Yang Chen was able to unleash his full potential knowing that it would not summon the heavenly lightning. He felt more at ease to know that he was still a long way from reaching the second tribulation.
Obviously Yang Chen wouldn’t act like an actual cultivator who was detached from the modern world. Acting like an all-mighty being wasn’t his style.
They flew across the sky and in a blink of an eye, they had already flown past two provinces. It was normal for those in the Soul Forming stage.
Yang Chen beckoned towards the two of them when they were near an unknown mountain range. And in the next second, they had reached a forest.
The two of them were getting impatient, thinking to themselves that Yang Chen was a sly person for hiding it so far away from Zhonghai. They were already hundreds of kilometers away from the mainland.
It was already the beginning of September and cold winds were already blowing in the dark forest.
The crescent moon basked the forest in a silver glow.
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating looked around but they didn’t sense anything special.
“You hid your pills here?” Hao Changfeng couldn’t find any hiding spots even after using his divine senses.
Yang Chen turned around and a smirk showed up on his face. “Of course it’s not here.”
“Then why did you stop here?” Lu Huating wasn’t pleased with how this was playing out.
Yang Chen shrugged. “That’s because I don’t have any pills.”
“How dare you fool us?!” scolded Lu Huating. Her voice sounded like a young girl even though she was already in her sixties. Cultivating really did wonders.
Yang Chen said nonchalantly, “I just felt like walking the dogs at night, so sue me.”
“You…imbecile! How dare you humiliate us?!” Lu Huating’s face turned red with rage.
“Why wouldn’t I? You’re just a bitch who only knows how to bark.” Yang Chen sneered.
Hao Changfeng could sense that something wasn’t right and his facial muscles tightened as his hand went to the sword on his back.
“What do you mean?”
Yang Chen raised his head and looked at the bright moon. “Do you guys know…where the disheveled Taoist is at?”

Both of them kept their silence.
Yang Chen pointed at the sky while saying, “I won’t spoil the surprise. After all, you will be meeting him soon.” 
“No! Be careful!”
Hao Changfeng finally realized what he meant. He was going to kill them both!
The medicinal pills, Huangyun, and the act were excuses to lure them here to the wild, far away from Zhonghai!
Because if Yang Chen killed them near Zhonghai, the soul badge would record the exact location. But if he killed them at this place, no one would suspect that it was Yang Chen.
This was also the reason why Yang Chen asked about the soul badge.
After all, they were the ones who became greedy and assumed that Yang Chen wouldn’t dare to do anything to them because of Hongmeng. They were blinded by the promises of a pill that did not exist!
“It’s too late, you are all avaricious and insatiable. Even if I do have medicinal pills, it would be an absolute waste in your hands!”
Yang Chen appeared in front of them before his words reached their ears.
With a raise of his hands, a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy rippled through the air and manifested on his palm. His hand went straight for Lu Huating’s head!
Although Lu Huating was only in the mid-phase of the Soul Forming stage, she was agile enough to avoid his attack and retreated!
Hao Changfeng seized the chance to unsheathe his sword. It was a blue sword with blue jewels embedded in it. Light shone around the sword which looked like water ripples. 
“Go, Xuanshui!”
Yang Chen was about to catch Lu Huating when a flash of light flew by him. Suddenly, a thick ice wall showed up in front of him!
The sword was able to erect this wall in the blink of an eye?!
The ice wouldn’t stop Yang Chen from breaking through it but it could cause infinite possibilities to occur in a fight, even if all it did was make Yang Chen pause in his tracks.
Lu Huating gained some time and took out a Phoenix Feather Guqin from her mustard Sumeru ring.
The guqin was red in color and carved to resemble a real phoenix. In addition to that, its tail feathers made it look especially graceful and vibrant.
“Hmph! You’re despicable! How dare you sneak up on me!” Lu Huating shouted while supporting herself with the guqin!
Three sound waves were shot out of the guqin and formed three wind blades that were directed toward Yang Chen at three different angles!
Another mystical artifact and it used sound waves?!
Yang Chen was secretly pleased with the situation. Yes, show me all your artifacts. They’ll soon be mine!
