Yang Chen glided through the air and appeared in front of them. He looked at them emotionlessly as if an executioner before criminals.

Hao Changfeng put down his long sword in despair. He knew that despite his efforts, there was no way of surviving left for him.

“Can you tell me why you did this? Even if we did harbor covetous thoughts, we never thought of harming you.” 

“You’ve overestimated my kindness. You wrongly assumed that I only kill when my life is being threatened. I will kill whoever I want so long as they anger me. You can call me a monster, that I’m cruel and ruthless. I’m used to it. This is who I am. Your life means nothing to me as long as my family can live peaceful lives.”
“What would you get in return?! Even if you managed to snatch our artifacts and pills, Hongmeng will find you. Do you really think you can survive the attacks from the elders in the Heaven and Earth phase?!” Lu Huating spat resentfully.
Yang Chen sneered. “Even if I wanted to pretend people like you don’t exist, someone would still come to me looking for trouble. I’d be stupid not to act first.”
“You...you will regret this!”
“Thank you for your concern but I don’t need it. Also, don’t worry about being lonely there. I will send all those who defy me to the same place.”

Having said so, the Nanming Li Fire formed a long sword and he swung it downwards!

Hao Changfeng and Lu Huating didn’t have time to avoid his attack because of the coercion from Yang Chen and the circle of Nanming Li Fire around them. They were engulfed by the flames in seconds! 

Both of them were only ordinary cultivators in the Soul Forming stage and their bodies weren’t as strong as Yang Chen’s. As a result, their bodies were completely disintegrated.

Yang Chen took the Xuanshui sword, Phoenix Feather Guqin, and Lu Huating’s mustard Sumeru ring after killing them.

He looked into the ring through his divine sense and nodded with satisfaction. There was a small space located inside the parallel spaces which was about a dozen cubic meters in volume.

Yang Chen was delighted to see that there were a bunch of unknown materials and pills for cultivation. He could keep it and ask Xiao Zhiqing about it later on. She should be able to tell him what they were for since she claimed to be an encyclopedia for cultivation.

Yang Chen felt refreshed when the fight finally ended. He returned to Zhonghai after making sure no one within a hundred-meter radius would find out what had happened here.

Hongmeng would know about the death of their people and it would only be a matter of time till they sent new messengers after him.

It would be great if they left him alone while he trained up his family’s cultivation. He could just get rid of them if they found out it was his doing.

This was just an appetizer for him as his main course was to enter the island and extort treasures from Hongmeng and the hidden clans.

Yang Chen slept soundly after returning to Zhonghai and no one noticed his brief escapade.

The next morning, things were especially merry in their house.

Not only would Hui Lin be staying here for the next few days, but there were also Lanlan and Minjuan, making it a total number of seven ladies in the house now.

Guo Xuehua was completely immersed in being Lanlan’s grandmother ever since Lanlan called her that last night. Her smile turned stiff when she witnessed Lanlan gulping down three trays of buns in one sitting and half a pot of congee.

Guo Xuehua only learned of Lanlan’s exceptional talent after Lin Ruoxi explained it to her and she couldn’t help but toss her own son a weird look.

“Yang Chen, did you agree to adopt her because she was special like you?” Guo Xuehua asked.

Yang Chen was fighting over the last fried bun with the little girl, their forks hovering above the plate.

“It would’ve been better if she was a normal kid. I wouldn’t have to fight for my food.” 

Lanlan’s hair was tied into two pigtails and she looked exceptionally cute in a blue floral dress that she wore with Lin Ruoxi’s help. Her cheeks were puffed as she expressed her displeasure towards Yang Chen. “Bad uncle isn’t my daddy! Lanlan’s daddy won’t fight for food with Lanlan!”

Lin Ruoxi slapped Yang Chen’s wrist and scolded him. “Don’t fight with Lanlan! She needs to eat to grow! It’s not like you will die if you ate lesser!”

Yang Chen felt like weeping. Was she not going to let him live? Why did he need to suppress his appetite?!

Still, Yang Chen retracted his hands.

Zhenxiu and Hui Lin pursed their lips, trying to hold in their laughter.

“Brother Yang it looks like your position in Sister Ruoxi’s heart has dropped even further.” Zhenxiu winked at him.

