“Huangyun betrayed Hongmeng in favor of joining one of the great ancient clans, the Luo clan. The Exorcist’s Golden Hammer and Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger were given to him by the Luo clan. He wasn’t sent out of the Gods’ Island by Hongmeng so he did not have a soul badge.”
Hao Changfeng was curious as to how Yang Chen knew about him. “But that raises this question- how did you meet him? Are you guys involved with the Luo clan?”
Yang Chen sighed when he heard this. “He had eyes on a high-quality medicinal pill that was given to me by my Master. It was supposed to aid in my cultivation.”
“Medicinal pill? You mean the ones for cultivation?!” Lu Huating’s eyes sparkled.
Yang Chen mumbled internally, wondering why she was acting like a tigress in heat. But the show had to go on.
“He was trying to befriend me, telling me that he’s from Hongmeng. I’ve been wanting to visit Hongmeng but his promise was on the condition that I could bring him the pills. I was skeptical since Hongmeng was filled with all sorts of talents, why would they need my medicinal pills?”
Yang Chen paused purposely and glanced at them.
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating exchanged glances with each other as though they had come to a mutual understanding.
“That’s right, we’re designated to protect China’s foundation. We’re immersed in cultivation and we seek after the devaloka. We wouldn’t be so shameless like Huangyun who worked for the Luo clan. But, do you really have high-quality medicinal pills to the point he would go all out to get it from you?” Hao Changfeng asked.
Yang Chen patted his chest. “Look at me, I’m only in my twenties and I don’t know much about cultivation. I learned about it all on my own so how can I achieve this level of cultivation without high-quality medicinal pills?”
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating started to believe him after hearing this.
Although they couldn’t see through his cultivation, it was obvious enough to them that he was much more powerful than they were.
They had been cultivating since young and technically were already in their sixties even though they didn’t look old.
Besides that, they had been stuck in the Soul Forming stage for almost thirty years. They were dying to reach a breakthrough.
“But how did he find out about your medicinal pills?”
Yang Chen sounded helpless. “He wanted to compare our possessions. He took out his Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger and something else, I didn’t want to lose but I didn’t have any mystical artifacts so I took out my pills. He wanted me to give him the pills in exchange for the artifacts. But how could I give it to him when I got it from my Master? It started out peaceful but it ended in a fight. It ended in a tie with him fleeing. I didn’t give it a second thought after that.”
“You’re saying that the Huangyun Taoist was willing to exchange his mystical artifacts for your medicinal pills?!” Hao Changfeng looked at him with a strange gaze.
Yang Chen snickered internally. They really didn’t know that the disheveled Taoist died under his hands. Things should go on smoothly now.
“Yeah, I don’t really know the effects but I usually eat one when I reach a limit. Then I’ll achieve a breakthrough after working hard for a while.” Yang Chen lied.
The two of them were getting excited over it that they were no longer thinking about how Huangyun found Yang Chen.
“Your medicinal pills, could it be the ‘Xiaoyun Pill’?
“Uh…” Yang Chen sounded troubled by their oddly specific question. “I don’t know what it’s called. Honestly, I know nothing about the medicinal pills and mystical artifacts. Master left after giving it to me.”
Yang Chen had no idea that Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating were talking to each other secretly through their divine sense.
“Senior, if his pills really work that well, even if it isn’t a Xiaoyun pill, it’d still be a high-quality one. If not Huangyun wouldn’t have been willing to trade it with his artifacts, right?!”
“That’s right. It’d make sense if it really was the Xiaoyun pill. That’s a medicinal pill that can boost a cultivator from the Soul Forming stage to the Tribulation Passing stage by fifty percent! This dude from the Yang clan eats it every time he faces a limit?! How wasteful!”
“I bet we can enter the Tribulation Passing stage in less than three years if we have the pill!”
“It’s not just us, I bet our Master wants it too. After all, high-quality medicinal pills are rare. Other than the elders in the Heaven phase, those from the Earth phase don’t have access to those either…”
After chatting among themselves secretly, they decided that they should get their hands on the pill. After all, they had Hongmeng behind their backs. Yang Chen wouldn’t dare to do anything if they tried to trick him into giving the pills to them.
Although Yang Chen couldn’t hear their secret chat, he could sense their movements through his divine sense. He sneered in his mind, knowing that they were up to no good.
