difficult for her to even move.

Right when they were about to walk past a dumpling restaurant, Yang Chen stopped in his tracks and asked a question “Ruoxi, do you still have the dumpling doll that I gave you?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded awkwardly. “Yeah…”

“Oh, I thought you would throw it away when you were still upset at me. I must be too narrow-minded.” Yang Chen sounded embarrassed. 

Lin Ruoxi thought to herself, Well, I didn’t throw it away but I kick it every day.  

Obviously she wouldn’t say it out loud but she started to make plans in her mind, she should start cleaning her room but she had too many things. How was she going to throw away all her stuffed plushies?

She thought about cleaning out her room now that she might have to share it with someone else... 

Blood started to rush up to her cheeks when she thought about it. What was wrong with her? Why did she keep thinking about sleeping with him?

She didn’t watch where she was going since she was still deep in thought. But from the distance, she heard a child-like voice ring out over her thoughts.