Lin Ruoxi turned around and saw a little girl in a blue dress running towards her.


Yang Chen felt her hand leave his grasp and when he turned around to check on her, she was already bending down with her arms wide open. 

A familiar-looking little girl was running straight into Lin Ruoxi’s open arms!


Lanlan called out to her again in a cute baby voice.

She was still wearing a blue dress but because of the cold weather, she wore a pair of white cotton socks with red loafers. Her hair was untied which framed her fair skin. She was obviously thrilled to see Lin Ruoxi after having been separated for so long.

Lin Ruoxi carried Lanlan in her arms and placed a kiss on her plump cheeks. 

“Lanlan, why are you here? Mommy missed you a lot.” Lin Ruoxi hasn’t seen her ever since Lanlan’s grandfather had taken her away. She didn’t expect her to show up out of nowhere!

Lanlan hugged her neck and pouted. “Grandfather asked Lanlan and nanny to come here so that I can find you.”
“Your grandfather did?” Lin Ruoxi was dumbfounded. Didn’t he refuse to let her adopt Lanlan?

Lanlan’s nanny Minjuan chased after her while panting. People threw glances at her when they saw that she was holding a giant-sized panda plushie.

Minjuan smiled sheepishly when she saw Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen. “Miss Lin, we met again. Sir said that he had some business to attend to and dropped us off here. He said that you guys were here and would like Lanlan to stay with you while he was gone.”

Lin Ruoxi was getting more and more curious, what was going on?

Yang Chen blurted out after watching their interaction. “Ruoxi darling, you’re not even pregnant. Why is she calling you mom!”

Lin Ruoxi blushed and she looked around to make sure no one heard him before saying, “What are you talking about? I like her so what’s wrong with her calling me mom. She’s grown up in such a pitiful environment. Have some compassion!”

“I do but if she calls you mom, wouldn’t that make me her dad?” Yang Chen was conflicted with the request. “I’m just afraid she’ll bring us trouble.”

Yang Chen saw her astonishing explosiveness since he had faced her once. It was true that she was obedient to Lin Ruoxi but he couldn’t stop himself from worrying about her background.

However, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t care less about it since she was too delighted to learn that she would be taking care of Lanlan. She grunted, “We have you for trouble. It will be embarrassing if you fail to protect your own wife and daughter.”

“No way! How can I…wait! This isn’t right! You’re my wife but I said she was my daughter!” Yang Chen pulled his hair. “I’m innocent! You can’t defame me!”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. She did not want to explain herself.

“You’re shameless, bad uncle!”

Lanlan pouted while wrapping her arms around Lin Ruoxi’s neck.

She knew she couldn’t defeat Yang Chen physically based on their past interaction so she could only voice her disapproval.

The moment Yang Chen raised his first, Lin Ruoxi threw an icy glare at him, protecting Lanlan like her own child. 

He was ferocious in the afternoon because he had a lot of anger cooped up in him. But now that he had calmed down, Yang Chen backed off, knowing it was for the best.

“Fine, I shall consider myself unlucky to have met you,” Yang Chen made a face and beckoned Minjuan over who was smiling at the side. “Join for us dinner since you guys are already here.”

Minjuan thought to herself, This capable man is actually afraid of his wife? 

She wanted to laugh so badly at the thought of it but she managed to hold it in.

Soon, they made their way into a restaurant that sold northern dishes under Lanlan’s request.

The waiter passed the menu to Lin Ruoxi when they got seated. It was customary for the breadwinner of a family to order the food.

Lin Ruoxi took it and scanned through it. Lanlan and Yang Chen were both big eaters so she told the waiter, “Give us your bestseller. Twenty different kinds of dishes.”

The waiter was about to jot down her orders and his jaw almost dropped when he realized what she had said.

He threw a cautious glance at Lin Ruoxi.

“Miss, are you really ordering this much?” He couldn’t stop himself from asking when he saw how serious she looked.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows. “Of course.”

“It’s expensive and it’s a waste of food if you order so much.” The waiter tried to persuade her out of it.

Lin Ruoxi hated wasting time so she went straight to the point. “How about I make the payment first?”

The waiter was speechless. He shook his head and ran away, probably to ask for approval on the orders.

Some time went by and the dishes were served, filling up the whole table. Yang Chen and Lanlan started digging in as the customers around them stared in disbelief.

Yang Chen was chomping down like a beast and was nothing like a gentleman. He finished a whole bun in one bite and three to four dumplings in another bite.

On the other hand, Lanlan ate as though she was afraid someone would snatch all her food. Every time she finished a bowl of dumplings, she would drink all the soup that came with it. She licked her lips in contentment and shocked everyone. She ate so much but did not look like she was going to slow down any time soon!

Lin Ruoxi and Minjuan weren't surprised at all since they were aware of their ‘capabilities’.

Lin Ruoxi thought they were quite alike, especially the blissful look they had on their face after eating. The only major difference between them was their body size.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t have a big appetite and she was already full after eating more than half of her lamb dish.

Yang Chen said to her, “Dear you’re wasting food and that’s a sin.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “Eat your food. Why do you care so much?”

“Mommy, you can’t waste food. Grandfather said that every piece of food is made with the farmers’ hard work.” Lanlan persuaded her.

Lin Ruoxi blushed slightly. She was being lectured by a little girl. She threw a troubled glance at her lamb and said, “But Mommy really can’t finish it.”

“You should’ve said so! I’ll eat it!”

Yang Chen chuckled and took her bowl. With a few spoonfuls, Lin Ruoxi’s leftovers were completely gone.

Lanlan giggled while facing Yang Chen. “You’re a good kid, bad uncle!”

Yang Chen blinked at her. He suddenly felt a small connection to the girl before him.

Well, it was probably because they were both big eaters.

As other customers watched on, all the food on the table was completely cleared in no time. The waiters couldn’t bear to watch and looked at them with an impressed gaze.

Lin Ruoxi ordered a glass of orange juice after they were done and gave it to Lanlan. She was content to see how satisfied she looked.

“Lanlan, did your grandfather say anything else before he left?” Lin Ruoxi was afraid that the man would return suddenly and take Lanlan away from her so she had to get things straight.

Lanlan tilted her head and thought about it before shaking her head. “Grandfather only asked me to stay with Mommy.”

Yang Chen’s eyes glinted and he asked, “Ruoxi, have you met Lanlan’s grandfather before?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded and told her how Lanlan’s grandfather showed up abruptly and took Lanlan away from her.

“He told me that if I wanted to adopt Lanlan, I'd have to divorce you. But I don’t get why he sent Lanlan over to me since that was clearly not the case.” Lin Ruoxi frowned.

Minjuan chuckled softly when she noticed the look of confusion on their faces. “Mr Yang, Miss Lin, Sir left me with a message to pass on to you guys.”