The park was just the way Su Chan remembered it. The giant wheel—with long spokes radiating out from its center and cute compartments hanging at the end of the spokes—was still there at the center of the park. At another corner to her right, she saw those spiraling tracks, which she now knew were meant for those long carts to travel along. It was called roller-coasting… something, if she wasn't mistaken.

The only thing different about the park was that it was now completely deserted. The lights were turned off, and there was no music. Nor was the giant wheel rotating like last time. When she first came here, this park was lively and filled with people, especially children. And then there also were these colorful spheres—with strings attached to them—floating about in the air. She remembered going nuts over those things when she first saw them.

Too bad none of those things were present tonight. Too bad indeed, since she could really use some cheering up after what happened at the motel. Darkness pervaded the a-moose-ment park, mirroring the state of Su Chan's heart.

She hadn't meant to run away from the motel. She just... Well, she panicked. Even though Yundong had only seen her tail, not her full fox form, she still couldn't bring herself to face the possibility of him looking at her with nothing but rejection and disgust in his eyes. Instead of staying and watching how Yundong would react, Su Chan fled. She had to get out of there. She needed some space to work through everything on her own.

Su Chan glanced down at herself. Her tail was gone the moment she'd recovered enough of her magical powers to transform herself back to her full human form. Not that it mattered now; Yundong had already seen her tail. She wondered what he was thinking right now. Had he started to hate her already? Was he vomiting, hurling out his stomach's contents?

Why didn't she give him a chance?

Stupid, stupid, Chan'er... There was no chance to give. Nobody would want a fox spirit. Nobody. 

With a heavy heart, Su Chan trudged along the perimeter of the a-moose-ment park. Regardless of how Li Yundong felt, Su Chan knew she had to return to Yundong at some point. Not for her own sake, but for Yundong's safety.

Su Chan had already left detailed instructions on how to pass the Zhuji phase for Yundong. She had written the instructions down on a piece of paper that she'd torn off Yundong's notebook. After Ruan Hongling's first visit, Su Chan knew it was just a matter of time before Yundong found out about her true identity, so she'd made preparations in advance. If Yundong couldn't accept who she was and ended up kicking her out, he would at least have some form of guide to help him go through the Zhuji phase. That piece of paper currently lay in some corner inside her wardrobe. Maybe Li Yundong would discover it when he was emptying her wardrobe after he kicked her out.

After wandering aimlessly around the park for minutes on end, Su Chan stopped in front of a tall, vertical structure with a large platform in the middle. A large sign with the words "Space Shuttle" hung above her head.

This was the first thing they rode when Li Yundong brought her here the other day. Smiling at the memory, Su Chan hopped over the metal barrier and then climbed onto the empty platform. She sat down in one of the seats, then pulled down the harness. The metallic coldness of the harness bit into her bare shoulders—a stark contrast to Yundong's arm, which felt warm and comfortable.

Tears stung her eyes.

The more Su Chan thought about it, the more hopeless she felt. Maybe their relationship was doomed from the very start. How could she be so naive to think that they were meant to be together? A genius Cultivator like Yundong shouldn't be dragged down by a fox spirit like her...

Su Chan gripped the shoulder harness tighter. A strangled sound escaped her lips as her tears began to fall.

"But I miss you, Yundong!" Su Chan wailed. "I miss you so much! I miss you… Yundong… Please don't hate me!!!"

"I miss you too..."


Su Chan turned around in her seat so quickly that her cheek smacked into the shoulder harness. However, the sharp pain was totally worth it because she got to see her beloved standing right there below the platform, staring up at her. His eyes looked puffy and his nose was red, so it was obvious that he'd been crying as well.

Joy bloomed inside Su Chan's chest. However, the feeling of joy didn't last as wariness and doubt crept in. She forced herself turn away, her fingers trembled against the harness as she did. She wasn't ready to face him yet. In fact, she didn't think she'd ever be ready to face him, not when it had anything to do with what she was about to tell him.

Footsteps sounded behind her, and that was how she knew that Yundong was moving towards her. Su Chan pushed the shoulder harness upwards.

"Don't! Don't run!" Yundong pleaded loudly. "Please don't run away again, Su Chan! I don't care that you're a fox spirit!"

Waves of emotions coursed through Su Chan: joy; elation; doubt; surprise. Her gaze snapped towards Yundong, who was standing directly in front of her below the platform. "What?"

Yundong's eyes went ablaze with passion. "I said I don't care that you're a fox spirit! You're my best girl, the love of my life, and nobody can tell me otherwise!"

