Suddenly seeing that the golden python was intent on swallowing him, Li Yundong felt shocked and angry. He instantly escaped with the help of the Yin Spirit.

The speed of this golden snake was as fast as lightning. If Li Yundong had not been in a Yin Spirit state, he would probably have been swallowed by the golden python.

He was about to shout angrily when another golden snake came out of the stone cave and transformed into a human figure. It was the woman dressed in yellow who had led Li Yundong here. She anxiously shouted to the huge golden python beside her, "Lord, this is our benefactor! What are you doing!"

The huge golden python abruptly stopped and stared at Li Yundong with its bell-sized eyes. It said coldly and ferociously, "He's our benefactor, so what? He came to help us to serve his own selfish interests! Humph, all of these human beings are greedy, cruel and avaricious. Why would it be unforgivable for us to kill them, when if they kill us, it's considered to be enforcing justice? Why?"

Li Yundong said in a rage, "You b*stard, can't you tell good from evil and right from wrong? Have you cultivated for a hundred years only to stay blind and ignorant?"

The giant golden python laughed, "Everything in this world is born equal. Isn't that the slogan of human beings? But in the end, isn't it you who are the butchers and good people at the same time? Only fools would believe this set of tricks! In my eyes, you came here to be a supposedly good person just because you covet our Neidan. You're not exactly pure-hearted! You want my Neidan? Well, come and get it from my stomach!"

As he said that, he shrank back and then rushed towards Li Yundong like lightning.

Li Yundong only noticed that there was a red-crown sarcoma on top of the golden python, and that its upper and lower jaws were large, big enough even to swallow a tiger in an instant. Not only that, but a mouthful of poison gas was spurting from the python's mouth. Before it reached him, his senses were assaulted by a fishy smell.

Li Yundong knew that although he was in a Yin Spirit form, if he was swallowed by python, his Yin Spirit would be refined immediately. He felt shocked and angry. When he was about to dodge, he saw that the yellow-clothed woman had also turned into a slightly smaller, shorter golden python. She anxiously entangled herself with the other python. "My lord, calm down. This is our benefactor!"

The python shook its body and swished its tail, shaking off the smaller golden snake that the yellow-robed woman had turned into. It shouted angrily, "Go away! I'll talk about it with you after I've swallowed this guy!"

If Li Yundong had the Fan of Seven Treasures, he could still have fought against the golden python. But at this time, he was in Yin Spirit , he could not be a match for the golden python. He had saved the two snake monsters out of kindness, but now he was being repaid with mortal peril, which made him extremely angry. When he was about to turn into a blue light and leave, Li Yundong heard the voice of Zi Yuan saying, "Li Yundong, lead them to the entrance of the cave! You are using the Yin Spirit body now. You can go into the cave."

Li Yundong thought of something and turned toward the cave.

He flew over to the entrance of the cave and headed inside. Although the entrance was small, it was very spacious inside. At first, Li Yundong's vision was blocked by the rocks and soil, but then he saw that the cave was huge, helping him come to a sudden realization.

Once Li Yundong had entered the cave, he saw a huge golden python chasing after him like a shadow. It was extremely long, with a length of forty or fifty meters and a waist circumference of about one and a half meters. It looked like some sort of majestic golden dragon swimming over the ground!

Seeing this python, Li Yundong couldn't help but take a deep breath. "No wonder people say that the snake is the son of the dragon."

Although the golden python was verifiably huge, it seemed smaller within the confines of the cave. After a while, its wife, another python, followed it. Though there were two snakes and a person fighting in the cave, the cave still seemed cavernous and empty.

Li Yundong took his chance when the two golden snakes were entangling with each other again and immediately flew out of the hole.

When the giant golden python saw that Li Yundong wanted to escape, it immediately shouted, "You can't get away from me!" The sound shook several stones down from the walls of the cave.

Li Yundong noticed that the hole was getting narrower and narrower, and that the golden python behind him was getting closer and closer. His body jerked suddenly and he jumped out of the cave. At the moment that the golden python was about to jump out, Zi Yuan suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave and used his index fingers to tap the entrance as quickly as lightning.

