No one noticed Jiang Yinghe’s departure from Peng Lai except for Li Huanhan.

He could sense the mirror stone getting further away.

When Li Huanhan opened his eyes, it was raining outside. The scent he had left on the pendant was becoming faint.

Qing Jing Peak contained many residences. Jiang Yinghe resided in the White Crane Jade Manor, named after the crane spirit beasts living there. Li Huanhan and Qin Jun also had their own rooms.

Li Huanhan sat on his bed and layed down a sound array. Then he stared at his palm. A thick stream of demonic energy exited the area and condensed into a thin red gash. The flesh of his palm then split open to reveal a bloodshot eyeball that spun around erratically.

When the eyes saw him, it let out a high-pitched scream, “AH! Let me go! Let me go! Xuehe Demon Lord! Why am I still here...Why aren’t you dead?!”

Li Huanhan’s expression was cold. He had no reaction to the hysterical screechings of the creature. “Find a person for this lord.”

The bloody eye quieted down and spun several more times, eventually saying in a coy voice, “Who does master want to find? This blood shadow will require a new body to do so…”

It suddenly stopped speaking and began blinking out of fear as Li Huanhan’s other hand approached, intending to gouge it out.

“Ahhhhh! Xuehe! You can’t do this! Nononono! I’m a part of you! I was originally a part of you! Ahhhhh Li Huanhan!”

Just as Li Huanhan’s finger pierced the eyeball, it let out a blood-curdling scream, “I don’t need anything! I’ll do it for free! Who in the world are you trying to find?!”

“Xuan Wei Xianjun,” Li Huanhan said calmly, “Jiang Yinghe.”

The eye gave him a plaintive glance before closing. After some time, it reopened and said, “He’s in the far north region. His destination seems to be...the Frozen Plains?”

“The Frozen Plains…” Li Huanhan’s gaze shifted as he pondered this new information. Then he began withdrawing his demonic energy.

“Quickly go back to the Blood Pond! Quickly!” The blood shadow continued, “That Xianjun or whatever is perfectly suited to become a furnace to further your cultivation! His constitution is pure, so Junshang will definitely be able to ascend this time…”

Without fuel to sustain itself, the eyeball disappeared from Li Huanhan’s palm with a shriek.

He turned and dispelled the sound array. Glancing at one of the neighbouring rooftops, he sneered, “Still planning to hide there?”

A previously flat section of the roof opened up and the gray-haired Qin Jun emerged. His silver sword, Zhanyun, was on his lap. Leaning his head on his hand, he said, “Eyeballs can grow from your hand. Wow. Let me think.....what did it just call you?”

Li Huanhan gave him a warning glance. His palm tingled. For the first time, he smiled at someone other than Jiang Yinghe, but it was a chilling sight.

“Qin Jun,” he said, “I think it would be best if you left the sect soon.”

Qin Jun’s eyes narrowed with mirth, “I was just about to say the same to you.”

Li Huanhan reached out to grasp his red longsword. A potent killing aura emanated from his body. The target of his bloodlust, however, offhandedly cracked his knuckles in response.

The wraith licked his lips, baring his long-hidden incisors in a wicked grin.

Jiang Yinghe left Peng Lai when Yun Buxiu returned. That same day, he came to Qing Jing Peak to start ‘babysitting the kids’.

The spirit cranes outside the main manor were all dozing in the light rain. The atmosphere here was wonderfully calm, and it was impossible to tell that this area had once been reduced to a barren wasteland.

Yun Buxiu stood at the summit and took a deep breath while surveying Peng Lai. He was very pleased. Just as he was about to take a good look at Jiang-shixiong’s disciples, the ground beneath his feet began to tremble.

Yun Buxiu: “.....?”

A blood-coloured light flashed by, and Qing Jing’s mountain top was once again severed.

Yun Buxiu: !!!

Xiao Yun-shidi was caught in the resulting rockslide, and he barely managed to escape by turning into a wisp of light. After landing in a nearby valley, he looked up to see a youth surrounded by miasma deflect the sword light that had torn through where he stood using his own longsword. An ominous laugh escaped his lips.

“Haven’t you disciplined me enough, Shi~Xiong~?”

The word shixiong was enunciated deliberately and slowly. It was obviously meant as a provocation and was dripping in hubris.

“Discipline?” The other person was dark from head to toe with a cruel and violent air about him. His gleaming red sword seemed to have rivulets of fluid surrounding it. “You are not worthy of being disciplined by me.”

One side was deadly sinister and the other was overwhelmingly demonic. The rest of Peng Lai should have been alarmed by all the ruckus they’ve caused, but some array nearby must have prevented detection except at point-blank range.

He blankly stared at the scene before him, absentmindedly brushed off nonexistent dust from his sleeves. He had not yet recovered from his shock when the man in black turned to pin him with those eyes that seemed to swirl like whirlpools of blood.

The atmosphere became strange.

“What should we do?” Qin Jun suddenly asked.

Li Huanhan looked away, “Kill him.”

Qin Jun rubbed his chin with a considering look, “But how would you explain it to Shizun when he gets back? Let’s just erase his memories.”

Li Huanhan narrowed his eyes in disgust, “Then you do it.”

Yun Buxiu: “......”

What kind of disciples has my Shixiong been collecting?!!

Author's Corner

Yun Buxiu: It’s too dangerous here, let me go back into seclusion…