Yang Chen’s head throbbed and he glared, “Don’t mock me...I haven’t told you this, I’ll be sending you to campus later. I have to check out your surroundings.”

Zhenxiu wasn’t happy to hear that. “Check my surroundings? It’s just military training.”

“I still remembered the time when you were bullied in high school. Another important thing, did the instructors take advantage of you?”

Zhenxiu blushed. “Brother Yang, why do you keep thinking about these things?! Everyone would be watching, why would any instructor do those things?”

Lin Ruoxi was wiping Lanlan’s mouth when she turned around. She grunted with an expressionless face. “That’s all he thinks about.”

Yang Chen rubbed his nose to mask his awkwardness. He had another reason to visit Zhonghai University, which was to look for Xiao Zhiqing so that he could have her confirm the things he had gotten last night.

He was thinking about it when Lin Ruoxi added flatly, “I don’t care what you want to ask but you better not do anything else.”

Yang Chen felt chills went down his spine and he smiled at her sheepishly. “Dear, do you know how to read minds?”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t even look at him. “It’s not like I can control you anyways.”

Yang Chen had nothing to say in reply. Lin Ruoxi said it out of jealously which meant that she was annoyed that he was meeting Xiao Zhiqing but she couldn’t stop him since Xiao Zhiqing was able to assist him in ways she could not.

They had shared a passionate afternoon yesterday, having reconnected physically after a year. Their relationship had strengthened but she was already forcing herself to accept his lovers, so if someone else came in between them again, she might just lose it.

After having breakfast, Hui Lin had to meet with Director Yu to discuss the script whereas Lin Ruoxi had to leave for work since she had just returned to Zhonghai.

Therefore, Lanlan was handed over to Minjuan as usual. At least Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were around to accompany her so she wouldn’t get bored too easily. Time passed rather quickly since she could watch cartoons on the television.

Yang Chen drove Zhenxiu to her university and while they were chatting during the drive, Yang Chen was reminded of Tangtang.

He hadn’t seen her in a long time but because she is his lover’s daughter, he felt the need to ask.

“Zhenxiu, have you met Tangtang on campus?”

Zhenxiu shook her head. “I don’t think she participated in the military training. The faculty wouldn’t dare to intervene even if she didn’t.”

Yang Chen shook his head. It was probably Yuan Ye’s doing for helping Tangtang skip military again. But then again, she might be busy with something else since the Tang clan was facing some internal issues.

Yang Chen and Zhenxiu attracted the crowd’s attention when they got out of the car at the freshmen’s training ground.

The reason behind the attention was because of Yang Chen’s BMW x6. It cost around two million dollars in China.

Everyone thought that Zhenxiu had become a sugar baby, having seen her getting out of an expensive car like this with a young man!

Zhenxiu’s new friends walked to her with odd smiles on their faces since the training hadn’t started yet. They surrounded Zhenxiu while checking out Yang Chen and his car with an envious gaze.

“Zhenxiu, you’re really pretentious, saying that you worked during summer break. Your boyfriend drives a BMW!”

“Yeah, what does your family do for a living? Do you know any handsome guys that you can introduce to us?”

The girls asked her with soft voices and Yang Chen’s chest puffed up with pride when he heard them.

I’m a handsome guy too?

Yang Chen actually misunderstood the girl’s words. Anyone would be considered handsome if they drove a two million dollars worth car, even if they were truly ugly!

Zhenxiu’s face was flushed which made her looked especially youthful. She glanced at Yang Chen shyly and explained herself. “You’re mistaken. He’s my sister’s husband, we stay together and he’s just sending me to training today...”

“Brother-in-law? Who would believe that? He looks like he’s in his twenties. He looks closer to us if anything…”

“That’s so mean of you. You should just tell us if you’re rich. Why try so hard to be poor?”

They wouldn’t believe her. Yang Chen looked too young and most of the guys at his age were busy as graduate students. Why would anyone get married so early?

Right at that moment, a group of tall looking guys in military training uniform were making their way towards them.

The girls shrank when they saw them and looked towards Yang Chen with a worried gaze.

The guy in the lead had long hair up to his ears and he was wearing silver piercings. His jaw looked rather defined with a cold and stern expression. He tossed a disdainful look towards Yang Chen before smirking at Zhenxiu. “Zhenxiu, you rejected me because of this man?”