"Boom!" Several strange runes swiftly appeared beside Zi Yuan's palm, transforming into a purple-colored barrier that firmly sealed the golden snakes within.

Trapped in the cave, the python crazily thrashed around and hit at the bounded domain, causing the whole mountain to shake slightly. Its pair of cold golden eyes were enough to make one's flesh crawl.

Zi Yuan loudly said to Li Yundong, "Hurry up and return to your physical body!"

Li Yundong nodded, and the two instantly turned into cyan lights and flew back.

By the time they had returned to their physical bodies, the sky was turning bright. Su Chan and the others had been guarding Li Yundong's physical body all night. As soon as the Yin Spirit returned, Li Yundong immediately jumped up and said angrily, "This b*stard, I will skin him alive!"

Zi Yuan also stood up and said seriously, "We have to rush to the entrance of the cave immediately. That barrier will only be able to last for a day. The two golden snakes might break through it and hurt the innocent later."

Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, and Zhou Qin didn't know what had happened to them. They looked at them with confusion. Su Chan had seldom seen Li Yundong so angry. She tugged at Li Yundong's sleeve timidly and asked in a low voice, "Yundong, what happened?"

Li Yundong snorted heavily and walked them through the whole story. Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, and Zhou Qin became angry at once. Su Chan said loudly, "How could there be such an ungrateful person in the world. Unbelievable!"

Ruan Hongling squinted at her and sneered, "It's an ungrateful legendary creature rather than a person!"

Seeing Ruan Hongling looking at her, Su Chan asked angrily, "Why are you looking at me?"

Ruan Hongling retorted, "How do you know I'm looking at you if you won't look at me? Maybe you're feeling guilty?"

Su Chan was furious. She was about to roll up her sleeves plunge into a heated argument with Ruan Hongling when Li Yundong, who was beside her, shouted suddenly, "What are you arguing about? Su Chan, stay here. Zi Yuan and I will subdue these two ingrates!"

Su Chan was not willing to do that. She shouted, "No, I'm going too!"

Ruan Hongling also chimed in, saying, "I want to go as well. Sister Zi Yuan, I can help you!"

Li Yundong knew that Su Chan and Ruan Hongling‘'s skills were nothing to sneeze at either. Even if they could not help him, they would at least be able to protect themselves. After thinking for a while, he agreed.

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin, only to see her staring at him with eyes full of desire. Li Yundong could not help but say with embarrassment, "Zhou Qin, you haven't started cultivation yet. Not to mention the Zhuji phase, you haven't even passed through First Heaven. You have to stay here and wait for us."

Zhou Qin's eyes were full of disappointment, but she still smiled and nodded. "Well, I'll wait for you here then."

Li Yundong nodded at Zhou Qin, flashing her an apologetic smile, and then quickly flew away with Zi Yuan, Su Chan, and Ruan Hongling.

Zhou Qin watched the four people leave together. There was now only her left in the stone chamber. She felt lost and melancholic. However, she had been born strong and determined. After a while, she clenched her fists and swore to herself: "Sooner or later, I will surpass Zi Yuan and become the first female cultivator in the world!"

Not knowing of Zhou Qin's vow and bolstered determination in devoting herself to cultivation, Li Yundong just flew as quickly as he could, fuelled by his rage. By the time dawn broke, they had already reached the spot where the two golden snakes were trapped.

The thunderstorm summoned by Zi Yuan had come quickly and left just as fast. When Li Yundong arrived, none of the dark clouds from last night remained.

Before Li Yundong and the others landed, they noticed that the foot of the mountain was already surrounded by people. Li Yundong thought of something and he exchanged glances with Zi Yuan, who said in a low voice, "They seem to be people from the secular world. Let's land and take a look first."

Li Yundong nodded. The group landed in a remote place and quickly got to the foot of the mountain. Before they had even gotten close, they saw a construction team working over there. Because so many worldly people were present, most cultivators had not shown up.

There were two people standing next to a digging machine. One of them was wearing a classic yellow construction helmet, and the other was wearing a pair of white gloves usually worn by drivers.

