Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home - Chapter 152 (Part 2)

Zi Yuan followed Li Yundong's movement with her eyes as he stormed towards the corner of building. Su Chan and the girl who came in the Audi took off after him. Zi Yuan stared after Li Yundong. Is this him, Master? Is this the man in your prophecy? The man you deemed as the true heir of the Renyuan Jindan?

"Elder Sister Zi Yuan!"

Zi Yuan tore her gaze away from Li Yundong just as Hongling appeared beside her.

"Have you checked both souls?"

"Yes, Elder Sister. The souls are still inside the bodies."

"Are they still intact?"

Hongling nodded.

"Good," Zi Yuan said.

There was still a way to help those poor girls. Granted, neither of them would ever be the same person again, but it was still better than letting two pure souls be taken away in such a horrific manner.

"Elder Sister?" Hongling's voice pulled Zi Yuan out of her thoughts. "What now?"

Zi Yuan looked towards the dead bodies, then back at Hongling again.

"Gather their souls," Zi Yuan said. "Keep them safe until we return to the mountains."

A look of surprise flitted across Hongling's face. "Are you saying…"

"Yes," Zi Yuan said. "I can reconstruct their bodies, but only if their souls remain intact." Zi Yuan gave Hongling a pointed look. "And I'm giving you the task of collecting their souls. Are you up for it?"

A look of determination formed on Hongling's face. "Yes."

Up ahead, the air exploded in a burst of golden light. Someone grasped Zi Yuan's arm. When she turned her head, Zi Yuan saw Hongling staring back at her. For the first time, Zi Yuan saw a hint of fear in her protégé's eyes.

Zi Yuan patted Hongling's hand. "Go. Time isn't on our side."

Hongling dropped her hand and looked towards Li Yundong. "But is he…"

Zi Yuan shook her head. "I sealed his Qi earlier. Now his Qi can no longer move past his Huagai. The Jindan's Aura is no longer a threat to him and to us."

Unless he broke the seal, of course.


Li Yundong stormed off after another heated exchange with the dark-haired girl.

Zi Yuan turned to Hongling. "Get to work. You have to collect the souls before they leave the bodies."

"R- Right!"

There was a loud screech of tires. A black car appeared from the parking lot and hurtled past them.

Zi Yuan shook her head in disgust. "That's him, the culprit. He's trying to get away."

"I hate to say this, Elder Sister," Hongling growled. "But I have to agree with Li Yundong this time. This man deserves the worst kind of death!"

Zi Yuan glared at her protégé. "Hongling… You know the rules."

Hongling looked like she'd just been forced to swallow a hundred flies.

A moment later, Hongling schooled her features. "Of course I know the rules, Elder Sister." Hongling pointed her finger at something behind Zi Yuan. "But I bet he doesn't."

Zi Yuan turned around abruptly and saw Li Yundong running after the BMW.

"Gather the souls and meet me at the gates," Zi Yuan said without taking her eyes off the BMW.

Like it or not, Zi Yuan couldn't shake the feeling that the entire world of Cultivation was about to change after tonight.


"You're not gonna get away… You're not f*cking getting away," Li Yundong growled. "Not this time!"

He took a sharp right and caught a glimpse of the BMW. The car had just driven past the curb in front of the revolving doors and was now heading straight for the gates.

Son of a bitch!

Li Yundong pushed his Qi to his legs and broke off into a sprint.

Outside the gates, Li Yundong stopped.

Where's the bastard? Where the f*ck is he…

He spotted the BMW at the intersection closest to Shengyuan Hotel's gates. The red light was on.

Got you now...

Li Yundong sprinted along the sidewalk until he reached the intersection. Then, when Li Yundong was crossing the road towards the opposite lane, He Shao's BMW started honking like crazy.

No doubt the bastard had noticed Li Yundong's approach. Not that it mattered. The bastard wasn't getting away from him this time. I'm going to make him pay for everything he's done… Every f*cking thing…

Li Yundong leaped over the guard rail dividing the two-way street, then charged towards the BMW. Someone cursed loudly, after which the honking grew more insistent.

The lights turned green.

Damn it!

Li Yundong pounced forward.

Got it!

Li Yundong's palms dug into the BMW's trunk lid just as the car began to move. The lid slid against Li Yundong's palms. No! Li Yundong slammed his palms onto the lid. The metal surface under his palms caved inwards, resulting in two sharp dents about a meter apart.

The BMW's engine rumbled loudly, and Li Yundong reacted by shoving his hands into the two dents. He lowered his center of gravity and then held on to the car with all his strength. The BMW's tires screeched, but the car wasn't moving.

Billows of dust rose from the pavement to Li Yundong's face. He ignored the dust and looked straight ahead. Through the BMW's back window, he caught a glimpse of the rear-view mirror, where He Shao's frightened eyes were staring back at him.

The engine's rumbling grew louder. Li Yundong grunted when the sole of his shoes began to slide against the rough asphalt beneath him. Oh, no you don't! Clenching his jaw, Li Yundong tightened his grip on the trunk lid, then dropped his hips into an even lower stance. Then, he leaned his torso backwards and pulled.

More dust rose from under him as the smell of burnt rubber grew stronger. Through the dust cloud, Li Yundong caught a glimpse of his glowing arms.

The metal groaned under his fingers. Li Yundong grunted and held on tighter. He had to reach under the car somehow. That way he could flip the car over and that son of a bitch would be left with no means of esca—


Li Yundong stumbled backwards when the trunk lid broke off its hinges. Shoving his rear foot back, Li Yundong managed to regain his footing and prevent himself from falling. However, he'd lost his grip on the BMW, which had begun to speed away from him.

Anger rose inside Li Yundong. He shifted the lid to this right hand and then cocked his right arm back.

