Unlike other girls, Zhenxiu didn’t shrink away but instead, sighed helplessly at the situation.

“Yue Zipeng, I’ve told you time and time again that I don’t like you and it’s not because of anyone.”

He obviously didn’t believe her when he retorted with, “No one likes or dislikes someone without reason. You must have a reason for rejecting me. The more you deny it, the more it shows.”

Zhenxiu held her forehead and combed through her hair before turning to face Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, weren’t you worried that I will be bullied? Does harassment count?”

Yang Chen listened to their conversation with an intrigued expression. He smiled warmly at Yue Zipeng. “Kiddo, are you Zhenxiu’s classmate?”

The students’ mouth went wide agape when they heard him talking to Yue Zipeng as though he was older than him.

Yue Zipeng frowned in displeasure. “Hmph, you think too highly of yourself. Are you forcing me to leave Zhenxiu by acting like my older brother? What kind of an idiot are you?”

His peers and other students started laughing mockingly.

Yang Chen only wanted to relate to Zhenxiu’s classmate, but he didn’t expect them to misinterpret his words.

“Yue Zipeng, you can’t say that about Brother Yang!” Zhenxiu wasn’t pleased to hear his reply.
Yue Zipeng was slightly irritated. “You said you had nothing to do with this man but your actions say otherwise.”

“He’s one of my family members, of course, I can’t have you talking bad about him!”

“Family member? Are you playing pretend?” Yue Zipeng said in disdain. “I thought you were different but it turns out you’re the same as my ex-girlfriends.”

“Shut your mouth before I come over there and shut it for you!” Zhenxiu was getting furious.

Yang Chen secretly enjoyed it, knowing that Zhenxiu was kind to normal students but she didn’t mind fighting dudes that were causing her trouble.

Well, it was also because Yang Chen was right beside her which made her feel especially embarrassed. She was itching to fight someone again.

Yang Chen placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don't turn this into a fight. You’re Yue Zipeng right? You misunderstood me. I’m really her brother-in-law. I sent her here because I wanted to check out the university.”

Yue Zipeng was sceptical. “Are you serious?”

“You’re too cautious for your own good.” Yang Chen chuckled. “Would you like me to procure my marriage certificate? My wife is a beauty, why would I like Zhenxiu? She’s still so young.” 

“Brother Yang! Don’t joke around!”

Zhenxiu bared her teeth with a flushed face.

The girls around them giggled, having believed that they weren’t a couple. It would’ve been an outrageous story.

Yue Zipeng lowered his guard and smirked. “You better be telling the truth. We will let you go today, but you better make her realize that no one can escape my grasp.”

Zhenxiu was disgusted by him. “You’re disgusting!”

“Come on.” Yue Zipeng flicked his bangs in an ‘elegant’ manner. He cocked his head aside and spread out his arms. “You’re feisty, I like that. I bet you are amazing in bed. Oh yeah, Zhenxiu, you’re still a virgin right? You’re crossing your legs rather tightly haha…”

His peers started cackling whereas the girls blushed furiously.

Zhenxiu tightened her fists which started to tremble out of anger. She turned to face Yang Chen, “Brother Yang, can I hit him?”

Yang Chen scratched his chin and shook his head. “You can’t. You can’t just go around beating people up. You’re a girl. Guys don’t like violent girls.”

Zhenxiu didn’t this to be his reply. Her heart fell and she bit her lips out of resentment.

Yue Zipeng couldn’t hear them but he became more mesmerized by her when he saw her frowning out of annoyance.

Most of the guys in the university preferred girls like her since she had structured facial features, fair skin, and a good figure. She would’ve been a goddess if someone were to upload her photos to the internet.

Besides that, she always dressed rather casually so everyone assumed she was from an ordinary family, thinking it would be easy to date her.

That was why when she first entered university, a lot of the guys had their eyes on her and Yue Zipeng was one of them.

“Zhenxiu, go out with me today. I’ll buy you a Chanel bag. You can choose anything you like. Your bag is pretty old right?” Yue Zipeng tried to persuade her with his wealth.

The girls became envious of her when they heard that.

After all, most of the girls here were trying to get a worthwhile boyfriend while they were still young. Yue Zipeng might look like a gangster but he was rich and wasn’t half bad looking either.

“Keep your money and fool someone else. I’m here for my military training.” Zhenxiu didn’t want to reply to him.

Yue Zipeng raised one of his eyebrows. “Military training? I just need to call my father and those goddamn instructors would be licking my shoes to please me.”

Yang Chen became curious. “Who’s your father?”

Yue Zipeng didn’t respond personally and beckoned one of his peers to answer on his behalf.

A guy with a hoarse voice raised his voice. “Brother Zipeng’s father is our headmaster!”

The students around them exclaimed, some of them knew about it and was expecting it.

As one of the top universities in China, the headmaster wouldn't be an ordinary person. He was a man in charge of tens of thousands of students and faculty members. Headmasters were usually government officials placed by the government.

Therefore, the headmaster of a university would normally be a high ranking government official.

Yang Chen turned to Zhenxiu to verify it. “Is it true?”

Zhenxiu nodded dryly. “Our headmaster’s called Yue Weibing. He told me he’s the headmaster’s son. I’ve heard my classmates talking about it. It should be true.”

Yang Chen’s face darkened. “How can this be? The headmaster has to be replaced!”

It sounded like a hilarious joke to the others.

Yue Zipeng squinted his eyes and let out a sinister smile. “You…what did you just say?” His tone suddenly became serious.

Yang Chen ignored him and continued on in a discontented tone. “How could he be expected to educate his students when his own son behaves like this? No, I have to find a replacement for the headmaster as soon as possible.”

Yang Chen didn’t give it much thought. He just felt that Zhenxiu deserved a better study environment. She shouldn’t be harrassed like this after working so hard to enter this university.

However, his words sounded very crude to the others.

As expected, Yue Zipeng was extremely triggered by this. He yelled at his peers in a loud and commanding voice, “What are you guys waiting for? Let’s finish this bastard!”