The man with the white gloves said loudly, "Foreman Zhang, I'm not making excuses. I really dreamed of two golden snakes fighting last night. When I went back to bed this morning, I dreamed of a snake again, but this time it warned me not to come."

As he was speaking, the other villagers next to him said, "Yes, I also had that dream!"

"Yes. Last night, the world was shaking, the wind was blowing, and the thunder was deafening. It was so scary," another villager added.

"You'd better not dig this up, foreman. It's sure to bring doom to us all!"

The foreman shouted, "Who's in charge here, you or me? Start now!"

Hearing this, the villagers became anxious and pressed forward to persuade him.

While the people were mid-argument, a voice suddenly came from one side. "What's wrong?"

The foreman surnamed Zhang looked back and saw that his leader was looking at him and armed with a briefcase. Next to him was an old man with white hair but a deceptively youthful face. Next to the old man was a tall, beautiful woman. They were Zheng Yuan and Ding Nan.

The foreman glanced lecherously at Ding Nan, and then said to his leader with a smirk, "Manager Shen, why are you here?"

Manager Shen snorted and said, "Why haven't you started? Don't you see that the guests next to me are getting impatient?"

The foreman Zhang smiled apologetically, took out a pack of cigarettes, and offered one to Zheng Yuan. Zheng Yuan raised his palm as a gesture of rejection, shook his head, and said lightly, "Go and start work quickly! The money I've paid was not for you to waste your time arguing here."

Seeing the cigarette he handed over being refused, the foreman Zhang smiled even more brightly. He nodded and bowed. "Well, we'll start working immediately!" By the time he turned back towards the workers, his expression had already become ferocious and rude. He shouted loudly, "All of you, start working now. You won't get a salary this month if you don't get a move on!"

His roar immediately frightened the workers in the construction team and made them slink off one by one. The driver in white gloves had to climb up into the bulldozer helplessly and start the engine.

Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and the others, who were watching from not too far away, were now all aware of the reason for Zheng Yuan's actions. If this excavator dug at the entrance of the cave, it would immediately dig up the barrier, allowing the two golden snakes to escape. At that time, it would definitely cause innocent villagers to lose their lives.

The usually-calm Zi Yuan frowned and said furiously, "As the leader of Yin Yang Sect, how could Zheng Yuan be so evil and vicious!?"

Su Chan's face was also twisted by her rage. "This man is so insidious that he even ordered innocent villagers to dig up the soil and drive the golden snakes out!"

Li Yundong sneered and said, "The wages of sin is death. He will get his retribution!"

Ruan Hongling also said in a huff, "Zheng Yuan is so evil. Can we just stand by and let tragedy happen?"

Li Yundong snorted with frustration. "I'll stop him!"

However, as soon as he had finished speaking, the droning hum of the bulldozer could be heard as it started working. When the bulldozer dug down, there was a loud bang, and a golden light flashed out of the mountain!

The driver of the bulldozer inhaled a strong smell of fish and a sharp light pierced his heart, making him feel an intense pain. He screamed and fell from the vehicle.

He wasn't the only one. All of the surrounding villagers covered their chests and looked like they were being tortured.

Taking advantage of everyone being too distracted to pay attention to him, Zheng Yuan raised his hand and released a thumb-sized silver shuttle. Although the silver shuttle had silver light, it could not be seen during the day. In the blink of an eye, it pierced the sarcomas on the head of one of the escaping golden snakes.

Suddenly, this golden snake's whole body shook and it fell to the ground with a mighty boom. Immediately after, the other golden snake turned into a golden light and disappeared from sight.

The sudden change shocked everyone present. Some villagers were scared to the point of soiling themselves. Even the arrogant foreman Zhang and Manager Shen were so terrified that their pants became wet. Their bodies were stiff and they couldn't say a word.

At this point, only the driver of bulldozer was still on the ground, trembling. It seemed that he was going to die.

Li Yundong and the others were stunned by the scene. Li Yundong and Zi Yuan looked at each other and said at the same time, "Give chase!"