"Take this!!!"

He hurled the piece of metal towards the BMW.


The lid shattered the BMW's back window. The BMW slowed and then swerved into the adjacent lane. However, the BMW righted its path a split second later and sped off.

Wasting no time, Li Yundong propelled himself into the air and, in one huge bound, cleared the entire square that formed the intersection. He landed in the middle of the road with a loud thud. Cars swerved around to avoid him.

Ignoring the honks and curses around him, Li Yundong broke off into a sprint.

"Come back here, He Shao!!!"


Li Yundong sprinted after the BMW as though his life depended on it, which, in a way, was kind of true—he wasn't sure if he could live with himself if he let He Shao walk away tonight.

Just how many women had He Shao violated? How many of his atrocious deeds had gone unpunished? How many people had he murdered in cold blood?

No more. No f*cking more.

Trees and hedges zipped past Li Yundong as he ran. Li Yundong knew this route like the back of his hand, since he'd used it pretty much every day. This road would lead to Tiannan University, which was located near the city's outskirts.

The bastard was trying to leave the city.

Li Yundong quickened his pace at the thought.

Eventually, Tiannan University's gates came into view. The BMW sped past the gates, causing several students to scream in surprise. When Li Yundong ran past the gates ten seconds later, he thought he heard cheers of "Hero of Tiannan University" behind him.

Li Yundong wanted to scoff at that nickname. He was no hero. He'd just witnessed the death of two girls, and there wasn't a single f*cking thing he could do to save them. Li Yundong glanced ahead and saw the BMW's glaring taillights. He cursed inwardly.

At this rate, he'd never be able to catch the bastard.

I need a plan…

Li Yundong drew a mental picture of the surrounding area while he ran.

We've already passed the campus, which means…

The market. They were heading towards the market.

"Damn it!"

The BMW had just taken a sharp left turn, so Li Yundong had temporarily lost sight of it. Wait a minute… The tires.

He could try blowing out the tires…

But how? He didn't have a gun, or any sharp object that he could use to throw—

Li Yundong wanted to smack himself. Why blow out the tires when he could just flip the whole car with a shockwave?

Yes, that's it…

The plan was perfect, since He Shao was now driving towards the suburbs where there would be little to no traffic during this hour. Which meant Li Yundong could unleash a shockwave without fear of causing collateral damage.

Li Yundong sprinted along the empty street towards the corner where the BMW had just taken the turn. Anticipation coursed through Li Yundong's veins. The plan was pretty straightforward. He just had to get close enough to the car, then maintain that distance until they reached the suburban area before he—

A series of honks sounded just as Li Yundong took a left turn around the corner. For the nth time tonight, Li Yundong heard the annoying screech of the BMW's tires. However, this time the sound occurred in tandem with two screams—male and female. Li Yundong's blood ran cold.

The bastard had probably run over someone.

Li Yundong raised his head sharply and stared ahead.

Hundreds of meters away, the BMW was slowing to a stop. Li Yundong activated his telescopic vision and hurried his pace. The glimmer from the BMW's taillights enabled him to make out a towering figure of a man beside the BMW. The man was screaming and pounding his fist against the BMW's window.

Li Yundong zoomed in further.

Hey, isn't that…

Er Lu. It was Er Lu!

"Hey!!!" Li Yundong shouted as he ran. "Stop him! Don't let him drive away!!"

Er Lu yanked the BMW's door open and dragged He Shao out of the car. Maybe Er Lu heard him? Er Lu jabbed a finger into He Shao's chest and began shouting in He Shao's face.


Come on, come on, I have to get there!

Li Yundong pumped his legs faster. At the same time, he activated Eryue too.

Angry voices filled his ears.

"Out of my way, you f*cker!"

"Not until you take my mother to the hospital!"

"I don't have time for your bullshit!" He Shao removed something from his pocket and tossed it at Er Lu's face. "Here! That's enough to cover her medical fees! Take her to the hospital yourself! Now move! Get out of my way!"

Er Lu slammed He Shao's body against the BMW's door.

"She's not going to f*cking make it if you don't take her now, you sick f*ck!"

He Shao struggled against Er Lu. "I said I don't have time!"

"I don't care!!! Load my mom into the car! Now!"

He Shao was reaching for something behind his waist. "Let go of me! I'm warning you!!"

"I said—"

"No!!!!!" Li Yundong screamed.


Li Yundong came to a halt about 100 meters away from the BMW, too stunned to keep running. Er Lu crumpled limply to the ground.

Li Yundong could feel his fist trembling at his sides.

Then, he heard a long, grief-stricken wail of a woman.

"Give me back my son, you monster!!!"

The slamming of the BMW's door brought Li Yundong out of his stupor, and he broke into a sprint again.

I'm gonna kill him… I'm gonna f*cking kill—

The BMW began to move even though the vegetable stall owner was still lying in the middle of the road.

"No!! Don't you dare!!" Li Yundong bridged his Three Gates and cocked his fist back, fully prepared to unleash a shockwave towards the car. "Don't you f*cking—"

Too late. The BMW's wheel creaked. The roof of the car rose once, then twice…

Blood spilled from the woman's lips as the BMW's left front wheel and left back wheel rolled across her chest.

The BMW sped away with a loud vroom.

Li Yundong stared at the massacre in front of him. Two more had died. He Shao had killed two more people. And all because Li Yundong had arrived too late to stop him.

Anger flared inside Li Yundong.

"He Shao!!!!!"

Li Yundong punched the air, which exploded in a soundless clap. A huge shockwave tumbled along the street. A loud smash and a metallic crunch sounded a moment later followed by the sound of shattering glass. Up ahead, the BMW skidded to a stop.

A few seconds later, however, the BMW's engine came to life, and the car sped off once more.