Cultivators took advantage of Heaven and Earth, they didn't really have a pure heart. If they really had no desires, why would they still seek a new realm, cultivation or longevity?
In the end, they were just looking down at the common values in favor of their own.
Yang Chen never looked down on those with this kind of mindset. Essentially, it was every man for himself.
The only thing one had to worry about was how to be crueler than the person next to you!
He had to snatch whatever he could, regardless if his enemies were from Hongmeng or the hidden clans. All their valued possessions that could help him become stronger and ones that could help him and his women achieve longevity should all belong to him!
As for their lives, who cars about them? In the end, weren’t they all just a bunch of animals fighting for food? 
Hao Changfeng asked with a stern expression. “Yang Chen, do you have your pills with you?”
“Why? What’s with that face?” Yang Chen looked sheepish but he was thinking to himself, It’s time, he’s starting to act!
“You’re in great danger  if you really consumed the Xiaoyun pill.” Hao Changfeng sighed.
“What do you mean?”
“Xiaoyun pill is a slow-acting poison. Although it can help cultivators achieve breakthrough up to the Tribulation Passing stage, toxic starts to accumulate in the body without you noticing.”
Yang Chen feigned a shocked expression. “How can it be, Master wouldn’t do this to me!”
“We wouldn’t know about that,” Lu Huating said in an arrogant manner. “Why would we lie to you when we’re from Hongmeng? What would we gain from it?”
Yang Chen showed a struggling face, “Does it mean I’m poisoned now?”
“You should be but you don’t have to worry. We’re not sure if you have the Xiaoyun pill since we have not seen it yet. We can take a look at it if you hand it to us.”
“But…but I kept in a far-away ravine to prevent meeting people like Huangyun,” Yang Chen said with a sigh.
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating tugged their lips.
“Don’t worry, we’re not in a hurry to return. Now that we’re sure you didn’t cause Tianyin’s death, we have the responsibility to take care of the eldest grandson from the four major clans. Why don’t you bring us to see your pills? If it’s really the Xiaoyun pill we can ask our Master to make an antidote for you,” Hao Changfeng said with a righteous voice.
Yang Chen was startled. “Your Master knows how to make the antidote?!”  
“Of course he does, but…” Hao Changfeng seemed conflicted. “I’m just worried you won’t believe us.”
“What do you mean?” Yang Chen asked.
“It’s because the antidote requires the pill as an ingredient. We need to bring your pill back to Gods' Island and return it to you after the antidote is made,” Hao Changfeng replied.
Yang Chen snorted in his mind, He’s really good at spouting nonsense . But on the surface, Yang Chen looked as though he was placed in an awkward spot. “But…it’s the only thing my Master has left for me.”
Lu Huating said flatly, “We haven’t seen it yet so it might not be the Xiaoyun pill. For all we know, it might not be. Why don’t you just bring us there instead of worrying about it.”
She said this but they had decided to call it the Xiaoyun pill no matter what it really was! Yang Chen obviously knew nothing about medicinal pills!
Yang Chen seemed to be deep in thought and he sighed, “Alright, I don’t want to die. But you can’t snatch my pills like Huangyun. I won’t let you guys off easily!”
“How could we be called the guardians of China if we did the same thing as the hidden clan’s dog?!” Hao Changfeng spat in disdain.
He thought to himself, We won’t even need to snatch it. We can get the pills easily by lying to a dumbass who only has high cultivation and nothing else. Even if you realized what we did, you wouldn’t have proof. I highly doubt that he would travel all the way just to reclaim his pills.
Yang Chen rubbed his head awkwardly. “If that’s the case, follow me then. It’s kind of far from here but I guess it wouldn’t take long if we few.”
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating nodded cooly even though their hearts were doing backflips. They couldn’t let him see through them until they got their hands on the pills!
They decided that they would cultivate in secret once they got the pills. They could never let others from the Gods’ Island know about this, at least before they reached the Tribulation Passing stage.
Since they were already in the Soul Forming stage, it was easy to fly with their True Yuan. The fastest way was to fly with a sword or a mystical artifact but it would require a special spell and not a lot of people knew about it.
Three silhouettes flashed past the sky and they disappeared from the forest that was north of Zhonghai. No one noticed them since the city was falling asleep…