Yundong's figure turned blurry as tears filled her eyes again. "B- But..." She sniffed. " But all I did was cause you trouble... A- And..." Another sniff. "And everyone in the Cultivation world hates my kind—"

"I don't give a damn what anybody else says!" Yundong yelled. "The rest of the Cultivation world can go to hell! I just..." Yundong's shoulders sagged. "I just want you, okay? I just want you."

"F- For real?" Su Chan's lips trembled. "Even though I'm an ugly fox spirit?"

Their gaze met across the meager space between them. Yundong's eyes were warm, loving, and oh-so-beautiful...

"Yes... For real... Why won't you believe me?" Yundong reached up and cupped her cheeks in his warm hands. "How am I going to convince you that I will never, ever, abandon you?"

Su Chan averted her gaze. "T- There's... something else that I haven't told you yet... And..." Su Chan lowered her head. "And if you still want me around after I tell you, then I'll believe you."

"Okay..." Yundong said, releasing her cheeks. "What is it?"

"D- Do you... Do you remember what Ruan Hongling said about me? I mean back when we were at the apartment..."

There was a brief moment of silence. Yundong frowned. "You mean the part about you being a fox spirit? I thought I already told you that I don't care—"

"No. Not that part." Su Chan shook her head. "I meant the part about... about..." Su Chan averted her gaze. "About what I was planning to do to you."

Silence filled the space between them.

"Oh," Yundong said after a while.

Su Chan stole a glance at Yundong.

Yundong was staring back at her, his eyes guarded and unreadable.

Su Chan forced herself to look away again.

A moment later, she took a deep breath and decided to take the plunge. "I... I really did plan to steal your Yang Qi at the beginning..."

The air hung thick between them. The silence was now palpable, almost like a noose tightening around her neck.

Several moments passed before Yundong's voice cut through the thick silence like a blade.

"What about now? Are you still planning to... you know."

Su Chan looked up sharply and started shaking her head vigorously. "No! Now I would never..." Su Chan sighed. "When I told you the other day that there's a way to take the Renyuan Jindan's power from you, this is what I'm talking about. Yang Feeding." Su Chan stared deeply into Yundong's eyes. "But I also told you that I no longer want the Jindan." Dejection filled Su Chan's heart. "I'm sorry, Yundong... I admit that I did plan to steal your Yang Qi. It's just... I really wanted the Jindan at the beginning. God, do you know how many Cultivators are willing to die for that pill? And when you got lucky and somehow ended up with the pill, I was just so angry and... and—"

Su Chan yelped when her body was hoisted off the platform. The next thing she knew, her cheek was pressed snugly against Yundong's chest.

Yundong's hug enveloped her like a warm blanket during winter, and at that moment, Su Chan realized something—she was home.

"You idiot..." Yundong mumbled into her hair, his chest vibrating against her cheek. "Don't you get it yet? I know I'm lucky, okay? But not because of the Renyuan Jindan. I'm lucky because you came into my life."

Su Chan pulled back to study Yundong's face. When their eyes met, she saw truth and sincerity leaking out from Yundong's eyes.



Su Chan's cheeks heated up. "K- Kiss me..."

Yundong's eyes grew several shades darker. Slowly, his hands rose to her face. A moment later, those strong hands cupped her cheeks, and when their lips met, it was like someone had cast the Five Thunder Spell inside her; it was the most passionate kiss they shared by far.

After what felt like minutes, they broke apart, heaving and panting. Their forehead touched, and Su Chan thought her legs were going to give out. When Su Chan recovered enough of her senses a while later, she giggled.

"What's so funny?" Yundong asked. He still sounded a little out of breath.

Su Chan giggled again. "Nothing. It's just... I can't feel my lips."

Yundong chuckled. "Yeah? I can't even feel my tongue. You were sucking on it so much that—"

Su Chan slapped a hand over his mouth. "S- Shut up!"

If someone told her right then that her cheeks had burst into flames, she might actually believe it.

Yundong threw his head back and laughed. "Come on. You don't have to feel shy. There's no one here."

Su Chan giggled, then made a face at him. "You're shameless."

"Shameless, huh?" Yundong's eyes grew darker again. "You ain't seen nothing yet."

All of a sudden, Yundong took Su Chan's hand and then...

Su Chan gasped the moment her hand touched the bulge between Yundong's legs. "Y- Yundong..."

"This is what you've done to me..." Yundong said in a strained voice. "Take some responsibility."

Su Chan thought she might start bleeding from the pores of her face. "W- We can't... Not yet..."

Yundong laughed wryly. "I know. The Zhuji phase right?"

"Mmm!" Su Chan pulled her hand away. She shouldn't keep her hand there for too long; she'd end up doing something really stupid if she did.

Yundong sighed. "Fine." Then he leaned back a little to study her face. "Are we okay now?"

Instead of answering, Su Chan threw herself into his arms. Yep. Everything was going to be okay.