Yang Chen summoned another surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. He didn’t even bother to avoid it. This kind of impact would only be on par with one from the final phase of the Soul Forming stage. Yang Chen didn’t even see the need to avoid the attack since his cultivation was much greater. Also, he was skilled in recovery and defense!
The three sound waves blade dispersed immediately when they came into contact with Yang Chen’s shield!
“How can this happen…My ‘Phoenix Feather’…”
Lu Huating couldn’t believe it. Yang Chen’s defensive skills were far greater than she had imagined!
Hao Changfeng’s face was stoic through it all as he summoned his True Yuan and shot out surges of ice trails towards Yang Chen!
The blue sword traces intertwined each other and moved all over the place, creating a icy formation!
Yang Chen grunted and summoned a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. It rippled through the air and exploded from where Yang Chen stood!
All the formations had exploded into pieces before they could cause any damage!
Lu Huating shot out sound waves continuously from the Phoenix Feather Guqin, but it was nothing more than a passing breeze to Yang Chen!
It wasn’t because the mystical artifacts were too weak. It was because their cultivation was much lower than Yang Chen, and therefore unable to utilize the artifacts to its fullest potential.
If Yang Chen had overcome the first strike of the ordinary Three Yang Fire instead, they might be able to defeat him with their mystical artifacts. However, Yang Chen’s abilities were at a much higher level, for he was already at the unimaginable stage of the Tribulation Passing stage!
Hao Changfeng realized the gravity of the situation. It was going to end in a disaster if they stayed so he yelled for Lu Huating to escape while she had her life intact!
Lu Huating realized it as well. After a moment of quick thinking, she started running towards the populated south side instead of the west side where Hongmeng was located.
As long as she entered a crowded area, Yang Chen had to consider the chances of being caught by others if he wanted to kill her.
But Yang Chen wouldn’t let them do as they please. He was already prepared for this to happen!
Hao Changfeng thought he could escape by throwing multiple blue ice sword traces to him but he had only run a few inches away before a golden-red flame came after them!
“Nanming Li Fire?!”
Hao Changfeng exclaimed as though he saw a ghost!

Lu Huating’s face was pale as they both ran in different directions.
Dozens of gigantic golden-red flames danced around the sky, blinding them like the sun.
The heat that came with it was unbearable!
“Just admit your defeat. Don’t break your mystical artifacts. I wan them.”
Yang Chen chuckled, feeling overjoyed. He was unaware of the treasure he had in his hands. It turned out that the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy could be used to this extent!
The Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy wasn’t a strong offensive skill but when it was combined with the Heaven and Earth to make use of its energy, it was a formidable skill!
Although he had only learned a bit from the old man who possessed his body, it was sufficient to make the two dummies suffer!
This Nanming Li Fire was just a heavenly fire from the Three Yang Fire that had to be overcome during the first heavenly tribulation.
Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating didn’t have the cultivation to withstand this, they would obviously be afraid of it!
“Young Master Yang! We were wrong! Please forgive us!”
Hao Changfeng was ready to submit. He knew that he was only prolonging his death if he kept on fighting!
But Yang Chen wouldn’t listen to him. Hongmeng would not take something like this lightly. Not only did he want them dead, but not a single soul would be allowed to leave this place!
The two of them were stuck in a small area above the sky, being surrounded by the dozens of Nanming Li Fire.
It wasn’t an ordinary heavenly fire. One touch was enough to cause injuries they weren’t sure were repairable. This made it even harder to escape!
The Phoenix Feather Guqin sparkled in red lights as Lu Huating kept releasing waves of sound to combat the fire. But she was already at her limit so her True Yuan was depleted to the point where her attacks couldn’t keep up.
Every icy sword traces from the Xuanshui sword was vaporized immediately!
Yang Chen gave a mocking look and with a simple thought, the dozens of Nanming Li Fire had combined together!
A fire dragon started to surround both of them while growing in size. The high temperature was making them lose their breath as the Nanming Li Fire continued to expand.
Lu Huating glared at Yang Chen with a venomous gaze. “You…you will rot in hell! You tricked us!”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to reply and had already entered the fire zone. However, as the caster, Yang Chen was unaffected by the flames.
A beam of Nanming Li Fire was shot out of the fire dragon’s mouth and formed a long sword with waves of fire surrounding it!