In a flash, Yang Chen appeared at a manmade park located in the south of Xijiao Villas.
The lake in the park was surrounded by conifers and inside of it was a red pavilion.
A man and woman were standing inside it and based on their outfits, it was obvious they didn’t belong to society.
The man was wearing a grey checkered robe with his hair up. He was carrying a sword on his back which was covered by black cloth.
The woman was dressed in a jade-colored Changshan with her hair down. She looked decent enough but her arrogant scowl was marring her features.
The man was in the last phase of the Soul Forming stage whereas the woman was in the middle-late phase. Their cultivation was nearly the same but based on the cold divine sense from earlier, it definitely came from the woman.
Yang Chen was getting a feel for them and they were doing the same to him. A shocked expression showed up on their faces when they realized they couldn’t see through his cultivation.
Yang Chen laid his gaze on their waist and saw badges that were inscribed with the word ‘Huang’ on them. It was an exact replica of the one he had seen on the Taoist.
It looked like they were both from the ‘Huang’ stage in Hongmeng. It made sense for Hongmeng to send people out to investigate the Hongmeng Messenger’s sudden death. But the people that they sent did not come across as friendly.
“You're Yang Chen?” The woman voiced out first with a cold tone.
Yang Chen thought to himself, Their cultivation isn't as good as mine. Honestly, it’s not even comparable but they still act so arrogant. They must be looking down on me because they have Hongmeng behind them.
Yang Chen was getting annoyed at the thought of this. It was fine if a stronger cultivator looked down on him but how dare they act so arrogantly with their trivial cultivation. He was not willing to let this go so easily.
“Is your confirmation really necessary?” Yang Chen smiled faintly.
“Just answer our question. We don’t have time for games.” The woman frowned. “Was Monk Tianyin killed by Yan Buwen?”
“That’s a random question. I don’t even know you guys. Who’s Monk Tianyin?”
“Don’t try to act like you don’t know him. We’re special messengers sent by Hongmeng to investigate Yan Buwen. I’m Lu Huating and this is my senior, Hao Changfeng. We’re here to interrogate you on behalf of Hongmeng. Tianyin was our messenger and he was murdered in Beijing within a few months of leaving Hongmeng. His soul badge was broken which alerted the elders. You’d better tell us everything if you don’t want to get into trouble.” Lu Huating grunted.
Soul badge? Something like that existed? No wonder they knew about the monk’s passing.
“You should ask General Cai from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.” Yang Chen said.
“Cai Yuncheng said you killed Yan Buwen and you had the absolute advantage by killing him with the Power of Thunder. Is it true?!” Lu Huating asked warily.
Yang Chen didn’t deny it, nodding his head in agreement. “General Cai wouldn’t lie to you guys.”
“Power of Thunder. It’s one of the strongest and hardest divine powers that can be controlled in Heaven and Earth. If you really can control it, why didn’t you kill Yan Buwen with it in the beginning? Why did you wait until our messenger had died?!” Lu Huating’s eyes gleamed with malicious intent.
Yang Chen was exasperated at his question. “How’s that my fault? Why don’t you ask the stupid monk why he did what he did. He foolishly sacrificed himself despite obviously being weaker.”
“You! What did you say?! Stupid?!” Lu Huating was furious.
Hao Changfeng beckoned his junior to calm down. “Fine, even if Tianyin monk did miscalculate his abilities and was killed by Yan Buwen, what about his staff and other mystical artifacts? Why are they missing?”
“Didn’t Cai Yuncheng tell you guys this? They were all destroyed by Yan Buwen’s antimatter energy.”
“He did say this but he’s a mundane so obviously he couldn’t see through a cultivator’s tricks. From what I know, you inherited the former Pluto’s divinity which means you’re also capable of using the space laws. They would’ve known if you stashed it in one of your parallel spaces.”
“You’re suspecting me of stealing them?”
Yang Chen cursed internally. Obviously he wanted to keep the mystical artifacts. But they were really destroyed by Yan Buwen that dick!
Not only that, even the Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet that he used out of emergency was destroyed into pieces!
“I’ll be honest with you. Out of the three mystical artifacts, only the kasaya belonged to Tianyin. The remaining two artifacts were lent to him. You would be stealing Honmeng’s possessions if you kept them!”
Yang Chen thought to himself, These cultivators really aren’t ‘rich’, they have to borrow mystical artifacts to put on the dog for their own dignity.
Xiao Zhiqing mentioned before that the hidden clans were the actual wealthy ones. It looked like she wasn’t lying.
“The artifacts were destroyed. There’s nothing I can say to convince you otherwise.”
Lu Huating had been suppressing her temper and her face darkened when she heard that. “Don’t you think you’re so almighty just because your cultivation is greater than ours. Our elders are stronger than you! No one can help you even if you’re from the Yang clan!”
“What a joke. He made a mistake and you reprimand me for avenging him. Don’t come here and talk about shit like this when you fail to control the foundations of China. You guys are acting like a typical Monday morning quarterback, a shameless one too for framing someone who had helped you guys.” Yang Chen sneered.
“How arrogant! Do you think we wouldn’t dare to attack you!” Lu Huating threatened him.
“I highly doubt your capabilities.” 
“You’re just a wild cultivator. How dare you go against Hongmeng! I bet you’re used to running rampantly in this filthy world!”
Hao Changfeng pressed her shoulders calmly when he sensed that she was getting agitated. “His cultivation is much stronger than ours. He might be suspicious but we’d better return to Master and let him make the decision.”
Her gaze was cold as she replied to him, “You’re right, we’ll let him live for a few more days. The truth will be out soon!”
Having said that, they gave Yang Chen one last look before deciding to leave.
But Yang Chen’s gaze was icy and he blocked their path in a flash.
“You guys are leaving so soon? I was thinking of inviting you two for tea.” Yang Chen gave a gentle smile.
“No need for that. The clan leader should be serving us tea. You’re not up to par.” Lu Huating sounded disdainful.
Yang Chen seemed troubled. “But I don’t want to let you guys leave just like this, what should I do?”
Hao Changfeng seemed alarmed at his insinuation. “Are you thinking of fighting us? Do you plan to go against Hongmeng publicly?!”
“Eh, what are you saying? I wouldn’t dare to do that.” Yang Chen chuckled and waved his hands. “I was just worried. What if you guys returned and hired someone powerful who thinks I framed the monk? What should I do then?”
“Hmph, you don’t have to worry about that. Our Master is an upright person. He would never falsely accuse an innocent man. If you really are innocent, prove it by staying in Zhonghai until our Master comes,” Lu Huating said with an arrogant voice.
Yang Chen nodded. As though reminded of something, he asked them, “Does everyone from Hongmeng have a soul badge?”
“Why are you asking this?” Hao Changfeng frowned.
Yang Chen looked innocent as he replied, “Don’t get nervous, I’m just curious. It’s because I met a disheveled Taoist before and I asked him if he feared if Hongmeng would catch him. He said you guys couldn’t find him. Oh yeah, he also had a Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger…”
“What?!” Lu Huating exclaimed, “Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger?! How did you meet Huangyun, the traitor?!”
“Traitor?” Yang Chen was confused. “You guys know him? Why do you call him a traitor? He seems nice, I even chatted with him.”
Yang Chen felt that his acting skills were getting better and better. He could lie through his teeth so naturally that he should be awarded an Oscar!
Lu Huating and Hao Changfeng exchanged glances with each other. They had a look of disbelief on their faces as if hearing of something so shocking.