Lin Ruoxi carried Lanlan over from Minjuan’s lap to her own. Her eyes were filled with affection as she looked at her. “It’s fine, I don’t care about that. I’ve always treated her as my daughter so it feels like fate.”

Guo Xuehua was a mother herself. She could tell that Lin Ruoxi really loved the girl from the way her eyes sparkled. It was filled with a sense of maternal love that no one could match.

She glanced over at Yang Chen and asked, “Son, what do you think?”

Yang Chen showed an understanding smile. “Mom, I know you’re worried about others talking behind her back. But let me be honest. Based on what I’ve seen, it might take us at least ten years to have our own child.”

“Ten years?!” Guo Xuehua shrieked and froze like a statue.

Yang Chen nodded and explained his body condition to her. Even Wang Ma, Hui Lin, and Zhenxiu widened their eyes out of shock.

“So instead of waiting, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have Lanlan as our daughter. Ruoxi likes her a lot and I think she kinda looks like me. Look at how cute she is. I think she can pass off as my daughter,” Yang Chen said and stroked Lanlan’s cheeks.

Lanlan pouted and opened her mouth to bite him. “Bad uncle! Don’t touch me!”

“Fatty, it’s not uncle, call me Dad!”

Everyone was speechless. How was she cute and how were they in any way similar?

Lanlan pouted in disapproval. “You’re a liar! Lanlan’s not a fatty!”

“Not fat? You eat as much as I do. Look at your face and arm, it’s filled with meat!” Yang Chen pinched her arms again.

Now that Yang Chen mentioned it, only then did they realize it. Although she wasn’t really fat, she did seem very chubby for her proportions.

Lanlan puffed up her cheeks which made her look like a bun. She grunted and turned around to lay her head on Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder, ignoring Yang Chen completely.

Lin Ruoxi smiled helplessly. “Those are her baby fats. Why are you arguing with a kid? Don’t be embarrassing.”

“She started it by calling me ‘uncle’. Why are you her mom while I’m stuck with ‘uncle’!” Yang Chen sounded annoyed.

Guo Xuehua stopped it from escalating. “If you’re fine with it, I’m fine with it. Didn’t you say she has a grandfather, what should we do if he returns a month later?” 

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned sombre and restless.

Minjuan shrank to one side, not daring to interject.

Yang Chen glanced over at his wife’s worried expression and sighed. “I’ll talk to him if he really returns. I’ll make sure Lanlan gets to stay here even if it means he has to stay with us.”

Lin Ruoxi looked up with a surprised expression. “Hubby, are you serious?”

“She’s already our daughter.” Yang Chen was thinking about something else instead. Lanlan’s grandfather obviously had a decent cultivation background. It was hard not to be curious.

Everyone else had nothing to say since Yang Chen already made a decision. After all, he always had the final say despite his compliant attitude he put on around the house.

Later on, Guo Xuehua asked Minjuan about Lanlan and also learned about her past. She had gotten familiar with Lanlan and her nanny in a short time since she was experienced with socializing.

As time passed, it was almost late night and they had to make sleeping arrangements for them.

They had a lot of vacant guest rooms available since Lin Ruoxi bought a villa but they hadn’t decided on the arrangements.

Lin Ruoxi was immediately reminded about their afternoon session and she sneaked a glance at Yang Chen with pink cheeks. Yang Chen was also looking at her, obviously thinking about the same thing.

“Lanlan wants to sleep with Mommy!”

Lanlan already cried out before Yang Chen could say anything.

Lin Ruoxi was taken aback but was relieved at the same time. She carried Lanlan with a smile and told her, “Then you have to be a good kid and sleep on time.”

“Hey! Why are you snatching my wife away from me, you fatty! She’s my wife, go sleep with your nanny!” Yang Chen wasn’t willing to let go and immediately fought for his spot.

Lanlan hugged Lin Ruoxi tightly. “No, I can’t sleep without Mommy!”

“Heh. I guess we will be up for the whole night then!” Yang Chen started to quarrel with her!

Minjuan was watching from the side in exasperation. She whispered to him, “Mr Yang, please let Lanlan sleep with Miss Lan. She’s different from other kids, she really will stay up for days. If she doesn’t sleep, we don’t get to sleep as well…”

“Ah?” Yang Chen was stunned, not understanding what she meant by that.

Lanlan pouted proudly. “That’s right!”

Lin Ruoxi enjoyed his expression and told him about Lanlan’s extraordinary energy.

Guo Xuehua was also surprised since it was her first time hearing this but at the same time she caught on to something. She asked Yang Chen curiously, “Yang Chen, I thought you guys had been sleeping separately? Why…” 

Yang Chen slapped his chest proudly. “Mom, we…”

“Don’t say it!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned into a deep shade of red. Wasn’t he embarrassed to say this to his mom?! Especially considering the fact that they did it at her office!

Yang Chen swallowed his words and smiled sheepishly.

But Guo Xuehua already understood the underlying meaning. Even Zhenxiu and Hui Lin smiled while looking at Lin Ruoxi.

Zhenxiu walked forward and patted Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder with a straight face. “Congratulations, Sister Ruoxi.”

Lin Ruoxi was so embarrassed that she wanted to put Lanlan down and choke Zhenxiu!

Guo Xuehua giggled. Things should be peaceful at home now that they have finally made up.

“We should prioritize the kid first if she has this problem. Yang Chen, live with it.”

Yang Chen wanted to cry. He had just tasted his wife’s forbidden fruit and now it was being stolen by some fat kid!

“Granny’s so nice!”

Suddenly, Lanlan clapped her hands and called her with a babyish voice.

Guo Xuehua was startled at first and she asked in disbelief, “Lanlan, what did you call me?”

“Granny, Mommy’s Mom is Granny. Grandfather told me that.” Lanlan blinked her doe eyes and said.

Guo Xuehua’s heart sweetened at her words. Alright, she felt awkward to be linked with a man she had never met, but her wish of becoming a grandmother had been fulfilled!

Unfortunately, her real husband, Yang Pojun was already ruined. If not they would have enjoyed their retirement life together.

Even though Lanlan was adopted, Guo Xuehua couldn’t help but fall in love with this kid when she called her ‘granny’. How could she resist her cute looks!

“Lanlan’s a good kid!” Guo Xuehua carried Lanlan in her arms and rubbed her forehead with hers.

Yang Chen's heart throbbed. Oh no, this fatty was taking all the attention when she had just entered the family.

At last, it was decided that Minjuan would sleep in a guest room by herself and Lanlan would sleep with Lin Ruoxi. Her bed was big and Lanlan’s body was small so it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

During the day, Minjuan would take care of Lanlan as usual. Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua could also help to take care of her.

Technically for a kid at her age, she should be in kindergarten. But she didn’t even have a birth certificate and no one knew if her grandfather would return, so her enrollment was delayed by a month.

As a female millionaire in Zhonghai, Lin Ruoxi could take care of her daughter’s enrollment easily. It was only a call away.

When the women returned to their room to get ready for bed, Yang Chen went downstairs and watched the night news alone.

He walked upstairs slowly when it was almost midnight. He had only walked a few steps when he felt a cold and foreign divine sense from outside!

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, someone actually came to his house at midnight to provoke him?